How to choose a home theater system - overview of the main parameters that need to be addressed

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21 April 2016

Audio and video equipment have long been inherent attributes of home comfort.And if a couple of decades ago, a portable radio with a proud prefix "Stereo" and connected to the TV "Electron" VCR seemed perfect, then today we want at home to enjoy the flowing of the digital CD-quality music and, with bated breath, dive into the storyOscar-winning special effects blockbuster saturated.A good technique is becoming more accessible and the problem of how to choose a home theater and decide gray-haired music lovers 80s and advanced youth.


Tips for selection of experts in the video ↑

For most people, the choice of home theater system really becomes a problem.After all, before alleviate its budget for the impressive sum, I want to understand why televisio

n the latest model from the well-known brand is not able to provide the same effect as a home theater?Do I need to pay attention to the rating of home theater in the media and what distinguishes expensive models from the budget?Finally, I want to understand what is better to buy a home theater: pick your own set of devices, or just buy the system set «in one box".

How to achieve a "sense of presence» ↑

Unlike the previously mentioned TV's latest model from the well-known brand, home theater - a set of audio and video equipment of high quality, hand-picked for a particular room, and combined into a single complex.The highest quality sound of music and the "presence effect" in the plot of the film, for which a home theater, provide the following audio and video devices:

speakers - how to arrange?

They are arranged around the perimeter of the room, connecting with a special cable.It is this technical solution allows for tremendous reliability and sound effects to transform the illusion of acting in an "almost a reality."

AV receiver - what is it?

usually come in DVD player - the main instrument that combines into a single system all the matched equipment.It distributes the sounds and they are born and disappear in one or the other column, thereby creating the magical effect of "surround sound", creating in the viewer a feeling that fine line flickering screen disappeared and he became a participant in the events.

screen home theater

still planning how to choose a home theater and allocating a room in the house, usually defined with an embodiment of the screen.It can be equipped with a diagonal of 29 inches plasma TV with a broad color palette for area home theater in the living room or a projection TV or a full-size screen projector for home theater a separate room.The main criterion - the richness and accuracy of color reproduction, game variety and colors, that likes to surprise the modern film industry.

DVD player

device reads information from the DVD drive, and provides a view of the film, the sound quality of music in the modern format.

VCR - you need it?

not mandatory attributes of a home theater, but lovers of retro, including it in the package, can get from the mezzanine VHS tapes to your favorite movies and get great pleasure from watching them in a new comfort.

Projector specifications - make the right choice ↑

What you need to consider when buying a projector in the home theater: the rating, wattage, contrast?Professionals claim that there is no worse or better video projectors, and is only relevant purpose and budget of the buyer.

Choose a projector designed specifically for home theater and not for the office
Choose a projector designed specifically for home theater and not for office

your choice for a home theater projector will be successful if:

  1. projector designed for home theater.Even at very attractive prices do not buy an office projector: it is designed only for the transmission of static images and is not able to qualitatively reproduce the "picture" in dynamics.
  2. good projector must be large enough and ZOOM lens shift: manual setting of parameters for video on the ceiling, to put it mildly, is not convenient.
  3. The projector should be some HDMI inputs or as many inputs of different formats: the more of them, the wider the range of compatible home theater set of equipment.
  4. When buying LED projector (LED) Selects the brightness of 500 lumens, for optimum coverage of the screen with a diagonal of 100 inches.However, the color quality at such parameters ensure that difficult.

can not ignore the passport Contrast, wattage, as well as technology (LCOS, DLP, 3LCD, etc).All projectors intended for home theater systems, capable of providing good video quality.The brightness of the projector does not always depend on the power of the lamps and screens with a diagonal of up to 130 inches in general on this option, too, you can not pay attention.

Select the receiver is up - been supporting a maximum size ↑

On AV-receiver in a home theater system is assigned several functions.The first and perhaps the main thing is to convert the digital audio signal into an analog and its further transmission to the appropriate channels speaker system: central, rear, front, and subwoofer low-frequency channel.

Today, the entire apparatus for reproducing the audio information corresponding to the following standards: Dolby Digital and Dolby Sourround Prologgic, MPEG-2 Audio, DTS, as well as the new audio standard THX Sourround EX.

Try to make your chosen receiver supports the most popular standards for audio signal : Dolby Digital and Dolby Sourround Prologgic, MPEG- 2 Audio, DTS, as well as the new audio standard THX Sourround EX
Try to make your chosen receiver supports the most popular standards for audio signal: Dolby Digital and Dolby Sourround Prologgic, MPEG-2 Audio, DTS, as well as the new audio standard THX Sourround EX

therefore the ideal choice receiver for home theatershould maintain, if not all, the maximum number of popular formats.

The second function of the receiver - is fed to the column reinforcement speaker signal.All receivers are equipped with a minimum of five channels of amplification, but the choice must be to choose the right power devices with the following conditions:

  • the greater the power of the receiver, the higher the quality of his work;
  • power front and rear channels should be the same;
  • optimum power receiver for space 30 sq.m.- 100 watts per channel.

acoustic characteristics and properties ↑

Despite the obvious importance of all elements of the home theater system, it is the soul of good acoustics.That's the magic of sound quality required to the system's popularity.And the question of how to choose a home theater there is one answer: to create good acoustics.

The perfect sound system - the main condition for creating a good home theater system
perfect speaker system - the main condition for creating a good home theater

The vast majority of home theater speaker system uses a 5.1, in which the audio signal is sent to the following channels:

  • front, left and right;
  • rear, left and right;
  • center;
  • subwoofer low pass.

As a rule, any set of audio and video equipment format «in one box" speaker system includes a DVD player with the receiver "surround sound.In this case, the choice of speakers for home theater is to select the output sound speakers and subwoofer low-frequency sound, as well as the material elements of the speaker system.

Power - fine-tuning parameters

measured in watts.Lack of power amplifier has a negative impact on the dynamics of the sound and volume, but if the output power of the amplifier is higher power speakers, the speakers may be damaged.Parameters power speaker selected on the basis of the area of ​​the home theater room:

  • to 12 square meters.m - 15-25 m per channel;
  • 12-20 m - 25-50 W per channel;
  • 20-30 m - not less than 50 W per channel;
  • 30 m - 100 watts per channel.

sensitivity - ideal "detail"

sound is measured in decibels.Higher sensitivity acoustics can provide higher sound with equal power.That is, high sensitivity acoustics can to some extent compensate for the lack of power amplifier.Passport acoustic sensitivity index of 100 dB / W / m means that one speaker system 1 W creates a sound pressure of 100 dB at 1 m. The sensitivity of most speakers use the mass is in the range of 85 to 102 dB.The high sensitivity ensures good sound quality, but too powerful amplifier can can damage sensitive speakers.


measured in hertz.The index provides a faithful reproduction of audio.Speakers can be considered good if it is able to reproduce the entire audio range from 20 to 4000 Hz.

Housing material speaker

plastic and natural wood are the main materials of which are made of home theater: how to choose the best?Plastic is cheaper, but it is characteristic resonant sound, degrade the quality of sound in general.Therefore it is necessary to give preference to a tree, if not for all the speakers, then at least for the subwoofer unit.

Acoustic system in wooden case in comparison with the plastic provides higher sound quality
speaker system in a wooden case in comparison with the plastic provides higher sound quality

We are told there are some home theater - how to choose the best, you decide.No doubt he is the best, so, of which you have long dreamed of.