Fireplaces made of bricks with their hands - construction drawings, design of home

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24 April 2016

Fireplace brings peace and tranquility in a homely atmosphere, giving warmth and comfort.Live flames are able to give a pleasant pastime among loved ones.Construction of the fireplace in the apartment is associated with many difficulties, but the owners of cottages and private houses are able to arrange their own brick fireplaces and without the help of professionals.Fireplace is a conventional oven, feature an open furnace.The exterior looks like a small niche in the wall.


It should be noted that the stoves and fireplaces made of brick have small emissivity.Therefore, the heating system, consisting only of the fire, in the cold winter will not be enough.

brick fireplace designs ↑

are several projects fireplaces, distinguished by their des


  • fireplace brick - for the location of the required minimum of space, which distinguishes them from other types.It should be noted that the closed fireplaces are erected during construction of the house;

    Indoor fireplace brick
    fireplace brick
  • Semi fireplaces made of brick - is a balance between open and closed furnace tipami.Takie are attached to the wall or located inside it, occupying a small area.The undeniable advantage is the one fact that the construction of the half-open fireplaces probably built in the building;
  • Semi-open brick fireplace
    Semi-open brick fireplace
  • Open fireplaces made of brick - the most appropriate model for large spaces.They are arranged in the central part of the room, the warmth spreading in all directions;

    Fireplace brick
    Fireplace brick
  • corner fireplace of brick - designed for heating adjacent rooms.

    Corner fireplace brick
    Corner fireplace brick

materials for the construction of the fireplace ↑

During the construction of brick fireplaces used building materials: cement, red brick, clay, crushed stone, sand and gravel.When choosing the bricks carefully inspected their surface, it should be with a homogeneous structure, with no blind spots.If you hit the hammer on the quality brick, it must be ringing and clear sound.

works on the foundation ↑

Any construction work requires care.Due to the fact that the weight of the fire may reach up to 1,000 kg, then for its construction requires a separate foundation.The ideal option would be the inclusion of works by his unit in the civil construction project, but even the desire to build an oven - brick fireplace in the already finished the cottage or the house can be done with the condition of careful calculation of loads on the supporting structures.

Foundation dimensions are determined by the size of the fire side, an increase of 10 or 15 cm. At the foundation of the building and the future, as yet, the foundation of the fireplace must leave about 5-6 cm to fill with sand, which will prevent the appearance of cracks on the mantelpiece shrinkage.The depth of the excavation for the foundation depends on the number of floors of the cottage: one-floor house - 50-60 cm, two-floor - at least 80 cm. For normal soil at the bottom cushion is arranged sand and loose soil on the use of sand and gravel.Each layer shall be thoroughly moist, compact and verification of the level.

Construction of foundation for the fireplace
Construction of foundation for the fireplace

as building material for the foundations are often used rubble concrete.Please do formwork, its internal dimensions must correspond to the dimensions of the foundation.To ensure waterproofing the walls inside are covered with bitumen, tar paper, roofing material.Decking should be installed on the base, within which the first layer stacked large rocks, and the resulting gap backfilled with gravel.The layer is then filled with a solution comprising one part cement, three parts sand.

above stack several layers of rubble, with each layer must be filled with cement.The top of the foundation thoroughly leveled, check level and cover with plastic wrap.The top layer should be between 5 and 7 cm below the clean floor.A week later, the foundation is ready to fully masonry construction.

main stage before the actual start of construction is the creation poryadovkoy - drawing of each row.All brick rows are drawn on a paper sheet, and then enumerated by.This makes a note of what the bricks will be used (whole, half or three-quarter).

Poryadovkoy fireplace
poryadovkoy fireplace

For each type of fireplaces poryadovkoy has its own characteristics.Take, for example, corner fireplaces of brick - drawings depict the shape of the fireplace, and help to understand the principle of masonry.

Poryadovkoy corner fireplace h. 1
poryadovkoy corner fireplace h. 1
Poryadovkoy corner fireplace h. 2
poryadovkoy corner fireplace h. 2

At this stage, prepare drawings of brick fireplaces, showing facade and cuts.

masonry fireplace brick ↑

At the initial stage of this step you should define the contours of the wall of the fireplace.Finished basement is covered with a double layer of tar paper, roofing material for waterproofing.Note that the first bricks are laid to dry thoroughly fitting.When vykladyvanii podtopka from the inside definitely use firebrick, skived surface which closes masonry.

After the preparatory work is laid back and side walls of the fireplace, the thickness should be up to 20 cm. At first bricks laid angular, horizontal masonry is checked by level.Next you need to lay out the outer row, laid out in the middle of the last turn.

Before you build a brick fireplace with his hands, should be rinsed with refractory bricks in water to remove accumulated dust.Conventional bricks should be soaked for 30 seconds to come out air bubbles.The seams should be made thinner, and then carefully filled with mortar.Its surplus generated during vnutritopochnom space to be removed.In places turns and restrictions should be sought in laying rounded.To perform its functions fireplace huge influence smooth internal surfaces, which is why close attention when laying need to be taken to the inside were directed straight verge of bricks.Small gouges should wipe with a cloth, which had been previously soaked in a clay solution.

masonry chimney must be carried out in sequence, each subsequent number should be spread after the laying of the previous row.

Building chimney ↑

When the works coming to the final stage, it is necessary to build a chimney.Rows of red bricks spread using cement-sand mortar.The important point needed to fireplaces brick cottages, private homes, cottages functioned without problems, it is to prevent the ingress of precipitation into the pipe.For this purpose, the hearth or tin cap, made of galvanized iron.

Metal Chimney ↑

metal frame for the fireplace insert to be fixed using cold-worked strip of flat steel - clasps 3 mm thick, which are placed in the masonry seam, and then filled with a solution.Clasps can be replaced by bundles of annealed wire having a diameter of 2 mm.Vyushechnye doors, ovens attached to the masonry with steel annealed wire.

have a thermal expansion coefficient of the metal greater than the bricks.Therefore, between the frame and masonry firebox door, use asbestos gasket thickness of 5 mm.

metal elements mounted on the adjusted coefficient of thermal expansion, providing a clearance of 5 to 10 mm.The upper frame of the door of the furnace must not be used as a support for the brickwork, it is better to use the jumper from the brick "the castle" or overlap, canted ceiling.An ideal variant is minimal use of metal parts.

design fireplaces and interior style ↑

fireplace design must blend in with the existing interior design, it is necessary to prevent imbalance.Today the design of brick fireplaces can be varied, presented in a classical direction, as well as in a modern style.Very often, following the old Russian tradition, makes facing the fireplace tiles.Fireplace with such a design will bring comfort and originality to any interior.The following shows the tiled fireplaces brick: a photo - a selection of different styles.

Fireplaces in the interior, lined with tiles
Tiles in the decoration of fireplaces: Left fireplace lined with porcelain tiles in the Russian style, to the right classic - tiles, inlaid with gold

For lovers of minimalism can not complicate the process of exterior trim and leave the fireplace with brick walls, after having painted their calcareous orchalk or paint to paint only the seams.

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Fireplace decoration is not only the interior, but the whole room in general.It is a place of rest, giving peace, warmth, peace and comfort.Construction of the fireplace with his hands is quite a difficult process requiring attention and concentration.