What gate and select gate to give

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24 April 2016

You probably agree that the word "exemplary" is increasingly giving way to the word "individual".This applies to all spheres of our life.We want to be different from each other not only branded clothing and cars.Our personal preference should be visible in all, including, it would seem, is not so important wicket for questioning.Although they can tell a lot about who opens and closes them daily.In the way they look, reflect the artistic taste and social status of people living outside the fence.How to select and build a beautiful and a good wicket?


How to choose the best option ↑

These defend and hold harmless the elements are classified according to

  • material from which they are made;
  • size or the size of the structure;
  • method by which they are opened and

dwell in more detail on each of them.

entrance to the house
Such an entrance to the house equivalent to business cards

Selection of material ↑

to choose the right material for the gate, it is necessary to take into account the style of the entire building.It should be in harmony with the fence, not only, but also with other structures.In this respect, the most versatile can be considered products of wood and metal.Such materials are perfectly combined with each other and in perfect harmony with brick and stone buildings.In addition, they have for a long time proved to be reliable.

the gate with their hands
gate should be in harmony with the overall buildings

If we talk about price, compared to other wooden gate will cost less.But it is in any time does not diminish their dignity.For example, if you order the author's gate made of wood, you will have a real work of art.Because this product is made in a single copy, then its price will be appropriate.

Wrought iron gates and wickets to give will be worth even more expensive, but the price is justified.Thanks to the reliability and impeccable appearance they have long been popular.If you want to have a unique character country house, think about such variant.Forging looks particularly advantageous in combination with wood, stone and even brick.

how to make the gate
Products from composite materials look particularly spectacular decorative finish.

strength and durability are famous gate made of corrugated board.If you provide proper care, the wood products can also last for a very long time.For the gates can be used as mesh-netting on the frame, plastic and metal bars.

Sizing ↑

door width is determined by taking into account the mode of transport, which will enter through them to the territory.For passenger cars would be sufficient to have an opening width of 2.6 meters.Ensure that the truck can enter the gate to the increased size of up to 3.4 meters.The height is not strictly regulated, and is determined depending on the design features of the product.The lower edge should be on the ground at a distance of 15 cm to easily open after fallen snega.Kalitka standard size has a width of 1 meter, although, if necessary, you can make a reasonable retreat.The height of the fence made at or slightly higher, which often occurs by a decorative trim.

The choice of opening ↑

As a rule, do swing gates.Gates can also be very different - hinged and sliding, lifting and sliding.To facilitate the opening and closing of the gate leaves are often used automatic mechanism.

Video: beautiful ideas wickets to give ↑

Construct the gate with their hands ↑

Materials and tools ↑

Of course, in the absence of the selection board can be used any type of wood.However, experts advise to prefer oak, larch and cedar.A very important condition for long life - a pre-treatment material via an antiseptic.It will protect the wood from rotting and subsequent destruction of insects.If the board prepared in advance, the gate will retain its appearance for 10 years or more.As the finish may come an ordinary fence.

Before starting work, should advance to prepare everything necessary because the absence of the minor may suspend installation work.So, to get started, pobespokoytes of these materials and tools:

  • boards and fences;
  • handle for the door latch, hinges;
  • corners and self-tapping screws;
  • level, rope, emery;
  • drills, jigsaws, screwdrivers;
  • chisel and a plane;
  • hacksaw and hammer;
  • pencil.
From tree
from wood can make the most bizarre forms

Technology of wickets ↑

  1. measures the distance to be between supports - concrete, metal or wooden posts (most importantly, that the material was strong).They must keep the frame future gate.From a well-calibrated distance will depend on the correct operation of the finished product.For accurate fixing poles laid on the ground and fastened together with the help of available funds.For wooden poles which may be fence and for metal and concrete suitable wire.
  2. are installing pillars.To do this, dug two pits with a depth of 80-100 cm. For the stability of the supports on the bottom of the pit pour pebbles, gravel or broken bricks.When installing the pillars should be take care of the small distance between the underside of the crossbar and the ground products.It is necessary to open the gate for free.Vertically posed poles are fixed using spacers and filled with mortar made from cement-sand mixture.Before proceeding to the next step, wait until the solution is completely hardens.If you dig in the pillars in the sandy soil, the distance between the supports must-concreted.At the end of this stage are attached and welded to the hinges.
  3. Making door.First you need to make-frame basis.For this purpose four boards bonded to each other via corners.Next, the fastening loops and check how the frame fit into the opening.If everything is fine, then you can begin to frame suturing picket fence.
  4. Fasten handles and latches.This work is done at the end.The upper part of the fence can be flat or trimmed in the form of a zigzag or wave.This requires a jigsaw.
  5. Ready gate hung on support.With the proper calculation it moves without any effort.With the free edge of the strip is attached to her thick rubber.

So you are familiar with how to make the most basic foundation gate.In the future, it can be lacquered and decorated with any decor.Here is an opportunity to show their imagination and skill.We want your Gates served for many years!