What is the set electrician: instruments and tools for wiring

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23 April 2016

«All!Keane will not be!Electricity is over! "- This phrase taken out of the famous Soviet-era film" Gentlemen of Fortune ", remember, probably all.Indeed, a movie without electricity?No!And what an electrician without special tools?That's right!This is not at all an electrician, as well - the same name.The man whose work exposed to the danger of electric shock, is bound to have a special set of electrician.This "alarming suitcase" must always be at hand, as in the case of a sudden power failure, malfunction, or during work on the installation of the lighting system, the time to find the right tool or appliance is extremely small.


Tools, instruments, their equipment ↑

main characteristics of all the tools andinstruments included in a set of electrician must have the convenience, quality and safety, as it depends on these parameters and the result of the work performed, and human h


Set electrician
small set electrician - all at your fingertips

to carry out electrical work electrician will be needed not only to standard tools, and professional, those in everyday situations almost never used.

So, what is included in this suitcase:

  1. cutters - a special tool to cut the wires and cables.Electrical wire cutters must have a rubberized handle, since the only way to protect yourself from electrical shock.Possible replacement tires for plastics - such a tool is also suitable for use with wires.
  2. pliers - universal tool not only for electricity, but also for any builder.This device, as well as wire cutters should be insulated handles made of rubber or plastic.In addition, professional pliers necessarily equipped with additional functions.They can simultaneously play the role of a cutter for cutting wires of any diameter, side cutters and pliers.
  3. Screwdriver Set - tools for screwing and unscrewing screws, screws and other threaded parts with a slot on the head.The kit should include electrical screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes: cross-shaped, flat, reinforced and special for high precision work.The latter are used when working with small screws and bolts.
  4. Set of keys - set the hinge, spanners and combination of keys to perform a variety of works on installation of electrical networks.And the greater the number of these tools, the more varied their shape and size, the higher the productivity of working.
  5. Indicator screwdriver - a special screwdriver-fazoopredelitel, inside which is a small bulb or LED.As regards electrical wires using a screwdriver under voltage, and simultaneously presses a finger on a thin metal plate, located on the handle of the tool, the indicator light illuminates, thus giving to understand that the wire is life-threatening.If the LED is not lit, it means that there is no tension in the wire.
  6. socket set - this kit does not need to be in a suitcase electrician, yet its presence is desirable, because very often the installation of electric networks is performed in confined spaces.The usual tool in this case would be ineffective.An important role is played in the set knob, and an extension cord for him from durable hardened steel.
  7. key sliding - a multi-purpose tool designed to fix the individual elements of the circuit.In addition, this key is versatile because it can tighten and loosen the nuts and bolts of all sizes.
  8. soldering kit - a set that includes a soldering iron on the stand, solder preform from a piece of tin and rosin.
  9. multimeter - multimeter, which can simultaneously function as a voltmeter, ammeter, and an ohmmeter.Use it to measure current and for locating the electrical disconnection.Current models of multimeters are equipped with a digital screen that provides the most accurate measurement data.
Devices for measurement of current
Devices for measurement of current

In addition to these tools and instruments in a set of professional installers should contain the following accessories:

  • knives of different sizes and shapes to remove the insulating layer from the wires and working surfaces;
  • set of files for the grinding and cleaning of working surfaces;
  • Hacksaw is designed for cutting superstiff cables and metallic elements;
  • set of tweezers of different sizes for use with small objects and their rations;
  • caliper used to determine the diameters of the wires and cables;
  • set of measuring instruments: a ruler, tape measure;
  • scissors handles covered with rubber or plastic to cut the excess working parts;
  • chisel, hammer, headlamp

Clothing - important aspect ↑

impossible to imagine the work of an electrician without special protective clothing and footwear.Overalls made of cotton and insulating gloves - the perfect outfit for your daily work.It is in this "outfit" a professional installer should come to work.

But in the case of emergencies electrician is required in addition to don the special rubber shoes, polycarbonate helmet and heavy gloves of Kevlar - a special material which is not subject to burning.

Overalls for electrician
Thick cotton jumpsuit - ideal clothing to perform electrical work

Dielectric gloves come in two forms:

  • withstand voltage up to 1000 V;
  • of 1000 and higher.
Their size is chosen based on the fact that the electrician will put your hands on one more thin cotton gloves, and his working jacket, or rather from her sleeve should fit into the socket.
Dielectric gloves
Dielectric gloves - Protection

the winter is recommended to wear a coverall insulated underwear set of cotton and polyester.It protects the body from cold and provide a comfortable feel of soft material contact with the skin.

Shoes for electricians
Leather Shoes for electricians sewn from dielectric materials, the use of metal fasteners unacceptable soles and metal accessories

Shoes for electricians - a special category of shoes that you can not use the metal fittings and nails for fastening soles.Boots, shoes and boots sewing of leather, and for the seams use only heat-resistant thread.All inserts made of polycarbonate.Only such shoes can ensure safe performance of work.In the absence of such shoes, you can use regular rubber boots.

Video: set electrician from HAUPA ↑

Tools electrician must not only be perfect and comfortable.It is necessary that they were easy to use, so they are always at hand.These aspects are thoroughly thought out by engineers of the company HAUPA:

Any set of tools for electrician must include only high-quality components, manufactured in compliance with all standards and requirements.Safety, reliability and high quality - the guarantor of excellent results and maximum productivity.