How to choose laminate: in detail about the differences, characteristics, producers, price

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22 April 2016

The choice of flooring - a task that must be solved, very armed with knowledge of the quality and performance characteristics of the material intended for laying.At the question "how to choose a laminate floor" several significant aspects, each of which you need to focus.Adding to the arsenal of knowledge of important information about the positive qualities and shortcomings of the popular floor covering, it is easier to determine the priorities for a specific buyer personally properties.Help me choose will also have information about the benefits of products supplied to the market by manufacturers of laminate flooring.


Sex - element of the interior, to

the maximum extent subject to multiple influences.As floor covering move owners and visitors.Claws pet, stiletto heels, furniture legs, which fell heavy or sharp objects leave traces on it.It is the most polluting surface, others require much more care.At the same time the floor belongs to the category of conservative surfaces, as his replacement is performed rarely.

means selected for resettlement office, country house or apartment floor material must steadfastly resist the whole range of acting on his negativity and faithfully serve the hosts for the longest period.Therefore prefer to equip the room with the help of a wear-resistant durable laminate to the list of benefits that should be added to the democratic prices.

Cost-strong laminate floor
worthy alternative to the parquet floor - durable economic laminate looks authentically mimics expensive wood

Arguments in favor of a laminate floor ↑

main attraction of the party - the availability of cost, due to which the laminated flooring buying activity than other types of coatings.And the buyers never a question: "How to choose the color of the laminate?".The assortment range of any store with a wide range of products from almost white to radically black tones.

material originally imitated expensive types of wood.He had developed over half a century ago for the consumer, without having the financial ability to put luxury parquet.

Laminate floors - hundreds of color options
Laminate presented hundreds of different models range of colors

Later Ensure practicality laminate buyers were offered modifications laminate authentically replicates the structure and color of the noble granite, aristocratic marble, solid ceramic tiles.Now there is an opportunity to build housing or commercial premises with the help of a laminate floor, repeating the appearance of the skin, ceramic tiles, onyx and other semi-precious varieties of rocks.You can buy a set of laminated cover with a photo, patterned Oriental carpets.

Laminate with photo printing
laminate flooring with a photo

addition of decorative appeal has other arguments, convincing consumers to give preference to laminate it:

  • versatility, allowing to choose laminate flooring for installation in rooms of different sizes, configurations, destination;
  • ease of installation, does not require the skills of artist if arranged "floating" type of flooring with locking fastening;
  • compatibility of most varieties of laminate with the system "warm floor";
  • strength, the ability to firmly hold the blows of falling objects, a number of static and dynamic loads;
  • inertness to chemicals and oily components;
  • ability without consequences endure any amount of wet cleanups performed using rags and special means;
  • easy removal of scratches, which uses a special repair putty or pencil;
  • incendive, based on which building codes allowed for installing laminate flooring in wooden houses;
  • heat resistance, thanks to which the floor can not hurt, even accidentally fallen burning cigarette.

Laminate flooring will not have to scrape, grind the surface, varnish.Its fully prepared for the installation of the board do not fade in direct sunlight.The spots with the coating can be solved with acetone or soap solution.

Note: soapy water is not recommended to use for regular care, because it dries, it leaves a laminated cover whitish stains.

Laminate flooring simulates
Laminate flooring, block parquet authentically simulates

Sellers parquet promoting environmental priorities of natural organic matter in relation to the laminate will not be able to express the claims, as the material used in the manufacture of only natural ingredients.This is one type of flooring, recommended for installation in areas in which there are allergies and children.

Disadvantages of laminate flooring ↑

Buyers select optimal variants of the material, should know about the negative qualities of a laminate floor.They certainly manifest non-compliance with the rules of operation.Accounting deficiencies is especially important for those who are puzzled by the question of how to choose a laminate for an apartment.Because housing is often necessary to wet cleaning.

main enemy - water ↑

Despite the assurances of the sellers and manufacturers of laminate flooring "is not friends" with water.That is, excellent moisture resistant material to carry sanitary procedures with a small amount of water, but would be irreparably damaged after the Gulf disaster.Only commercial-grade products can withstand the water a few hours, however long the incident will not be without consequences deformation.Panels of laminate is designed as a paper substrate in a multilayer wrapper solid may suffer and change the geometry of the perimeter.Particularly damaging would be hot water.However, if the premises are installed suspended ceilings, the hosts can not be afraid of floods from apartments above (but it is necessary to monitor the state of their own communications).

effort to deliver material from this flaw, manufacturers equip laminated layers that protect against moisture.It is advised to use the processing tool joints sealants when installing floating floors in corridors, kitchens, and when the device laminate flooring adhesive bonding compositions with water-repellent effect.

Another minus - sound boomy ↑

To eliminate it before installing the cover fits the substrate.Loud sound of fallen solid objects and properties from the steps explained fiberboard and particleboard panels are an excellent resonator.Several manufacturers offer upgraded versions to the existing insulation of the layer that eliminates reflection and amplification of sound vibrations.If you selected a budget without amortization laminate layer, it is desirable to use polyethylene, rubber-cork or cork-bituminous substrate.By the way, it will serve as an additional leveling layer and overlapping protection from condensation.

Installing laminate flooring with sound-insulating substrate
Laying laminate flooring with sound-insulating substrate

options: glue and glueless ↑

specifics of connecting panels served as the basis for the division of modifications of laminate flooring into two types.

  • adhesive laminate elements are connected to each other on the perimeter with the help of high-speed adhesives.Cheap cost of the material for the floor offset future costs.This need to purchase glue and hiring professionals with experience in installation.Be required tools and instruments for durable mounting boards, buying them would not want to perform for a single installation.The amount of costs makes you forget about the budget pricing of the material itself, since the device of the adhesive laminate floor can do more styling at a price of more expensive "castle" laminate.
  • glueless flooring, laying it on the right with an inexperienced performer.On the market are two of its species.The division into two subtypes caused by different ways of fastening.There panel, the connection between which is performed by snapping the lock Click, and panels, attached by driving each other elements of the lock Lock.The latter variety is recommended for finishing the surface perfectly aligned.When mounting brackets with locks Click Slight irregularities in the substrate.This option is more expensive, but for those who do the work yourself is easier to assemble and more convenient.

Which is better to choose a laminate to form a virtually monolithic surface?Of course, the adhesive, there will be no gaps, impermeable moisture, dust and dirt, brought from the street on the soles.But to repair the damage to the floor when one of the elements to be problematic.Do not damage the coating, it would be impossible to repair the equipment of the system "warm floor", because when removing the damaged planks will be damaged neighboring elements.The adhesive laminate flooring to the same can not be disassembled and used for secondary packing.

Floating floor from a laminate with a locking mount
laminate panels with locking fastening devices for floating floors

Glue-free options for laminate floor can be dismantled, transported and re-laid in another apartment.No problem, you can replace any damaged panels.There are drawbacks: sensitivity to moisture joints.Soaked water elements increase in volume, then dries to form cracks.If you repeatedly change the geometric parameters of the floor planks are gradually loses aesthetic appeal, will decrease performance.To prevent this, suppliers of laminate flooring offer to use during installation and waterproofing mastic adhesives.

marking - information for consumers ↑

wear resistance, durability and quality characteristics - criteria justified interests who want to buy the best flooring.Compare them to a certain point it was not possible, and without comparison or use of personal practice is difficult to find a better option.To facilitate the selection process in 1999 by the European Association, bringing together manufacturers of laminate flooring, it has developed and adopted a unified system of assessment material.After its adoption, every product passes 18 test trials, the results of which are recorded in the certificate and applied to the packaging of goods arriving in the shops.Icons and labels prompt customers to choose the right laminate for use in the given conditions.

Laminate - lasting durable floor
strength - the basic parameter defined test trials

strength flooring assessed by "Tabertesta."Its essence lies in the durability study conducted with a grinding wheel.The front surface of the laminate firmly pressed against the abrasive tool and the number of revolutions made by the grinding machine to full abrasion protective and decorative layer.The technical documentation shall indicate the number of turns (the figures vary within 6000-20000).In this definition, there is a caveat.Fixed the initial stage of abrasion IP, talking about the first signs of wear, and the final phase of the FP, confirming the 95% depreciation.For these indications the arithmetic mean is calculated AT.But the price lists of these numbers are printed without abbreviations, which allows unscrupulous suppliers to adjust the data.

similar complexity tests are conducted to determine water resistance, load resistance, UV rays, scratch, burning, other harmful influences.According to the results of a full cycle of tests is assigned a digital signage products, talking about the class of use.

  • 21 - floors for living quarters with everything not too intensive workload, such as a bedroom;
  • 22 - more durable material for laying in the children;
  • 23 - laminate for flooring in kitchens, hallways, rooms with resistive load;
  • 31 - floor office, not intended for visitors to offices, meeting;
  • 32 - Commercial sex with increased strength, mounted in heavily frequented offices;
  • 33 - laminate for shops, shopping centers and cafes.

in conjunction with information on the guarantee provided by the manufacturer numerals help you get an idea of ​​the strength of the floor.Again, there is a reservation: quietly endure frequent wet cleaning can only commercial grade flooring.Because recommended for interior decoration of residential choose laminate class 31, if desired, significantly extend the service periods 32 and 33. The cost of high-quality flooring will be slightly higher, but the operating life of the laminate, calculated on an intense flow of visitors', when used in living rooms increased almost fivefold.

Besides digital marking supplemented with graphic image on packaging laminate floor you can find special badges, informing customers about the special properties of the material.They will help you learn more, there is a laminate, and what material has been proposed as transmit information about the anti-static qualities of optimization of resilience to the impacts of various kinds, about the possibility of arrangement of floors with heating system, the need to apply the rubber accessories for furniture legs.

firms producing the best laminate ↑

One of the hallmarks of products responsible producer is 20letny and over the warranty period.Constantly working on improving the products, manufacturers are now even give a lifetime warranty.Do not rely on dubious marks, indicating evasive technical data.They usually do not give a specific warranty.Besides the fact that their product is clearly not undergo a rigorous validation testing, there is no assurance that the laminate through a couple of years to become a totally unsuitable coating.

The laminate of the leading manufacturers of material - any style and decor
Laminate flooring from leading manufacturers - the material with any decor for any interior

leading brands ↑

undisputed leader in the market are product offerings from companies with an excellent reputation and a large production experience.Their products usually involves the collection of laminate for arranging premises of various types.Among the proposals can be found material of any color, combined with the interior of any stylistic direction.Those wishing to find out which company is best laminate often advised to pay attention to products from reputable companies, such as an international association of Tarkett, a Swedish manufacturer Pergo, a Norwegian company Alloc.

unifying 28 manufacturing enterprises of Tarkett sells its products in 100 countries of the New and Old World.Products from the Eastern European producer appreciate designers, engineers, handlers and users.The characteristics of laminate floor coverings with a famous trademark - presentable decor, reliability HDF bases, the presence of moisture-proof impregnation, a special type of powerful tool joint with an angle of 30 degrees.

Laminate flooring from Tarkett - the leader of production and sales
by Tarkett Laminate is sold in 100 countries, released at 28mi plants

combines superior design with durability and ease of installation Pergo's products to conquer the height of technical and operational performance.This is one of the most resistant to impact, abrasion and to the action of abrasive laminate substrate having a built-in sound-proof and durable locking device.The unique lock connection prevents the occurrence of cracks in the floor covering in the unstable conditions of temperature and moisture level.