Bacteria and other means of cesspools - perfect effect

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11 May 2016

Country house - the dream of many, but few know that its own house - it's not just the warmth and comfort, but also a lot of problems related to its content.Take, for cleaning sump or sewage.Agree, nice enough, but to do what is needed, and periodically.To facilitate this too 'nice smelling' work were developed for cesspools bacteria and chemicals which accelerate the decomposition process and provide disinfection of fecal matter.With such assistants to work easy and pleasant.


Types of funds for cleaning of cesspits and sewage ↑

Any septic system, whether it's a cesspool, sewer drain, orStandard cottage suite, requires care.To eliminate the possibility of contamination is necessary to use different tools for the care or treatment of such septic systems.There a

re the following types of products:

  1. Chemicals: oxidizing nitrate, formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium salts.
  2. bacterial-enzyme complexes.

All these means, as already stated above, accelerates the decomposition of waste, eliminate unpleasant odors and have a cleansing effect, that is helping to maintain the septic system in good working condition.

now consider in more detail the characteristics of these species.

Chemicals for cesspools - benefit or harm?↑

chemicals cesspools works practically at any temperature, the main thing here - to see to it that the fluid does not freeze or boil (you never know what happen in life situations).Such funds are not afraid of aggressive and hard water contaminants, but they do not have the most positive impact on the sewer system itself and the surrounding countryside.Any means for cesspools, having a chemical base, destroying metal, so if your drain is made of metal elements, think a hundred times before using a similar preparation.

  • Formaldehyde - the cheapest chemical liquid for cesspools.Just 5-10 years ago it was used at almost every turn, until it has been proven that this drug has a very high toxicity and carcinogenicity.It is for this reason that today you can not find similar tools in the market.
  • Nitrate oxidants - a common nitrogen fertilizer, however, is such a pleasure quite expensive.The tool for cleaning cesspools and latrines are absolutely environmentally friendly and contains in its composition of surface-active agents (surfactants), which provide a dilution of organic wastes, a high detergency and insensitivity to the content in the drains and waste detergent, that is, when it comes to"simple Russian language" - nothing is not an obstacle to it.
  • quaternary ammonium compounds - different disinfectants (shredders feces).Such drugs destroy odors, accelerate the decomposition of the waste, but do not work in the presence of detergents plums.Moreover, their impact on the environment are still not fully understood, so when emptying the same mobile toilets be very careful - do it better in specific locations, for example, merge into drains or ditches.
Liquid Sewage
Liquid Sewage

None of these funds never, for the world will not turn faeces into compost, well, unless you will merge the contents of mobile toilets in the compost heap.

Only here at pereprevaniya biorazogreve happen and final and irrevocable destruction of pathogenic microflora, helminth eggs and other muck.

Biological products - a new word in the purification of sewage ↑

Biologicals for cesspools consist of a complex of enzymes and beneficial bacteria living scavengers.Such tools are very sensitive to chlorine and its compounds, phenols, acids and aldehydes.They work fine in a temperature range from +4 to +30 degrees, ie, the fall and winter will have to find another alternative.But biologics are not simply convert the waste to a safe weight for nature, and allow to obtain valuable organic fertilizer which can be used at their discretion.

Besides biological agents prevent the formation of toxic fumes and gases, the development of the pathogens, destroys odors do not have a devastating effect on the plastic parts designs septic tanks and composting toilets, and does not irritate the skin.

The decomposition of waste by the action of biologics
decomposition of waste exposure to biologics
Biological preparations for cleaning cesspools
biological products for cleaning cesspools

It is for these characteristics, many gardeners and owners of suburban real estate are paying more attention to safety and environmental preparations, choosing a means for the toilet in the country is not on thechemical basis, and bacterial.

Recommendations on the choice of means for cleaning cesspools ↑

Choosing antiseptic for cesspools, it is worth considering some points:

  • If you do not intend to dispose of waste, then the best option would be to use bacterial agents with a maximum reduction of solids, that is,All waste will be converted into a liquid mass.
  • If you want to use fecal matter as fertilizer, it is necessary to use either nitrate oxidizers or bioactivators for cesspools.Nitrate oxidants, as mentioned above, it is common nitrogen fertilizer, which in biorazogreve in the compost heap will speed up the ripening of compost and contribute to destruction of all harmful bacteria.Well, about the detergent, caught in the cesspool, too, experience is not necessary - all modern powders are completely biodegradable and, therefore, no way they can not influence the quality of the compost.
  • excellent option for gardeners cleaning tablets for toilets will be in the country.They rapidly processed paper and fecal matter in a completely non-toxic fluid as water and a mineral residue remaining after the decomposition, can be used to fertilize the soil.One tablet is able to process a cubic meter of sewage.
  • in the autonomous sewer systems use any means to clean them completely stupid and senseless, because they are all the processes of biodegradation naturally.Although in the case of soil subsidence or of odor can use nitrate oxidizers - they not only destroy the odor, but it and clean the drain, remove obstruction and siltation.But biobakterii for cesspools in this case does not help, because their work is hampered by the presence in the effluent detergents.
Tablets for summer toilets
tablets suburban toilets

As you can see, nothing terrible and difficult to clean up sewage not, moreover, that bacteria which for decades actively help a person in many spheres of life, reached and cesspools, turningthis unpleasant process in quite decent and even useful procedure.

Video describes the principle of action and rules of use of biological drug used to neutralize sewage waste mass.