Sanding wood floor: how to update the old floor the most effective way

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29 April 2016

creating the interior of the premises, it is important to pay appropriate attention to the floor.The modern market offers a variety of floor design options, from traditional to trendy, but the tree does not lose their positions.Classics of the genre is parquet.Hold on fashion wave of the century, he is not going to continue to take their positions.However, many believe parquet too "moody" flooring and partly they are right.To remain elegant parquet requires special care.But even with the most careful treatment over 10 years after laying the flooring should be repaired in order to again give it luster and presentable.It is used for scraping of the wooden floor.


sanding removes chips and scratches that may be on the new floor and the old, shabby.During this procedure, re

moved the old decorative and protective coating irregularities are smoothed, polished surface and apply a new layer of varnish or wax.Upon completion, the floor looks as good as new, but this procedure is not simple, requires patience and skill.However, if you are not afraid of difficulties, then scraping the floor on their own event is feasible.

Tools and equipment for sanding
tools and equipment necessary for independent sanding parquet

Preparing for sanding tools ↑

Perform the procedure can be either manually or using a special tool - the cycle, and using special equipment.The first method would require a layman's very considerable physical and time-consuming, and yet the quality assurance work performed no one will, because then important skill.In addition, a high risk of simply spoil parquet inept actions.Therefore, this method is considered, we will not.For the "amateur" a good way out will rent special equipment.It will do the job quickly and with minimal physical effort.

addition grinder need to prepare: a set of keys in order to set the abrasive drum, sharp scissors, wood putty, putty, paint, roller and tray, a vacuum cleaner or a broom, a dust mask.Before the work necessary to prepare the room: to make furniture, debris, carefully sweep the floor to check for the presence of protruding nails and screws, remove the baseboards.All dice that waste to be glued, damaged - replace.

Stages sanding the floor ↑

important to determine how much flooring is suitable for sanding and choose the tactic.Uneven, old parquet does not make sense to level the bottom edge, as if to remove all the "slides", the thickness of the strips is significantly reduced, and hence reduced service life.In this case it is better to use a drum machine, its principle of operation allows you to not cut too much, as it were, round bumps.But the new flooring is best to handle orbital sanders, to lay a smooth coating that is repaired and will be easier.

first stage: rough grinding ↑

rough grinding allow smooth the surface and remove old, cracked varnish.Spend it with a specialized machine that removes not only the coating, but a thin layer of wood.This procedure requires the slowness and thoroughness.Modern technology does not produce such a noise as the old, and avoids the very dusty, but occasionally need to give yourself a rest and it is desirable to operate a respirator.

Second stage: plaster cracks ↑

It must be carefully putty all the cracks on the floor.This is done, of course, by hand using a special putty mixture which contains sawdust, so in the end the gap becomes almost imperceptible.

third stage: finishing ↑

This is the final stage, it held sanding wooden floor.Work on polishing performed often with the help of three-disc surface grinding machine.

It provides a decent quality and reduces the time of work.Should be monitored to resurfacing at the final stage was made strictly in the direction of drawing the tree.

Renovated parquet
Old parquet after restoration

Once again, the floor became smooth and even, it is possible to start toning and application of the protective layer.Most often, parquet varnish.To the result was really great, better carry out this procedure in several stages, each time causing a thin layer.To emphasize the parquet design, more suitable oil paints.If during sanding failed to remove some stains, it is best to use matte varnish, water-based, because it does not hide the contrast and defect.One more advantage - no odor and quick drying.

Useful tips for future performers ↑

There are some general guidelines that can help make scraping the floor, if not enjoyable, then at least tolerable.

  • Although the machine has a dust bag, but the fine dust it does not catch, so it's best to clear all wall items, curtains, curtains and close the door oilcloth, so you will greatly facilitate cleaning.
  • Purchase a respirator with a good filter, open the windows.Hands vibration protected by thick gloves and give yourself a break.

And in the end I want to remind you that tsiklyuet still not a machine, and tsiklevschik, so the quality of the work will depend on the diligence and accuracy.If you have doubts that you can carry out this work as it should, it is best to consult a specialist, because the damages and the installation of a new floor will cost more.

Video: repair parquet from "a" to "z» ↑