Plastic font, font characteristics of polypropylene, operational priorities

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22 April 2016

Bani known and loved since the days of Russia.Even at that time there was a tradition to dive into a cold pond after a steam room.In winter, the pond has successfully replaced the snow or ice hole.Today even schoolchildren know that the abrupt change of high and low temperatures has a beneficial effect on the human body.He quenched, cleaned, and about raising the tone of the talk and did not have to.Starorusskaya hole is now successfully replace a variety of fonts, including font plastic.


What's Hot?↑

Under the font is understood not too big container filled with cold water, which is located in close proximity to the sauna or bath.The main purpose of such a

container is a cooling of the body after the steam room.

Pools differ from the pools, which often can be seen in the sauna.They have a smaller volume and are subject to additional warming.Change the water in a container, usually occurs before each visit to the bath.The optimum temperature of the water in the font is considered to be 7-9 ° C, as the freeze in it, of course, possible, and catch a cold - no.

Plastic Hot
font for baths and saunas made of polypropylene with a shell of lumber fits perfectly into the traditional interior

When immersed in Hot activates stress mechanisms in the human body, which naturally awaken his inner strength.This process leads to hardening and improving tone.In addition, a font - a wonderful opportunity to wash the body with leaves on a broom.This will preserve the system of draining and filtering water in the bath or sauna, increasing their life.

Today fonts vary according to many criteria, including the material of manufacture.They can be made of stainless steel, concrete, wood, composite materials, glass fiber.However, it became particularly popular font for plastic bath.

Advantages of plastic fonts ↑

plastic Modern font made from durable polypropylene enough thickness of about 5 mm.Operational and technical characteristics of this material allow it to keep up with even the concrete.This leads to the possibility of mounting the container to cool down after a bath, both indoors and outdoors.Of course, about the medicinal properties of wood can be safely forgotten, however, polypropylene products have a lot of other advantages.

main advantage - the safety ↑

example, font polypropylene absolutely safe in operation.The surface smoothness of the final product is different, pleasant to touch and not slippery.Moreover, the existing capacity for the descent stage is made of embossed material having an anti-slip coating.

Environmentally friendly - important criterion ↑

worth noting that the polypropylene used for the production of fonts as environmentally friendly material.In operation, it does not emit harmful to the human body substances.

Easy maintenance - perfect hygiene ↑

It's no secret that wood products require careful care, no exception and wooden containers.However, unlike them, plastic products, as well as composite fonts, easy to clean with ordinary household detergents.Moreover, their surface is protected from scratches and, in extreme cases, allows the use of abrasive cleaners.

versatility - lots of options ↑

Due to the stability of the polypropylene to the effects of UV rays and temperature fluctuations, made of a font can be installed independently of the climatic conditions.This property allows for the right to call them universal.

Polypropylene Hot
font for bath and sauna, located on the street

strength - a strong argument ↑

Polypropylene products for baths and saunas are characterized by high strength and resistance to bending.This allows the font to withstand fairly significant load, which increases its service life.

attractive side - cost ↑

One of the advantages of plastic fonts can be called their economy.The fact that these products are of relatively democratic price.This makes them accessible to a wide range of consumers.Ease of maintenance and operation also reduce the costs of the font.

tightness - an important quality ↑

Modern font made of plastic is completely sealed.The unique properties of polypropylene and features a bowl of manufacturing capacity of its high-quality waterproofing cause.In addition, the font is a seamless cup, whereby the water is reliably retained therein.

The variety of design and aesthetics ↑

If the font is located indoors, it is recommended to pick up in line with the overall style decision interior.

Plastic fonts produced very different colors, allowing you to select the most suitable product.On the color of the product is not affected by temperature or UV rays.

font, made of plastic, look pretty attractive.Brightness of plastic attached to the tank water poured a nice bluish or turquoise hue that looks very nice.While bathing, you can enjoy the pleasure purity and transparency of water.

Plastic Hot Bathhouse
Plastic Hot different aesthetic appearance

Thus, modern fonts for baths and saunas are made of polypropylene, are characterized by durability, practicality, safety and excellent appearance.This purchase will delight you for the whole period of operation.