Fireplaces in the interior - a photo collection of different stylistic solutions

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24 April 2016

cold winter evening pleasant to while away in the living room by the fireplace, in which a barely audible crackling logs.Flames played mischievously and attract the eye, forcing forget the gray everyday life, full of bustle.Open fire brings peace, it helps to relax, improves performance and improves sleep.It affects a variety of materials of construction for fireplaces - photo collection of proof!


Fireplaces - from its origins to modern times ↑

Fireplace -an open bedroom with a chimney stove.In addition to home heating home and performs a variety of functions, among them - improved air cir

culation and drying room.I would like to recall its aesthetic properties, as fire room, in any case represents a unique architectural plan of the premises.Fire sculptures that meet individual requirements hosts, enrich our culture.

Fireplace in modern living
Fireplace fits perfectly into modern interiors, to the same new technical solutions enable "Good Housekeeping" to occupy a minimum of space

Fireplaces come to us for a long time - they have established in manors and palaces of notable guests.On the design of these objects of decoration work such great masters as Gaudi, Vrubel and Shekhtel.Ceremonial room richly decorated with columns, sculptures, tiles, cornices, furniture of precious wood, and of course, the hearth.

Fireplace decorated tiles
fireplace decorated with tiles - the real work of art

shelves above the fireplace used as a support for various household items and antiques.

wall above the fireplace decorated with beautiful paintings and mirrors.Pipes, who towered over the roof, decorated with an elegant cap.It is not surprising that many fireplaces are associated with the past.

Fireplace of heavy metal in the interior
stylish look of a fireplace without the frills heavy metal

However, not every interior can take full fireplaces, massive forms, heavy materials, sophisticated decor and a large furnace, lined with natural stone and lined with wood.Modern designers have solved the problem of extensive home, turning the huge fireplaces in miniature models, compact and beautifully styled for the existence of a modern housing.

A variety of stylistic solutions ↑

fireplace in the house - it is a composite center of the interior, a picturesque accent, exotic corner.Pick up the fireplace to the interior should be from the perspective of stylistic conformity, continuing the general thrust of the room.Today's consumers are offered a wide range of portals and inserts of any type, supplies and accessories.If you are interested, look like fireplaces in the interior - photos, illustrations and descriptions of stylistic solutions will help to choose the center that is right for you.

Fireplace in the interior - style decision
Fireplace sets a special tone interior painting

Classic - always relevant for ↑

Classic fireplaces are made mostly of elite materials - marble, granite and other natural stones.For decoration use statues, bas-reliefs, stucco and sculptural elements.The design is based on the U-shaped portal to the furnace open and closed.

Fireplace in the classical style decision
The classic version - a marble fireplace with a U-shaped portal and presentable mantel
Classic fireplace in the interior
Classic fireplace, decorated with valuable species of wood, mostly equipped with safe electric fireplace

Hi-Tech: brevity and functionality ↑

It is surprising and shocking look corner fireplaces - Photos will present all the splendor of the hearth, made in high-tech style.Products are built of fireproof materials - steel and heat resistant glass.Often, the individual elements of the centers of marble veneer.Each model - real fruit creations of designers and bright art object in the interior.

Fireplace in the high-tech style
Fireplace in high-tech style, reminiscent of the hearth in the wigwam North American Indians
Fireplace in the decision of the high-way
Fireplace in dealing with hi-so - a stylish strict minimalism

Modern: elegance and brevity ↑

At the heart of the chimney direction as Art NouveauIt can be traced to the presence of some elements of the classics - the near-wall location, shape and the portal of the furnace.

A minimalist design of the portal makes obvious changes in the classic lines and determines the result of the object belonging to the current modern.Additional key difference - high chimney hood, which are generally built up to the ceiling.

Fireplace in modern style
Fireplace in modern style
Fireplace in the Art Nouveau style
Fireplace with a modern interior - the main bright accent

Eclectic: nostalgia for the flourishing of the bourgeoisie ↑

Eclectic fireplaces in the structure known from the times of the Queen of Britain.The basic idea of ​​this direction - a combination of things to be combined - of materials and colors, a kind of synthesis of new ideas and fashionable European traditions.Victorian fireplaces are different wood and iron U-shaped portal and elegantly decorated with ornaments that are executed with tiles and tile-baguette, as well as an open combustion chamber.

Fireplace in eclectic style direction
Fireplace in style direction eclectic
Victorian fireplace in the interior
Victorian fireplace in the interior: a rich but harmonious mixture of objects and decorative techniques of different styles

Country: attractive simplicity ↑

Outbreaks in country style are very popular becauseable to flow harmoniously and ethnic interiors and traditional design.This fireplace will perfectly complement the living room in a town house and a country house.If the choice fell on the fireplace of brick - photos and pictures from the Internet will be, more than ever!The building is often used rakushniki and sandstones.Nearly every model is endowed with massive oak beams.

Fireplace in ethnic interior
Fireplace in ethnic interior
Fireplace during the country
Fireplace within country brings extraordinary welcome heat in the atmosphere

biofireplaces: solution for citizens ↑

biofireplaces perfect those tenants who do not have the opportunity to make the house chimney.Decorative fireplaces gracefully simulate the burning of wood and have an elegant form.A similar visual effect is achieved thanks to the built in illumination.

Bio-fireplace in the interior
Bio-fireplace is safe and does not require the device chimney can be installed in an apartment high-rise building
Decorative fireplace in housing design
Decorative fireplace - a spectacular element of interior decoration, not a problem with either the operation or the installation

Empire - face to the ancientCulture ↑

architectural structures in the Empire style imbued with the spirit of antiquity.Fireplaces differ grandiose monumentality, stability, strict forms, lack of congestion parts symmetrical décor, rectangular outlines, columns, a combination of geometric and floral ornament.Well look all kinds of forged elements.

Pompous fireplace in the Empire style
pompous fireplace in the Empire style
Fireplace in the interior of the Empire
Fireplace in the interior of the Empire

Thus, the housing interior fireplace adds personality and creates an ideal atmosphere to spend time with your family, watching the dancing flames.

fireplaces in the interior: video catalog ↑