What better tiles for the bathroom: information for a proper choice

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20 April 2016

When selecting a material for finishing the bathroom often give preference to the tile.Specificity space dictates stringent conditions to the properties of materials: firstly, the material should have a good transfer contact with the water and increased temperature, this requirement corresponds to the tile.Second, the material must be chemically stable and durable (impact cleaners and detergents various compositions tile transport of persistent and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time).If we consider the aesthetics of the material, in a wide variety of shapes, textures, shades of color, design and pattern tile to choose their own taste suitable option could even the most demanding customer.On the other hand, with the need to select a tile to each of us has to face not so often.It is likely that the lack of knowledge of certain subtleties hurt to make the right choice.You can listen to the advice of sales consultants building stores, but a clear answer to the question "how to choose tiles f

or the bathroom, so that was nice and practical" is not so easy as it seems at first glance.If you choose should take into account the dimensions of the room, compatibility of different shades of color tiles, and, of course, performance.


Tiled medium size
Option vertical zoning

What tile to choose a bathtub?↑

  1. performance.
  2. invoice.
  3. form.
  4. color.

Packaging information ↑

Note the information specified on the packaging.Long text describing the characteristics of the product is replaced by icons.Floor tiles indicated by the black icon with a picture of the foot, wall - drawing hand.The shaded background in the icon represents the product floor tile increased durability, which, by and large bathroom optional, but high resistance to acids and alkalis very desirable figure corresponds to the symbol AA.Wear resistance, recommended for bathrooms - 2 (floors, designed for walking in soft shoes or barefoot).

use for lining the floor wall tiles unacceptable from floor tiles denser texture that provides the necessary wear resistance and water absorption.

relatively soft texture of wall tiles provides ease of cutting material.The optimum water absorption for wall tile - 20%.The thickness of the wall tile - from 6 to 9 mm, and the floor - from 9 to 12 mm.Another important detail: when choosing floor tiles, consider the anti-factor (1 to 4).The higher the better, but of course more expensive.

performance tiles
information about the properties of the tile is presented on the package as icons

selects the optimum texture ↑

choosing floor tiles, look for a model with a rough surface.Did you enjoy the grooved tiles with small grooves or slabs of granite with its matte non-slip surface.In any case, household injuries unpleasant prospect to consider when choosing the texture of tiles, the surface of the floor was safe.

Choosing the best size ↑

Size does matter!And from an aesthetic and practical point of view.Tile joints - vulnerability ceramic coating in the bathroom, because the surface is often in contact with water must have excellent resistance to moisture, which is not true of tile joints, even if they are processing by special trains.Large glazed ceramic tiles in this case the most suitable option from a practical point of view.

Tile and stained glass
design options spacious bathroom

color, shape, pattern ↑

When choosing colors for the bathroom tile, consider the size of the premises.This council looks absurd only at first glance.Bathroom small size will seem more spacious, if predominant in the decoration will be a lighter shade of color.

narrow bathroom with high ceilings will appear visually larger, if the figure is a horizontal wall tile pattern, or during installation will be performed horizontal zoning (tiling several shades).

Horizontal zoning
example horizontal zoning

If the floor is laid with dark tiles, the lower part of the wall will repeat shade floor, while the upper part (of the bath and above) will be executed in bright colors, then this option will create a visual effect of high building.Blue, azure, white or turquoise will bring a sense of coolness, purity, freshness.Shades of beige, coffee, brown, combined with golden frieze ornament elements create the effect of a warm and cozy room.Do not neglect the imitation of natural textures.Imitation of natural stone in the floor tile is successfully combined with shades of light green and blue.Imitation wood ideally complement the shade of beige or burgundy tiles.Choosing decorative elements, remember the compatibility of colors and accessories to a single style.For example, if the initial idea was to perform a bath in a marine style, leave alone the frieze in floral matter how handsome he will not look.

the combination of mosaic tiles
combination of mosaics and tiles in the bathroom design

Useful "tiled" tips ↑

  • dark glossy tile looks very impressive, but it will be visible droplets of water.However, like in the mirror tiles.
  • Remember that textured tile is much more difficult to clean than smooth.
  • If the surface to be decorated with a complex configuration, justified the use of mosaic.
  • Avoid multi-color solutions.Usually just a few shades of the same color to create a nice looking interior.
  • bright contrasting colors emphasize the individual elements that tiring for the eyes.
  • walls decorated with mosaics, look better in the spacious bathroom.Numerous small plitochki different shades, merging into a curlicue, create a feeling of compact spaces.
  • can greatly simplify the selection of tiles, if you use ready-made quotations of famous brands.Usually tile collections produced in several colors, with different performance decor.So you protect yourself from a possible mismatch sizes or shades of color.

quality grouting - a prerequisite.This is a question not so much the beauty of the surface, as the safety and practicality of cladding.Moisture promotes mold and various fungi, which is unacceptable.The unpleasant smell and the ability to peeling tiles nothing compared to the negative impact on health.

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