Font for a bath - types, characteristics, how to choose and how to do it yourself

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22 April 2016

fashion for Russian bath was not always so.That the Turks have tried to impose their own bath traditions of Russians, the Greeks, the Finns.However, our habits and preferences were stronger than all the trends and brands.Today, Russian bath - it is, above all, a way to relax, get a powerful boost of energy and vitality, improve their health and have a good time.Russian bath and returned to take its rightful place among the other institutions of a similar type.With her back and traditions, among them the baptismal font for a bath.Let's take a closer look at this remarkable device which may have a health.


What's Hot, and why it is needed ↑

font is a large barrel, made of wood, metal or plastic.During the reign of King Peas, such a structure stood virtually every bath or near it, and where possible to install i

t was not, people just dived into the hole or the nearest body of water.Over time, the shape of the font has undergone some changes, and the material for its production also became different.

Bathhouse Hot - something very useful for health.Water it should be cool, ideally generally cold.The man flushed hot bathhouse and vigorous birch broom, dived into the font gets such a powerful energy boost that it can last for a week or even two.Hardening is always welcomed by physicians, and an abrupt change of temperature conditions works wonders: improved blood circulation and heart function, skin becomes smooth and elastic, increases the mood.In addition, the wooden baptismal font "charges" the water of life and that becomes a living.Rich oils and minerals beneficial water has beneficial effects on the human body, creating an additional barrier to the penetration of various infections.

Types fonts for bath ↑

Pools for baths and saunas can be classified by the following features:

  1. in shape:
  • round;
  • oval;
  • square.

2. According to the type of material:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • concrete.
Hot Metal
Oval metal font will not require future installers special skills
Plastic Hot
Round Plastic Hot - democratic at the price option with excellent performance
Font of concrete
Concrete Hot finished mosaic technology device resembles a construction homepool

In turn, the wooden baptismal font can also be divided into several types:

  • Font cedar

Cedar Hot bath is found everywhere.Cedar is very rich in essential oils, has useful properties.Their action is manifested at the cellular level, so do not be surprised if in a few hours after the procedure, you will notice an improvement in skin condition.The water in the cedar barrel full of sweet smells that promote immunity.

  • font from larch

Larch for many centuries used to create fonts.This natural material is durable and strong, almost does not rot and has a very positive effect on the human body: relaxing, increases immunity and the overall tone, reduces the pressure.

Round Hot-barrel Larch
font-barrel larch - the traditional Russian is a very useful option
  • Font oak

Oak has a high anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.Bathing in the Oak font helps in wound healing and scarring, improves metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and normalizes sleep.

Oval Hot
font oval oak with a ladder can use bath procedures adherents of any age

In addition to these materials Pools for saunas are made of pine, birch and beech.In any case, natural materials rather artificial, because they not only externally look much more aesthetically pleasing, but also have a number of advantages just mentioned above.

differ font and size, some can be very large, multi-adults, while others are shaped like barrels, which can accommodate only one person.In addition, the size of the font in the form of barrels allow you to set it even in the apartment.

How to choose the capacity ↑

Modern wooden font may be supplemented by a special filter for water, bench, stairs, hydro-massage and heating system.If you still do not need it, you can save a decent amount you can spend on a variety of accessories for your sauna.But aesthetes and those who appreciate comfort and convenience, be sure to think ten times before you give up one or another additional option.For example, Hot Tub perfect for bathing children, and some adults do not refuse to warm their frozen bones, especially after hours of standing in the winter at the stop waiting for the bus.

Pay attention to the size and shape of the font, so you did not have disagreements with the bath room, which is just "does not want" to take a neighbor on the grounds that the latter is not prolazit the doorway.

Check hoops tightening Hot - they must be made of stainless steel and fit snugly to the tree, and adjustment screws shall be securely sit in their nests not hang out in different directions.

font also can be treated with natural wax or polymer composition.These components help to save wood container in excellent condition almost at any temperature (from -50 to +100 degrees).

Pools large, usually delivered unassembled, but to collect them yourself is not difficult, because in the package includes instructions.

Installing wooden font

wooden baptismal font for a bath set on a perfectly flat surface.If the floor is uneven, it is necessary to use special pads made of plastic, which are under the legs podpihivayutsya font.Once the container has taken its place, the drain hose is supplied, however, there is a small caveat - the sink should not be placed higher than 10 centimeters above the floor.A hose with one end secured by a gasket in the hole of the font, and the second - is lowered into the sewer drain.

complete all work on the installation, check the attachment hoops tightening plank font.If their tension is in doubt, it is better to pull them with bolts.Only after that, the capacity can be filled with water.

How to Build a Hot myself?↑

How to Build a Hot himself and whether it is possible to do this?You can, but the process does not take one day or even one week.Typically, handwritten font is made of concrete.To do this, first you have to dig a hole of appropriate size and clean it "to shine."Then, on the bottom of the pit, and her wall fixed metal fittings set wooden formwork and poured into a formed between the wall and the concrete formwork gap solution.After it has dried boards are removed, the surface is leveled font with the help of putty.

Next come primer and paint work.You can lay out the tiles font, but you can just paint with special paint.We can only bring water and can swim.

add concrete font can be metal or wooden stairs.

Digging a hole under Hot
digs a hole and clean the bottom
Preparatory work for installing formwork
Fix the valve and install the formwork
Pouring concrete
poured concrete
Work on leveling the surface of the font
aligns the bottom and walls of plaster
Staining the surface of the font
pretty stained with paint and set the ladder.Font is ready!

Video catalog: font of wood ↑

See video showing a variety of options of fonts timber for Russian bath.He must tell the idea to create or select the optimal capacity for you.

summarize: a sauna with a cold pool - the perfect place for rest and relaxation, a place where a person receives energy "kick" in the back, a place where you want to come back again.