How to lay laminate - video guide for those wishing to put their hands

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28 April 2016

Laminate confidently took the position of the most popular floor covering.This material has higher hygienic properties, it is extremely resistant to a variety of damage and stress, and all this for him is very easy to care for.Having a similar appearance with parquet and other wooden flooring, laminate flooring is different from their lower cost and ease of installation.A wide palette of colors allows to realize any design ideas and fantasies.Many home craftsmen interested in the question of how to lay laminate.In this article we will try to cover all the dark sides of the process and help you prevent errors during installation.


About laminate floor coverings ↑

Laminate - a floor covering, which is a cheaper alternative to exp

ensive wood floor, more recently, highlights the high standard of living of the owners of property whereHe spread.Moreover, its performance indicators are significantly higher than those of wooden floors, easy to care for him, and in the sun it almost does not fade.

Standard laminated panel - a thin composite sheet consisting of at least four layers.Typically, the length of one panel is from a meter and a half meters, a width of about 200 mm, and thickness - 6-11 mm.First layer - a special film, which gives the protective properties of the floor covering.Next - paper with printed image texture (stone, wood, or any other pattern).The basis is a laminate fibreboard, with its higher density, and under it is a moisture barrier paper impregnated with acrylic resins or melominovymi.

Before laying the necessary preparations ↑

If you are seriously thinking about how to put the laminate, the first thing you need to lay the foundation for the future of a beautiful floor that is to prepare the surface for laying the foundation.But not only ... It is also necessary to take care of the acquisition of coating properties inherent to the room in which it is to be put.For this

purchased laminate must be left for several days at the site of installation to its moisture content and temperature have reached values ​​corresponding parameters in the room.Only in this way will be able to get away after the installation in the form of deformation and warping of panels.

Waterproofing under laminate
as waterproofing laminate can spread a common polyethylene film

At this time, you should not sit on the handle and wait until the material is ripe, eagerly rubbing his hands in anticipation of the interesting work.In order not to lose a very precious time and not get bored, let us Substrate preparation floor.

  1. Assessing horizontal surface with a long spirit level.If differences in height does not exceed 1-2 mm over 2 meters, you should not pay them much attention.But if unevenness in the floor a bit more, then you should think about leveling the floor.The easiest way - Scratching, that is the alignment of the wooden floor using a grinder.If the base concrete, the need to align it with the self-leveling compounds.
  2. strengthen all shattered planks, and even better (of course, if resources permit) replace all defective parts with new material.
  3. If you want to get a quality floor covering, pleasing many years your finicky eye with its elegant appearance, make sure you lay the waterproofing layer under the laminate.For this purpose, suitable plain PE film which should be laid perpendicular to the direction of the planned placement of the finishing coating.Thus polyethylene web should be laid with overlap of at least 200 mm.
  4. If the base is a concrete floor, then to improve the thermal insulation properties it can be covered with sheets of plywood.However, this would entail additional costs, but believe me, the result is worth it.

Tip: To waterproofing layer does not slip and is not going to fold when laying flooring, it can be fixed with adhesive tape at regular intervals.

device laminate floor ↑

So, the preparatory work behind the panel accepted a position shape and size, and therefore, we can proceed to the deck floor.To better understand how to lay laminate flooring, videos with detailed instructions will post slightly lower, and now try to explain the technology, as they say on their fingers.

Usually room windows are located on one side.In this case, the cover will be placed in the direction of the incident sunlight, or at the junctions of the panels will be visible shadows spoil the overall impression of your luxury floor.

Depending on the method of laying laminate following types of connections of panels:

  • adhesive;
  • with collapsible locks, or a compound «Click»;
  • with locks, latches, or the connection «Lock».

Laying laminate adhesive ↑

you are wondering how to lay laminate own hands with adhesive bonding?

you choose the most time-consuming method of laying, but it has several advantages, such as:

  • reliable waterproofing of joints;
  • longer life.

Such a laminate can not put on a heated floor, and by laying the last panel before using the floor must be at least 10 hours.

Adhesive bonding laminate
Adhesive bonding improves the waterproofing properties of the seams between panels laminate

consider in detail the technology of laying laminate adhesive:

  1. All the ends of the laminate panels along the entire length of the groove is applied to water-repellent glue.
  2. first row starting place, leaving a small gap between it and the wall, the size of which must be at least 10 mm.It is necessary to compensate for thermal deformation of the finished floor covering.The panels are connected to each other on a "groove-tongue."The first panel is located to the groove wall and the groove on the edge of the glue should be applied.
  3. Before you start to lay the second row, cut one panel half.This is done in order to displace the seams staggered.Now we put the adhesive composition on the side of the slot, and attach it to the first row.
  4. After laying the first three works should wait at least 2 hours, until the glue to dry completely.Further work will be continued till the end.
Tip: better to shift the composition of the adhesive than nedolozhit.Surplus speaking on the panel can be easily removed with a damp cloth, but the deficiency can manifest itself in the process of exploitation of the finished coating in the form of a laminate backlog.

laying laminate «Click» -zamkami ↑

Laminate with Click-locks are placed in a checkerboard pattern, so that between adjacent elements is optimized grip

How to put laminate «Click» -zamkami:

  1. orderto properly put a laminate of this type, you need to start laying the far left corner of the room in the direction of sunlight.
  2. first series have a minimum distance of 10-12 mm from the wall (do not forget about the compensation joints).
  3. Each subsequent panel insert in previous at an angle of 30 ° and snap it with force pressed to the floor.
  4. second row displace the end joints at least 300 mm in order to form a checkerboard pattern required for a better load distribution on the floor.The panels are connected only with each other, forming a continuous strip.
  5. Now attach the second row to the first.For the second series of panels are lifted 30 °, are inserted into the slots of the first row and light pressure is latched connection.
  6. All subsequent rows of stacked similarly.

laminate «Lock» -zamkami assembling ↑

In this section we consider how to lay laminate own hands to «Lock» -zamkami.In this method, one tenon panel included in the other groove.To this end, the panel placed horizontally and tapping a hammer on the wooden bar egged each other.

Laminate flooring with Lock-locks
Lock-lock is a compound of "thorn-groove" and calls for a full docking absolute horizontal bar
  1. Laying begin as from the far left corner of the room.
  2. Put first panel flooring.
  3. second panel tray horizontally and insert it into the groove of the first spike.We continue this action until the end of the series.
  4. first panel the following number of trays to ready the first row just horizontally, but the joints of panels displace at least 300 mm.

How to put laminate flooring with your own hands - video ↑

To better understand the present short video that illustrates the entire process of laying laminate flooring.

Determined to do all the packing yourself, yet it must be remembered that, despite the apparent simplicity of the process, only an expert is able to appreciate all the nuances of a particular room and put the laminate so as to maximize its service life.