Where to use the decking and his stack

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18 April 2016

main advantage of property in the private sector is the ability to frequently hanging out in the fresh air.Adjacent to the farm area - the place where comfortable to chat, enjoy a day of rest, to read, to dinner.Therefore, many justifiably seek as much as possible to equip this zone.So there are a terrace, located on them seating area, mini-greenhouses, gyms and even art studios.And it is very important that the flooring is not only withstand the load created by the décor, but also atmospheric outside influence.The integrity of the base in particular, and the general form as a whole provides a reliable deking- decking.


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As the ship ↑

Traditionally decks for open adjacent to the house territory is made of wood.The result is a likeness of the deck.Wooden floor guarantees not only thermal insulation layer, but also sets a special mo

od.The overall effect - a feeling of coziness and comfort.

looks spectacular on this board and loggias, verandas

analogy with the deck of the ship and determined the appearance of the name of the building material, which is used to plank walkways - decking (translated from English deck means the deck).By and large, the decking can be called almost all varieties of terraced surfaces.This deck, decking, garden flooring WPC, that is, those materials that are used for a variety of finishes tracks, open walkways, decks.

Use decking
Due to resistance to moisture and temperature changes is useful decking open onto balconies

What wood is best?↑

Thanks to modern technology of production of such materials can be obtained resistant to soaking, delamination, rotting terraced coverage.For their manufacturing plants use a special kind of wood, which are already by nature resistant to decay.These include cedar, larch, tropical wood: Padauk, Merbau, iron tree, sapelli, irko, bangkirayu.More preferred still tropical timber, as it is adapted to the humid environment, has a natural protection from the destructive processes of decay.Those producers who made the garden parquet from exotic wood, give its products to 50-year warranty.

Garden parquet
Paul will serve up to 50 years if the garden is laid out with parquet high quality

The performance of larch and cedar are significantly lower.But modern processing materials, as well as quality care allow for many years to extend the service of the material and significant cost savings.

Arguments "for» ↑

use modern flooring for terraces has a lot of advantages.They make it possible to visually transform the garden or a suburban area, clearly define the area of ​​the estate, arrange the necessary accents.Decking board transforms concrete or asphalt coating, embankments, ground area.When this preparatory work is minimized.This material allows you to create a kind of bordering pools, decorative fountains, artificial ponds.Heated sun wooden floor much more pleasant and safer than a cold and slippery tiles, hot asphalt or concrete.Thanks to this feature decking is used not only for the transformation of suburban housing estates, suburban areas, this material is justified in saunas and baths, indoor swimming pool, winter gardens and greenhouses.

decking garden
proximity of water does not affect the material

Modern decking garden can take the form not only of the traditional wooden flooring.It may be square modules whose size - 30x30 or 50x50.Among them is going flooring.The module includes a substrate having fixed thereto wooden slats, lamellae, which correspond to the pattern.The substrates can be wood or plastic frame.This makes it easy to lay the blocks on even ground.The main thing that the area was well-established system of drainage.In order to firmly lay on the modules designated for that purpose section, pre-aligned and well-compacted soil, sometimes it creates an additional substrate of sand or gravel.

Features laying ↑

to open areas that are often exposed to precipitation, it is recommended to use the deck board with rounded top edge.With its smooth surface, it may have additional longitudinal grooves, which create a non-slip effect.Smooth decking looks good on balconies, covered terrace, roofed verandas.It is very practical, since it is well washed and cleaned of litter.

specific dimensions for this type of board does not exist - each manufacturer they own.With a thickness of 20 mm in width can vary from 70 to 180 mm, and the length - from 1.5 to 6 meters.Such decking laid on wooden joists of the same breed in increments of 1 m, to avoid torsion of the material.Between the boards left 3-5mm clearance for drainage and ventilation.In the process of creating the flooring necessarily provide a bias base.This is done in order to prevent water from going under the floor, and flowed freely in the drainage.

installation of floor
Mounts designed and durable, so the installation will not cause problems

Benefits KDP ↑

Manufacturers repeatedly experimented with decking as the material for the decking.Compound this with the plastic material has not justified.The result is a very expensive coat.An alternative solution was the material obtained by extrusion of wood-polymer (a so-called WPC).Decking WPC has a very high strength, it retains some of the properties of natural wood (low thermal conductivity), are not affected by moisture.The amount of wood in the WPC range from 34 - to 68 percent.

type of coverage
This type of coverage allows the designer to bring a lot of ideas on the design of pavilions, terraces, pavilions

Decking polymer has a very nice decorative look that almost completely simulates a real tree.Because of the hidden installation of a flooring system is quickly assembled.Placed at a certain distance special latch which fits into the longitudinal groove.Himself reference profile is attached to the pre-set or to the foundation beams.The base can also be created using fine crushed stone or gravel.

The ennoblement of the private estate of the outdoors, it is desirable to rely on the assistance of highly skilled workers who can carry out installation of decking at a high level.Delivering quality work - the guarantor of a long and reliable operation of terraced fields.