The roof of the garage with his hands: the technology of arrangement of the roof

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19 April 2016

dry and secure garage can be built only if properly and efficiently installed roof.Her presence will keep the vehicle from the negative impact of the environment and the weather.Car owners are not particularly puzzling complex forms garages and prefer robust and simple design.The most popular Shed roofs, but today there is a tendency to create a pitched roof garage.Erected the roof of the garage with his hands fast enough, more importantly, adhere to certain rules and recommendations.


standard roof construction ↑

Before you make the roof of the garage, you need to decide what will be the roof - pent or gabled.They differ among themselves design, complexity of work, quantity of material required and the possibility of a loft full of equipment.

Driving the roof of the garage
scheme of arrangement of the roof
of the garage

Pent roof settling garage when the garage is adjacent to other buildings or a part of them.For this design sets the slope hanging rafters that rest on two pillars.For a stable and robust design must take into account the size of the garage.If the width will not exceed 4.5 m rafters then stacked on the support at a predetermined angle and fixed there.This design is considered to be easy.The complex construction of roof trusses pent apply in the case when the distance between supports 4.5 m to 6 m. For such a structure to be installed struts that will strengthen her.

gable roof garage advisable to establish for detached garages.This roof is an isosceles triangle.It can be installed for garages of all sizes, most importantly, to correctly calculate the angle.Truss represents two rafters, joined together at the top.Rafters rely on the load-bearing walls.

Set lean-gable roof and garage with his hands simply.But in order to facilitate the execution of works, they must perform two or three.

Roofing garage ↑

Regardless of the type of roof consists of trusses, purlins, roof, warmth and waterproofing.Each of these elements settle in due time.To mount a pent roof and gable has its own rules and calculations to be carried out before proceeding.

Construction pent roof ↑

The slope pent roof
pent roof slope is selected depending on the roofing material

As previously noted, the pent roof is sloped design, the ends of which are based on two pillars.In order to properly construct a roof, it is necessary to calculate the difference in the height of the walls on which it is based.The angle is chosen according to the material that will be used.The differential is calculated as follows:

H = b * tan α ;

Where, b - the width of the garage, α- angle of inclination (slope) of the roof.

Now you can start the installation of truss construction:

  • on retaining walls laid mauerlat (supporting beam section 120x120 mm and 100x100 mm);
  • mauerlat attached to the wall by means of anchor bolts;
  • in the rafters at the joints with mauerlat cut down mounting slot;
  • rafters put in place and secured by anchors, or nails;
  • over the rafters set the wooden crate.

Important!Quite often I shed roof made of concrete slabs.The angle of the plates to 15 °, and it is advisable to lay them on soft roof.

construction gable roof ↑

Rafters for the gable roof
to set everything gable rafters isosceles triangle

gable roof is an isosceles triangle: rafters are joined in the "ridge" (the upper point of the roof), the length of the boards is identical rafters.For the construction of such a roof is necessary to calculate the length of the rafter and the height of the "ridge".To do this, use the following formula:

height of the roof ridge H = 0.5 * b / tan ( α 2 ) ;

length of the rafter C = 0.5 * b / sin (α / 2) ;

Where b - the width of the garage;α - angle.

Important!To make the hood extending beyond the structure, it is necessary for the length of rafter add another 50 cm.

to create a gable roof, do the following work:

  • on the perimeter wall of the building laid mauerlat and fix them;
  • rafters produce a pattern.To do this, take the board, equal in length to the distance between mauerlat.One of them stacked on mauerlat two others set at an angle so that they met in the ridge ends.After that, strictly in the middle set perpendicular to the support equal to the height of the ridge.Fastened together boards, hammering nails in them or screwing screws.We should get a pattern rafters.According to it, cut out the rest of the rafters;

Important!To be able to adjust the pattern rafters of the boards do little more than required.

  • when everything is ready, set first pair of extreme rafters and fix them using anchors;
  • stretch the cord on the level of the ridge for the accuracy of the installation of the following rafters;
  • remaining rafters set in increments of 0.7-1.2 m;
  • fills the rafters of the wooden crate boards 25x30 mm.

What and how to equip the roof ↑

Before you build a garage roof, you should select the material for the roof.Difficulties with the choice of roofing materials on the market do not have, but on what type of material will be used, depends on the angle of the roof.To know how to make the roof of the garage with the roof firmly laid, it is necessary to take into account the minimum and maximum angle of the truss structure.Another important point for arranging the rafters of the roof is the mass, the larger it is, the thicker the rafters have to use.Table №1 specified angle dependence of rafters on the type of roofing material.

The dependence of the slope of the roof (slope) of the type of roof
Table №1.The dependence of the slope of the roof (slope) of the type of roof

usually a preference for a particular material is given, depending on its availability and ease of installation.The most common material for the roof of the garage is - roofing material, corrugated, galvanized metal, Slate (asbestos sheet).Using these materials, you can manually perform all roofing work.

roofing roofing ↑

Roofing roofing material
Roofing roofing material in several layers - the best option for Shed roofs

This is one of the most common and affordable roofing materials.Laying roofing material should be made on a continuous basis.This can be a concrete floor slab or solid wooden crate.Because of its quality roofing material has a dual function - creates a solid and inexpensive coating protects from rain.

Ruberoid related to roofing materials such as roll, which facilitates its installation.To make the quality of the garage roof using roofing material, you must put it in two or three layers.The first layer is the backsheet, and the following will already main roof covering.To create high-quality roofing tar paper, do the following milestones:

  • first need to create a foundation for the roof;
  • further coat with mastic asphalt and base plank first layer of roofing material.To perform the work efficiently, you need to promazyvat mastic asphalt surface directly before the laying and then rolled and pressed roofing;

Important!Coat with bitumen is necessary across the width of the roll of roofing material with a small indentation for later paintings.Fabrics roofing material must be laid overlapping with came in 15-20 cm. Especially important is the next moment - to start to lay roofing material must be from bottom to top in the direction of the roof slope.With this installation the water will not flow into the cracks and joints between the webs.

  • next layer of roofing material is placed in a similar manner.The only difference is the direction of stacking - perpendicular to the direction of the first layer;
  • finally received roof again coat with mastic asphalt over the entire area.

In addition, there are other roofing soft roofing bitumen and polymer-bitumen roll type laminates.They can be laid on a bituminous mastic or by a gas burner.The second method requires more attention to the performance of works and is quite a fire hazard.

Laying slate, specificity ↑

Slate roofing
Slate roof - the most common variant

slate as roofing The material is widely used because of its low cost, availability and durability.The roof of this material is easy to operate and will last for about 40 years.Stacked slate similar to a professional flooring, but unlike him, the slate has a large mass and requires a solid and reliable truss construction.For rafters, use pieces of wood section 80x100 mm.Thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roof of slate is done by analogy with Bent.

metal garage roof ↑

The roof of corrugated sheets
roof of corrugated board - a modern version of

This type of roof is one of the lightest in weight, which greatly saves the cost of settling the rafter framing and sheathing.To create the rafters under the metal bars will be sufficient to use the section of 50x50, 30x50 or 30h100 mm.Which one to use depends on the load on the truss.

to create high-quality roofing metal it is necessary to insulate and seal the.Thermal insulation in the roof of a fit between rafters and waterproofing materials directly under the roof decking.To create a roof, do the following:

  • create rafter frame and wood crate;
  • battens laid on the surface waterproofing.For these purposes it is possible to use polyethylene film having a thickness of 200 microns.Samu anchoring the film to the crate by means of thin slats section 20x20 mm pitch mounting rails do 50-70 cm;

Important!If the decking roofing material used, the step slats is chosen so that they lay down a sheet of corrugated tight.

  • laid on top of the roof waterproofing of metal.Profiled fixed to the crate by means of special screws for easy pre-drilling a small hole in the metal and wood;
  • insulate a roof should be inside the garage.Thermal insulation should be laid between the rafters and fix it with thin strips.

Important!Insulation must be cut and laid in such a way that there are no cracks and gaps between parts of the insulation and the rafters.

If you plan to stack the classic seam roof of galvanized, then there can not do without special tools and specific skills.If the creation of a roof of corrugated board can do on their own, for the standing seam roof would have to invite a professional roofer, which would entail additional costs.

Regardless of the type of roofing materials and roof type all work should be carried out with high care and attention to detail.The roof of the garage must be robust and reliable in order to safeguard the vehicle from the various precipitation and their devastating effects.Construction of the roof of the garage requires a fairly large effort, so care partner will be very useful.