Wireless Home Theater - overview of the pros and cons

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22 April 2016

Home Cinema is the most popular at the moment means of entertainment.However, to choose among a huge number of models offered is not easy.The main criterion by which different home theater - is the presence of wires connecting all the components into a single system: a home theater wireless or with wires.Here are just machines wirelessly, many still do not inspire confidence, even when you consider that progress on this issue has gone very far.


Pros and cons of wireless home theater ↑

Wireless Home Theater is chosen in cases where:

  • room in the near future it is planned to make repairs, during which it will be possible to hide the wires in the wall, but there are a sufficient number of outlets can be adjusted precisely the components of the theater;
  • kind of many-wire intricacies violates the aesthetic perception of the room and annoying host;
  • acquired "fancy" speaker system with a large number of speakers and
    subwoofers for a few specially designated and appropriate for that room.
Wireless Home Theater
Evolution connections - no wires

Do not dwell on this option if:

  • in a house or apartment is still at least one source of high-frequency radiation, as there is interference impact on the quality of the signal.Microwave or Wi-Fi-router, even in another room, able to change the sound quality.This factor must be considered, despite the fact that some producers have stated that the problem has been solved;
  • for sophisticated speaker system can not create the conditions of maximum efficiency, for example, from furniture to vacate, set the column at a uniform distance from each other.The sound quality will plummet, and expensive equipment does not justify the investment in its funds.

Main feature: sound quality ↑

next stage of the selection - and the budget associated with the amount that will be spent on a home theater.

Home Theater can be a set of expensive equipment, which includes an LCD or plasma TV, high-quality sound system, multi-channel audio processor equipped with CD player - all this is expensive, but to create a genuine presence and thus save not succeed.

If the image quality is not a priority requirement in the selection, it is better to buy a standard DVD-player and for him to pick up a cheap acoustic.This embodiment is suitable if the system is installed in a normal room.This is the case when there is no sense to buy a wireless home theater acoustics.

Domestic cinemas
Home Theater fits perfectly into the interior

into a full home theater sound plays a lesser role than the picture, so the choice of speakers should be approached taking into account a number of requirements.Home theater with wireless speakers is ideal for those who prefer high-quality sound and tired with lots of wires.It is believed that the effect of presence when viewing a minimum number of audio channels is determined by the ratio of 5.1 (five speakers and one subwoofer) and that such amount is available in most of the speakers.

But there are more complex systems (7.1 or 9.2), whose main task is to create the perfect sound so that the layman is very hard to catch all the nuances of sound.However, if such a need arises, wireless speakers for home cinema - virtually the only acceptable solution, because the mere thought of such a large number of devices connected by wires can cause panic.But we should not delude ourselves: the system is completely wireless - still speaker adapter is required to connect to the network, a battery, they can work very short time.

Wireless Home Theater
No wires creates a sense of harmony

Important!Wireless speakers for home theater are a few drawbacks: sometimes sound signal may be distorted by a slight noise, the speakers should be installed near a power outlet, analog devices are sensitive to noise and so far only available in sets of expensive theater systems.

choosing a model of home theater, look for the presence of the karaoke function, even if the singing does not want right now, and never wanted to.Overpay a lot for this feature is not necessary, but in the case of a wireless home theater with karaoke can please the owner and guests the opportunity to have fun and have fun, singing favorite songs.

Considering all the factors, wireless home theater makes sense to buy if:

  • have a desire to create a powerful acoustic effect;
  • for his creation of all necessary conditions (specifications are met and the room prepared properly);
  • no desire to constantly tripping over wires enmeshed in the room;
  • financial side of the issue can be ignored;
  • skills make excessive demands on the quality of the sound.

In any other case it is better to stay at a less complex system, which it is able to satisfy its owner quality picture and sound.