Photo examples bathroom design tiles: the choice of style and material, decoration ideas

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20 April 2016

hard to argue with what is beautiful and tastefully decorated bathroom is one of the main decorations of any home or apartment.The leading role played in the design of the bathroom tile.She, like clothes for a man is to be practical, fashionable and beautiful.Since the bathroom is, above all, a place for recreation and relaxation, it is a tile - the most suitable "clothing" for its lining.It is strong, solid, non-flammable, can withstand heavy weight, protects floors and walls from the destructive action of moisture, temperature extremes and chemicals.In addition, it can help to realize the most fantastic designs (see below for examples of photo-design bathroom tiles).


style bathroom interior↑

collection tiles are selected depending on the style.A bathroom can be designed in the style of modern, country, hi-tech, art-deco, Russ

ian or oriental style.

Photo -Sample bathroom design
Bathroom design in the style of Art Deco

style selection determines the further choice of lighting, sanitary ware, tiles.

Bathroom in classical style
Cozy bathroom in a classic style

to classical direction characteristic calm pastel tiles, its geometric forms and decoration with elements of ancient architecture.

Making the bathroom tiles
bathroom, decorated in a country style

If the apartment design style - modern, bath exactly suited multicolored tiles of bright colors that will create a real holiday atmosphere.

Making the bathroom tiles
Bathroom in modern style to create a real holiday atmosphere in the house
Air hi-tech
Unusual accessories made of metal and glass perfectly complement the design of the bathroom

If the design of the apartment or house used wood and stone for the tank should pick tilewith the aged (worn) surface imitating natural materials.

In recent years, is gaining in popularity English style in which bathroom apartment, non-standard and original.

Photo Example of the bathroom
original bathroom in English style

types and sizes of tiles for bathroom ↑

bathroom - the only room in the house where the veneer and tile floor and walls.Therefore, tiles for the bathroom is of two types - outdoor, as well as for walls.

Paul undergoes a much greater impact than the walls.In a set heavy items - cabinets, cabinets, bath, often fall quite weighty things, and finally, we walk on it.Therefore, on the bathroom floor is recommended to lay tile, has a dense structure, the minimum porosity and water-absorbing properties.If for some reason the water spills on the floor covering will not miss it, you do not flood the neighbors, and besides, she did not suffer tiles.The distinctive quality of tiles is the effect of anti-skid, which reduces the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

Making the bathroom tiles
floor tile can be a little darker than the walls, but must be combined in shade

The color tiles can be a little darker than the walls, but must be combined in shade.

Making the bathroom tiles
Beautiful bathroom, tiled mosaic

for walls most often used glazed tiles, which has different shades of color, decorative pattern, shine.The form most often occurs in the form of a square or a rectangle, but in cases of art design used in more complex shapes: hexagons, octagons, diamonds and others.

Tile Size is also a determining parameter and is from the mosaic to the 70x70cm and more.It should be remembered that the small-format tiles reduces the visual space.Large-color tiles create a visual effect of solid surface.There are nuances: small bathrooms tiles placed vertically and, conversely, large - horizontally.

Making the bathroom tiles
In small bathrooms for increasing the visual space the tiles are laid vertically

So, using design techniques space or spaces becomes clear boundaries or disclosed.

Color veneering ceramic ↑

color tiles in the bath sets the mood of the room, it increases or decreases the visual.

Photo Example of the bathroom
combination of "light walls, dark wall" visually enhances the room

is best suited for the bathroom tile of light colors: pale blue, beige or light green shade.

Making the bathroom tiles
White with light lime - a great refreshing combination of colors for the bathroom tiles

In addition to these colors have recently become popular orange, purple, red flowers.Never losing popularity pure white, sunny yellow, blue quiet, comfortable green tiles.Extraordinary nature can register bathroom in minimalist black.

Alternative bathroom design
Bathroom design in black color in combination with white - option for extraordinary natures

get a stylish bathroom, if you combine several colors (but not more than 3).It is not necessary to combine the light top and dark bottom, and you can do the opposite - light bottom and dark top, or arrange a variety of vertical combinations.

Decorative additions and elements ↑

to create colorful and cozy space were invented decorative elements: decors, mosaics, friezes, murals, borders.

Decor able to revive the monotonous tile in the bathroom.They are placed at a certain distance from each other, bringing a special flair to the overall design of the bathroom.The decors are convex, smooth with drawings and designs, as well as functional - with shelves, hooks and stands.

Borders serve as a skirting between the rows of tiles of different colors.Using the border, you can also distinguish between the space in the bathroom area - bathing, washing, place a mirror.Curbs sticks are usually placed at the junction of wall and floor tiles to create a complete neat composition.

Making the bathroom tiles
decors bring flair to the overall design of the bathroom, and borders to create a complete neat composition

Panel - is one big or several smaller plates with the image of a picture or portrait.

Photo Example of the bathroom
Decorating luxury vertical panels with blossoming tulips

The panel is positioned vertically, horizontally or crosswise on the idea and the wish of the designer or the owner of the house.

Bathroom design of small size
small but very nice bathroom, room with WC

Fashion trend was the design of the bathroom tile in the form of strips, decoration glass, color, use of photo tiles, with which the walls of the bathroom, you can put your favorite photos.

Decorating the bathroom photo tiles
Decorating bathroom original photo tiles

Choosing tile for bathroom design today is so broad that it is quite possible to realize the most incredible design intent to afford a nice and cozy bathroom in which to relax and unwind after a hardworking day.

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