How to lay carpet: vibiraem rational technology

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29 April 2016

ignorant person may seem that working with the carpet should not cause difficulties.But, as practice shows, the process of laying the material requires certain skills.To understand how to lay carpet, you should be familiar with existing methods of its styling.Selection of a particular method, which allows the right to fix the carpet depends on the specific situation.


Traditional preparations ↑

perform any repair and construction work is complete without the preparatory stages.Before you start to lay carpet, you need to buy special tools that can greatly simplify the execution of works.For laying need:

  • knife carpet;
  • Reiki is made of metal, with which you can fix floor near the threshold;
  • roller, allowing evenly unroll the canvas.

Stack carpet should be on a flat surface, without bumps and

drops.In a situation where there are grounds to meet the requirements necessary to carry out preparatory work.The device of the floor covering to the substrate allows significantly prolong its service life.Furthermore, well-padded smoothes irregularities.

During the work it is important to maintain the optimum temperature, as is necessary to lay a carpet at a temperature above 15 degrees and humidity of 75-80 percent.Flooring kept at operating temperature not less than a day for acclimatization.It is particularly important to comply with the rule in the winter season, as the sharp temperature changes may adversely affect the quality of the work performed.

Application Method carpet ↑

The choice of installing the floor depends on several factors:

  • functional purpose of the room (a house or an office);
  • basis carpet: solid fiber is measured accurately in accordance with the area of ​​the room, and without a substrate material cut out with an allowance;
  • patency;
  • initial state sex.

In situations where the carpet does not require a special lock, for example, in the loggia or balcony, you just treat the edge overlock.

Laying carpet on the balcony
laying carpet on the balcony

To understand how to lay carpet, should detail the existing methods of its styling.The most common are the following methods:

  • Loose laid with fixing carpet on the perimeter;
  • Loose laid with fixing carpet on the adhesive tape;
  • Method tension - stretching;
  • adhesive method of laying.

Laying latched on the perimeter ↑

This method is the simplest in practice, but is characterized by disadvantages arising from the operation.It is important to take into account all the unpleasant moments before laying the floor covering.This method is most suitable for small spaces where it is possible to cover the floor with one cut-carpet.

Free laying carpet with fixation on the perimeter
Free laying carpet with fixing the perimeter

material is placed on the floor so that he came to the wall at 5-10 cm around the perimeter.Then follows a smooth wrinkles caused from the center to the edges.Surplus of flooring must be cut using a profile or long rail.At the final stage the wall around cover fixed skirting and near doorways - with the help of the nut-profiles of metal.

Among the advantages of this method, it should be noted the simplicity of installation and the possibility of replacing the existing coating.

The disadvantages include poor fixation of carpet, low durability, the possibility of bubbles on the surface.When cleaning and moving furniture in the room, carpeted in a way, you should be careful.

Free stacking mount on scotch ↑

Fixing carpet with the help of double-sided tape allows to make folding quick and easy as the previous method, but has a number of advantages specific to the adhesive method.On clean prepared surface is glued around the perimeter of the double sided tape having a width of 60-150 mm.Then the whole area of ​​the room glued strips of adhesive tape in increments of 50 cm, but the protective film is not removed.Carpet carefully metered, fit, then the film is removed, and the cover is glued to the floor.If the room is more than a single otrez carpet, it can be carried out in such a way stacking several pieces butt.

Free laying carpet latching on Scotch
Free laying carpet latching on Scotch

Laying carpet with adhesive tape allows you to lay it on the previous coat.In addition, this method is ideal for those who frequently change the design of the room.Removing the old carpeting adhered to an adhesive tape, it is faster than in a situation with a coating adhered to a special glue.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the risk of bubbles as adhesive tape may be deformed under the influence of high humidity or temperature extremes.

Method tension - stretching ↑

Stretching refers to a professional method of laying carpet.The basis of this method is the elasticity of the material inherent in textile coatings.

Along the perimeter of the room at 45 degrees narrow slats are attached with spikes, which with the help of special tools pull material.Under the carpet is laid substrate, enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation.

adhesive method of laying ↑

Laying carpet with glue is the most traditional, but requires some skill.Carpets need to be expanded on the floor and cut the size of the room.Then fold it in half should be.The opened surface is covered with adhesive with a notched trowel.Using a special tool allows you to apply the adhesive evenly over the entire surface.Then half a piece of carpet to the place of return, sticking it with a roller.Similarly, received and a second part.At the final stage the installation of metal rails and baseboards.

The adhesive method of laying carpet
adhesive method of laying carpet

One of the advantages of this method is reliable.It is suitable for installation of several pieces of carpet, when you need to lay a large area.With this method, the appearance of bubbles on the surface, the displacement of the floor covering is practically excluded.

only drawback adhesive installation method is time consuming process that requires a certain experience.

With any method of carpet cut off the excess using a flat board or profile.If the room is located just outside the door, another bed cover, a little smooth the transition, you can use the floor profile.The process of laying the carpet is completed work on installing baseboards.