Select cultivators and suitable for their tips

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24 April 2016

cultivation of land near her house laborious and annually brings to the owners of the site are a number of problems to deal with that is not easy.Attempts to address the issues from year to year manually tedious.Because the purpose of buy cultivator for questioning occurs quite often.How to make a choice of necessary equipment, what considerations guide its acquisition - a problem which we will highlight here the most detail.


Any talk of agricultural machinery for the gardening zone begins with the classification of the subject matter.We also can not do without a systematic description of the principles of cultivating the land units.After all, their number in the market for a long time is measured three-digit numbers - to deal with the "wealth" is

really difficult.Much depends on what range of works we consider most important to maintain our "land" in a satisfactory condition.

choice cultivator
cultivator to give selected in accordance with the size of the area and the purposes of cultivation

Basics classification cultivating units ↑

subsection we are interested in the device at the types, species and subspecies, we have to take into account the topography of cultivated land, the size of our "possessions", a set of existing crops, soil characteristics and the basic purpose for which we have gathered to purchase equipment.Plus its own financial capacity - without it?

By appointment emit:

  • machinery and accessories, designed for continuous processing of soil (with associated harrowing);
  • for intertillage between rows (if needed - along with a special "dressing" the fertile level);
  • to precede planting works (loosening, crumbling, leveling of land and removal of weeds);
  • purpose (providing for implementation of the cultivation in all directions).

of the number of covered rows:

  • single row;
  • multi-row.

By weight:

  • light - for small sites;
lightweight cultivator
Easy assembly useful in the greenhouse and in a small area, but not enough for large-scale farming
  • medium - difficult soils (clay);
  • heavy - with a powerful engine and the possibility of using additional equipment.

on the optimal relation between the parameters "reliability, functionality, price»:

  • Amateur (simple, with short-lived life);
  • semi (more complicated device that can last longer);
  • professional (most inexpensive, powerful, with a "beam" function, long-term).

By the principle of action:

  • hand
choice cultivator
Hand cultivator is indispensable in remote and inaccessible lands
  • electrical
  • rechargeable
  • petrol
Truckers choice
Petrol cultivators average power respected by experienced gardeners

How to choose a cultivator - general settings ↑

Summer work is desirable to mechanize to the maximum - not argue with that.But on the handheld can hardly refuse: there is always a place where the wheel "assistant" does not pass: ridges, alpine slide, along the fence line, intricate flower.Clearly, there are located mainly flowers and perennials, but this "mat" should be periodically "bother", freeing the roots to penetrate deeper into oxygen.Technique here is not to turn around, and the flowers, bushes - fragile culture: the risk of damaging them is great.Preferred a small bit for nimble operations with them anything you can imagine.

Video: how to choose a cultivator for garden ↑

Hand model cultivators ↑

  • Cultivator rotatsionka (star)

The work here involved the shaft with disco stars - and he cut up earthen formations.Himself planted the cutting mechanism on the handle-stick, which is adjusted for the growth of the gardener-grower.Caught petals of stars, weeds "amicably" depart from the native environment.Ridge cucumbers grown in such an instrument is also convenient to move - as well as spud potatoes, especially the variety planted in some places.In a bed in the shade of pine tree with the ubiquitous tool also does not interfere with a walk.However, hard hit by a crust or clay land so easily toolkit can not win - you will need a machine trolley.

  • cultivators (like "tornado»)

This "invention" resembles forks with bent hook teeth, sharp at the tips.Such "gnawing" ground hooks may be three or five.Swinging, a man with the power loosening device lowers the surface.The teeth are deeply immersed in the soil - can only pull all the "gizmo" the handle to itself.If at this point it is also lightly "crank", it works like a corkscrew.A tool with a long handle used in the garden, with a short handle-grip - for handling boxes of seedlings or pots with flowers in greenhouses.

Types cultivators and reviews of their ↑

Motor-cultivators constitute a large group of wheel mechanisms actuated connecting to the mains, using the battery charging and, finally, the engine operating at a specific fuel.The most common division of the cultivators in the electric and gasoline.In general, the power and the "weight class" equipment is divided into equipment mild, moderate and weighted.Each of these categories - its pros and cons, so isolated in this set the best car very problematic.

choice cultivator
popular brands are many semi-professional models, but quickly recouped
  • Ultra lightweight and easy assembly

Most members of this group of mini-agricultural 1.5-3 hpThey run on electricity.Complex motor in them missing that tells the user greater flexibility (within the length of cable, of course).Easy management of such kultagregatami - a huge advantage of said line means cultivation.Weigh superlight "machine-baby" from 9 to 15 kg - any woman, a teenager or a man aged will be able to move "on the other plowing" in the distant edge of the area.Easy to manage - another positive quality.The disadvantage also has: wire underfoot, trying to get "under the knife."

«Light" brother weighs up to 30 pounds, his power does not exceed the 4.5 milestone "horses."Regulations "on a leash" (cord longer than 10 meters - a rarity), but failure to loosen the soil deeply (up to 10 cm for Super, no more than 20 - for light) makes this squad agricultural products available for use only in an area of ​​5-10 acres.Some members of the "lightweight" stage of transition to allow the battery are available in a complete set.But it is not designed for continuous operation - reload need quickly.On the virgin lands so diggers Ripper nothing to do: they "trigger" for the cultivation of previously plowed areas.

for Green House farming ultralight and lightweight electric cultivator definitely comfortable.Open the "ownership" 10 "with hook" (up to 15) acres require the presence of at least a mechanism with the petrol engine (milling, two-stroke).Even a relatively non-severe and not designed for continuous operation.This "Robocop" is economical, does not apply to too noisy, can be delivered in the trunk of a car.However, the scope of its use or further processing mezhryadnoy easy plowing greenhouse beds (plus loosening near the trees) does not apply.Solid arable land will require the involvement tehsredstva-light heavyweight - in the middle "ranks."

  • units middleweights

relatively small tiller weighing 35-50 kilos - a typical representative of this category of agricultural support tools.Their capacity of 4 to 6 hpThis semi-professional petrol models with a wide seizure cutter (in the range 40-85 cm), to dig up the surface to a depth of 20-30 cm.They are resistant, do not make "jumps" in the dense sharp protrusions.Copes with clay soils, "calm" and behave on a solid shot down the ground underfoot.But not every virgin aggregate such surrender.Its mechanism of some simpleton for complex layers too great danger of irretrievable breakdown of important details.

how to choose a cultivator
«Srednetyazh" will deal with the plot up to 325-30 acres - the question the price and a set of nozzles

Nevertheless, it is described category allows without great difficulty coping with the treatment area 15-25 acres.Earth, he will break the good - both autumn and spring.The large size makes it extremely awkward to act on narrow beds, but the potato-carrot-beet-like "hero" will pave the excellent series - wide and long.He admirably covered with a thick crust of digging near barrel laps in the garden, which is hardly ever treated.Powerful root system of wheat grass with thistle destroyed this "worker" is easy - take any garden with the help of a very well-groomed appearance.If the distance between the trees would allow such a "handsome" to fit into the turns.

  • heavy family: professionals

weight of heavy machinery cultivator - 55-70 kg, the power of more than 5.5 hpThe width of the grip strip - up to 1 m. In this category provides a range of functions.Reducer strengthened frame available.So the ability to work with different kinds of attachments there.Performance also depends on the performance of the engine.There gearbox - it allows you to choose the speed, power, characteristics such as cultivation activities.Features of soil, land area - it does not matter to such a universal technology.Cultivator professional copes with a trailer.

Most heavy units qualify as a technique professional level

Because instances giants are rarely needed in suburban economy, as focused on farmers' fields, the majority of owners of homestead gardening zones believes that the best cultivator is in a "weight average"list.However, the priorities in the search and purchase of equipment for the cultivation of "hacienda" dictated, as noted, the totality of the circumstances.Weight residents suburban land agreed that it is advisable to buy at least two kinds of devices-cultivating mechanisms: hand and wheel assembly.This is evidenced by testimonials from those who have already had to deal with elevating solid earth technique.For good brands include Texas, Solo, Ruberi - in particular relevant to your designs.

What tips would be helpful for cultivators ↑

to each sample of equipment attached set of nozzles which are tailored to a specific "processing" function.Some of them are already provided in the basic set, others may be offered as "useful" additions.The selection is made, you, as the own knowledge of all the details "of land and plant growing" plan.The slimmer, more compact design is acquired, the more modest number of transactions carried out by it.

equipment cultivator
Other mills are designed for different selhozoperatsy: it is necessary to consider in the search

most popular attachments: hiller, ploskorez plow.Potato can appear only as an item to the heavy equipment as sinks to a considerable depth.Plow + Lawn aerators - things are also quite necessary.Rotary mowers, dissecting garden waste into fragments, are highly desirable.Well, if everything listed, you can use a shovel, snowplow, consider that the optimal set manipulations you already have - the rest is secondary.Good luck in choosing!