Slides and Ladders for pools: how to arrange its own water park

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21 April 2016

accommodation in the private sector or the possession of a country house, of course, have many advantages.To list them all for a long time, and do not need.We shall touch only one of them - the possibility to equip the pool.Just imagine: summer, scorching heat, you do not need to hide in the conditioned space in anticipation of twilight, when the heat a little retreat.No need to go to the nearest body of water in search of coolness.You put on a bathing suit and into the water.About how much happiness is uncomplicated hydraulic structure will give children even say no.Only by giving the pool at the disposal of little tomboy, remember, ladder pool to be safe, and the water level - less than the waist of a young child.


Pools and budget holders ↑

How to choose the right pool?In fact, everything is quite simple - choice of p

ool depends on your financial capabilities and the area of ​​the site.

  • Most costs will require the construction of stationary concrete basin.Such a construction is not enough just to build, it must be constantly maintained.As a rule, it is engaged in by representatives of specialized firms.
  • Few would be cheaper tab pool of composite materials, but a permanent service will still have to spend money.
  • average price segment presented prefabricated frame pools.These are products of metal pipes and plastic laminate.
  • 's quite expensive pleasure - an inflatable pool.It is easy to transport and do not need to maintain.

Ladders for pools ↑

Ladder steady pool
ladder steady unburied pool

Despite its apparent simplicity, the choice of the appropriate ladder for the pool - a serious matter.

From the correctness of this choice depends on your comfort, and sometimes health.This especially is true for fixed recessed basins of reinforced concrete or composite materials.

recommended to choose the stairs for swimming at the design stage.So you can imagine exactly how it will look your pool.If it is a hanging metal ladder, when it is selected should take into account several factors:

  • stair treads must be covered with anti-slip coating.
  • Stairs should be well lit.
  • If the pool to be used by children, it is worth an extra child ladder.In such products the distance between the stages is much less.
Swimming pool with a Roman staircase
«Roman" staircase integrated into the bottom of the pool

Another option arrangement descent into the pool is so-called "Roman" staircase.It can be made in one piece with the bottom of the pool, that is, to lay in the construction.Then the stage will be as lined and insulated.

Typically, the riser inserted underwater lights for illumination, and sometimes even hydromassage jets.This allows you to sit down on the steps (or lie down, if the pool is big) and enjoy beating the jets.

How to make a ladder to the pool, if it is already built ↑

There are only two options.Either there is a steel staircase stainless steel, or buy ready-made "Roman" staircase - they are made from high-strength polymers.The sale comes a ladder of different shapes, colors and sizes.Designed for rectangular, round and oval pools with depths ranging from 50 to 150 cm.

Стандартная "римская" лестница
pool with the standard "Roman" staircase

If your pool is of irregular shape, you can order additional interface elements.

Adaptations for frame pools ↑

If you chose to frame pools, no you can not do stairs.In this case, it makes no swimming is not just less convenient, and often impossible.Frame pools are not buried, so to get over his side needed a ladder.Such structures are not very diverse.They have the shape of the letter "A" or "P".Recently equipped with a special attachment to fix the pool.Pool ladder frame with the letter "A" do not differ in form from the usual ladder.They are also equipped with steps and upper platform.By differences include the presence of the hinges at the bottom of the legs, which provide special stability stairs, and do not allow to fix it.Stands a ladder must be made of stainless steel and the upper area and stage - of durable plastic with anti-slip coating.

Ladders for inflatable pools are made on the same principle.When buying them, it is important to take into account the depth of the pool and the thickness of its ledges.Be sure to note whether equipped with ladder racks with special caps to protect the bottom of the pool from the break.

Mini water park home ↑

turn an ordinary pool into a water entertainment center at home will allow all sorts of slides for swimming pools and other accessories.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of products to suit every taste and budget.For small unburied frame or inflatable pools, unfortunately, will not do the jumps.But a huge selection of all sorts of slides and fountains more than compensates for this drawback.Slides for pools make it a favorite holiday destination of your children.Typically, the carcass of this product is made of stainless steel and the steps and trough of fiberglass.Due to the strength of the material, slide will last you for many years.

Slides for pools
slide for the pool - a great way to pleasant pastime

Important! In winter it is recommended to remove a hill in the room.

To improve the slip can be arranged with a constant stream of water slides.It's enough to buy a small circulation pump that will pump water from the basin to the highest point of descent.Sometimes, such a pump is sold complete with a slide, and if not, you can quite easily organize this process on their own.

There are also inflatable slides, but they are more suitable for recessed basins.But models of inflatable products with built-in slide perfectly suited for children's activities.They take up little space and do not pose a health risk, even the youngest children.

Swimming pool with a slide for the little ones
Gorka pool

As you can see, have a great water recreation area on the site is simple enough.Today, in order to have a swimming pool is not necessary to be a very wealthy man.Of course, a large stationary pool - great fun for adults.But enough of inflatable children or frame pools for fun games and recreation.The main thing to watch for in order to ladder inflatable pool, a plastic slide or inflatable trampoline were maximum security.