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22 April 2016

for many cars a lot more than just a means of transportation.It is a reliable helper and loyal companion for life, which is in need of care and maintenance.Of particular note is the problem of proper storage, because "avtodomik" must comply with a number of requirements.Before its construction can hardly be called an easy task, but modern construction technology made it possible to build a garage frame with his hands as soon as possible, with a minimum spending of funds.


requirements for the construction of the garage ↑

To the garage was strong and coped with the assigned duties for the storage of your machine flawlessl

y, you need to know what qualities he must possess:

  • strength constructionseffective protection against external influences;
  • low thermal conductivity, which is necessary for optimum temperature control and reduce the cost of space heating;
  • simple design, allows the full range of work on their own;
  • low cost;
  • minimum deadlines.

What frame garage?↑

Frame construction has recently become extremely popular.Lightweight design (LMC), made mostly of wood, is placed on a light ground.But this does not mean that the building will be fragile: the durability of brick garage can successfully compete with counterparts from foam blocks and metal.

Frame garage has many advantages
Frame garage has a lot of advantages

remarkable technology was donated by the Swedes, so these facilities is also called Swedish.The invention was immediately appreciated becausehe benefits - weight.

simplicity and maximum speed of work - the main advantages.Due to the fact that the constituent elements are connected by bolts and screws, assembly work can be performed at any time of the year.Force 2 installers more than enough to build a brick garage for several days.

Another important factor is that the need to rent specialized construction equipment eliminates unnecessary.Worry about litter debris site is also too much - it just will not.

How to build your own hands?↑

Before construction, it is necessary to draft a frame garage, reflecting the sequence of stages and the calculation of the required materials.Next, you need to think about the place of dislocation.If you are at your disposal there is a playground 10x10 meters, is considered the first step has been taken.

This is important!
project plan can be ordered from professional designers or download one of the many Internet sites.

Preparations ↑

start frame construction of the garage is necessary to prepare the territory.The site is cleared of vegetation, leveled and compacted.For the future, the foundation created gravel-sand cushion, which is spread by means of vibrating plates to obtain a smooth surface.

Prepare gravel-sand cushion
Prepare gravel-sand cushion

Laying the foundation - an important stage ↑

As you know, the foundation - the foundation of any structure that provides strength.Choosing the type of foundation depends on various factors: the structural layout of the garage, the characteristics of the soil, the economic feasibility.Most often this role is played by a monolithic concrete slab, which serves both as a floor, which can be oblitsevat any materials.Concrete slab - a kind of "floating" foundation, bears the load evenly, which helps to avoid deformation of the structure.

Along the perimeter of the surface of the shallow trench is dug, then set formwork.

This is important!
Note that the formwork is set on three sides of the future garage.

great importance is the quality of the concrete poured into the mold, products without a certificate of purchase is not necessary.To make the installation of the plate strength provides solid ribs and reinforcement nets two valves.

The foundation frame garage
foundation frame garage

reserve resulting foundation for 3 weeks.

Putting frame garage ↑

After the foundation completely froze construction frame garage with his hands involves the construction of "skeleton".Bottom rail made of planks 100x50, pre-treated with antiseptic.

for corner posts and gates are used bars the size of 100x100, for the rest of - joists and rafters - 100x50.Between racks sill kept in step 120 cm.
The bottom plate under the rack slots can not do it, then mount will be made by means of screws and nails.Incidentally, this method is much simpler.

To make the frame strength should be installed in the corners of the struts.Do not forget to provide space for windows and gates.

Wooden frame garage
wooden frame garage

If the width of the building is planned to more than 4 meters, the better to make beams of boards 50x100, which are much stronger.The longitudinal members are made of boards at least 50x50.
This step takes time for a few days.

Make a roof by the rules ↑

further build a garage on frame technology into the next important stage - arrangement of the roof.This will require the board 100h25 to be sheathed with corrugated roofing material.With this role remarkably cope bitumen sheets are stacked directly on the crate.Since that insulate the attic of the garage is not necessary, they would be sufficient.

Many prefer everything for roof decking and metal roofing - customized sheets are not necessary, but large size significantly accelerate the work.Secure materials using simple electric tools.

Weir - an important detail of the roof
weir - an important detail of the roof

mandatory component of the roof - the spillway, which can be made of halved plastic sewer pipe.In any case, the polymer necessary protection that will prevent rust.

proceed to trim the walls ↑

To cladding best suit linings "C" class, which is fixed windproof layer consisting of vertical beams 25x30 and dense glassine.

This is important!
recommended step when installing the vertical beams - 30 cm. Do not forget about the processing of wooden parts of antiseptic.

Inside the garage is insulated with mineral wool lining and cheaper.The outer cladding is made of siding.The advance provided openings inserted double glazing.

installation of garage doors ↑

Gates for garage can be any: sectional, sliding, sliding, but more often, especially in the implementation of the construction of their own, there are double gates.They are easy to manufacture, reliable and easy.

dimensions will depend on the size of cars, standard version - 2.5 meters.From metal angle (65 mm) manufactured inner and outer door frame, are fastened together by metal strips.If you want to use the top of the frame as a jumper, you need to sew it vsploshnuyu metal.

frame flaps made of metal profile (40h25), after the assembly frame is sheathed with steel sheet 2 mm thick.
metal pins inserted into the tube, will serve as bolts, bolts can be used, on the basis of closing milk cans.

The door should open easily
door should open easily

In the manufacture of the gate is important to provide protection against corrosion.The metal is treated with sandpaper and a file, first covered with varnish and then painted.

internal management improvement ↑

That's all.The task called how to build a brick garage, almost solved, can only think about the internal arrangement.The ceiling is sheathed clapboard, on top of it is placed a layer of paper and insulation.On the attic floor lay a board 25 mm thick, mounted a ladder.

also need to think about heating.Widely used spiral heaters are not permitted.Portable, industrial heating systems, too, is not the best option because they have low heat dissipation.
most effective tool - water heating with individual heat source.The principle of operation is based on the difference in the weight of the hot and cold water, so there is a one-way channel of the hot liquid.The water in the boiler is heated, rises to the top portion reaches the convector which gives off heat, and is cooled, dropping again enters the boiler.

As an alternative to this type of heating can be used heater 2 kW floodlight or 500 watts.

So it looks inside a garage
It looks inside the garage

This is important!
temperature in the garage should be at around 16 degrees, that is enough for the body work.

That ended the construction of wood frame garage, and now you're lucky enough to own a reliable home for your car, which will help him in any weather and to provide favorable conditions to carry out repairs when the need arises.Well, if you have not yet decided on the future appearance of the garage, presented a selection of photos will help you with this.

Frame garage with his hands: Photo ↑

Design options №1
design options №1
Design options №2
design options №2
Design options №3
design options №3
Design options №4
design options №4
Design options №5
Optionregistration №5

technology facilities: Video ↑