Connection colors and stone - the creation of the area of ​​gravel garden

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22 April 2016

gravel garden in landscape design appeared not so long ago, but in a short time became very popular.Every owner wants to build a private house in their area such a beautiful area.After all, it does not require constant care, and the most important advantage is that you can do yourself, without resorting to the professionals.


Garden gravel in appearance resembles a piecewild prairies of meadow steppes.The style he also looks like a Japanese Zen garden and rock garden.But their special charm from the steppe landscape is also available.It is characterized by a combination of low-growing plants and gravel embankment.There can be combined graceful forms and clear lines, plain flower gardens and colorful flower beds, in a word, to create such a garden of fantasy there is no limit.

Flower arrangements on the rocks ↑

Most often a gravel ga

rden at the place where the sun falls the most.Its main element is a gravel, crushed stone or gravel.These natural materials create a warm, loose and permeable soil that is suitable not only for meadow grasses, but also for flowering perennials.Even cereals fine take root among stones and flowers.

gravel garden style is similar to the rock garden and Japanese garden while

inexpensively to create a gravel garden is not required.That a sense of personal space on a plot of floral arrangements necessary to create his own.Of course, to attract families to the creation of paradise is to be welcomed.The main thing - a creative approach to business and to give freedom of imagination, especially children's.Very often, young children have such a sense of aesthetics and vision of harmony that their masterpieces stand out among the works of the best designers.So - any advice to the child.Especially in the field style, the law of permissiveness.Here you can create an empty space to play with coloring plants, with their difference in height and structure.

very harmonious combinations in the flowerbeds look ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials.Even on hot summer days is filled with gravel garden rich colors, if there is growing spurge polyanthous, feather Heavy-duty and yarrow.In autumn these plants will surround the garden with warmth and light.

Tulips are able to place the emphasis on the colorful flower beds

Arrange colorful accents in the garden can bulbs, such as tulips, ornamental onions and Fritillaria imperialis.But the atmosphere will underline the nature of the field iris, peony and fine-leaved fraxinella white.Many gardeners specially reclaim the wild grass of the field.This significantly reduces the cost of seeds and possible approaches an overall picture of the garden to the field style.

Against the background of the bright spots of poppies, cornflowers hyacinth or spikes will look very harmonious

Group composition of ornamental grasses and flowering perennials flower garden give a special charm.Cereal plants with their graceful leaves and slender stems in a gravel garden always looks attractive and set the rhythm in planting, towering above neighboring scrubby bushes.It is not necessary to buy seeds of ornamental grasses that are green in the garden until the middle of autumn.You can take a conventional wheat or oats, germinate them in advance and to land at a designated place.It's okay if spikelets ripen in mid-summer and turn yellow.Against the background of the bright spots of poppies, cornflowers hyacinth and they will look very harmonious.

Technology for creating ↑

The gravel garden, you can turn all six acres of your land, and its one square meter.To determine the place of the future flower bed or garden, you need to clean the area of ​​grass and weeds.Then you need to remove 25-30 cm of soil, mix it with coarse grained gravel size 16-32 mm and evenly fill with the mixture recess.On top of the whole plane stretches geotextiles - non-woven synthetic material.He will not give to sprout weeds.The canvas make cruciate incisions and dropped to the planned flowers.Around the stem of the plant should pour a layer of gravel approximately 5 cm. To sink into the ground the stones will not be, as this will prevent the geotextile layer.In areas where a lot of the sun should not use white gravel, it strongly reflects the rays and heat.Dark coating contributes to the rapid growth of flowers and herbs, because it heats up faster.

Decorative grasses
Group composition of ornamental grasses and flowering perennials flower garden give a special charm

If you decide to plant flowers in the already covered with gravel beds, it is possible.You just rake hands pebbles, make an incision in the web and do everything as described above.As well the plants can be transplanted from one place to another, creating new compositions.Do I need to track

gravel garden is different from other lack of trails.But to find out among the vegetation they can: they go where nothing grows, walking through the area can be minimized wherever you go, as long as the flowers do not trample.

gravel paths are created on the same principle as the flower beds.And to the gravel after the rain has not sunk in the ground, the first layer of crushed stone can be mixed with cement.In compacted soil also spreads nonwoven fabric and covered with gravel.

gravel garden is different from other tracks lack

If the color or size of pebbles on a track different from those that lie beneath the flowers, and you want to keep clear boundaries, set an invisible boundary.It can be made with wooden pegs and plastic fascia tape.Such boundaries often create between gravel beds and lawn, so the stones do not fall into the grass and not damage the mower.

Care gravel garden ↑

If you did everything correctly, creating a gravel garden, you need to care for it is practically not.The only condition: the first year the plants need to establish themselves, so in this period, they need to be watered regularly.When the roots of herbaceous perennials sprout inside, they generally can be watered only in very dry days.Color groundwater to be missed, especially since a good layer of stones not give moisture to evaporate.

If you did everything correctly, creating a garden of gravel, the need to care for it is practically not

make the soil more fertilizer is not necessary, they can only do harm.All these plants are adapted to the nature of the lack of nutrients and moisture.Therefore, even the most extreme conditions, they are not afraid.If

between colors would still be able to survive to some weed, then it will be easier to remove than ordinary flowerbed.Because of its roots can not gain a foothold in the gravel so strongly as in the conventional world.

In general, to create their own hands gravel garden is very easy to care for him - even easier.Big dreamers complement their beds streams, animal figures and rockeries.You are doing a plot for himself, so as to make it original - decide.Creative your mood and good luck!

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