Chimneys for bath: the device, installation, cleaning an important component of the bath facilities

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19 April 2016

If you have decided to build a sauna, you should carefully calculate and analyze all the consumables, as well as to properly mount the vertical flue, as any room of this type require the recycling of exhaust gases.The importance of the system is connected with a comfortable stay in the steam room and to human health.That's why you need to know how to set chimney for a bath.


device chimney channel↑

chimney intended to vent smoke from the bath that is produced during the combustion of fuel.Chimney TV in the bath due to pull oxygen is supplied to the furnace to achieve and maintain combustion.

correct layout and installation of the chimney in the bath - a very important point in the structure of the steam room.The owners are often faced with the problem that due to non-appropriate material without proper calculation of the cross s

ection and the total height of the channel is a smoky environment, the reverse thrust or fire.Therefore, when installing the chimney to remember about fire safety!

errors that are associated with improper installation of chimney channel may reduce its efficiency up to 60%.The chimney for a bath with your hands should not be just to build as his device must meet several requirements.

device chimney channel baths

Therefore it is necessary to consider the basic principles of proper exhaust gas:

  • ideal form for the chimney is a cylinder, because square tubes have a local twist, which are more difficult to clean.
  • diameter of the channel must be determined based on the number of turns in the chimney height.
  • chimney must be installed above 0.5 meters above the highest point of the bath, that is, the product should be placed above the space wind backwater.
  • If the device chimney are right angles, the ideal length of the horizontal sections should not exceed half a meter or should be minimal.
  • After a right angle is recommended to be sure to install a tee with the audit, to be able to clean the chimney.
  • pipe that runs down the street, must necessarily be insulated, in other words - insulated.
  • device chimney for a bath suggests that it should always be a part of the vertical extension of collected upstream of condensate.

material for chimney systems ↑

material from which made chimneys should be corrosion resistant and adapted to the constant influence of flue gases, which are characterized by high fever.Chimney TV in the bath should be resistant to aggressive acid and condensate.

If Bath is built of wood, you have to be extremely careful!Dry wood can smolder at 100 degrees Celsius.In this situation, special attention should be paid to the installation of the chimney in the bath and the implementation of fire safety rules.As elements of a chimney is prohibited to use pipes made of aluminum or galvanized steel, because such elements are used only for the organization of ventilation.

most affordable and versatile material for today is stainless steel, which is characterized by acid resistance and heat resistance.For the manufacture of components for flue decided to use a special grade of steel containing molybdenum in its composition, this substance makes the flue in the bath durable and reliable.

Such a preferred material for the chimney
This material is preferred for the chimney

Chimney channels of stainless steel does not require the construction of the foundation, because they are characterized by low weight and attached to the wall.On smooth and even the walls of the metal does not settle the chimney soot and carbon deposits.The steel chimney is installed easily in already built a bath, which was not provided in advance the construction of a brick chimney.

brick chimney in the bath takes a lot of space, so let me set this channel can only owners of large steam rooms.This is as simple as chimney brickwork.In addition, assembling the chimney requires a heat resistant material and the presence of filters, which are used for purifying smoke of contaminants.

construction chimney bath ↑

If you choose to create steam to spend time there in the cold winter season, it is necessary to know, first of all, how to make the chimney in the bath properly.Walls and structures, which are located near the chimney and the furnace in the bath require insulation.For this purpose, non-combustible materials such as basalt wool and cardboard, made of basalt wool.It is desirable to select insulating materials, which differ foiling coating.

top of the wall trimmed with metal sheets - copper sheet, stainless steel, or other material.It all depends on the financial capabilities and preferences of the owner.

It looks like a chimney in the bath
It looks like a chimney in the bath

But as galvanized metal sheet is not recommended, because the zinc evaporates when heated and gets together with the air into the lungs, causing a negative impact on the human body.Also suitable brick, tile, natural or artificial stone, along with a special oven solution.

first element of the chimney, which is joined to the furnace must be inside the process furnace sealant.The outer contour design better bind rivets.All pipes should be connected in the course of condensate - top tube in the inner contour of the lower part of the inside.

very important procedure for fixing the chimney in the bath.Always take into account is that the weight of the pipes should be on the unloading platform and mounting brackets that are used on ceilings.The collar should crimp the outer loop and attached to the wall using plastic anchors and metal screw.Now you know how to install a chimney in the bath!

When installing the chimney, it is important to maintain distance
When installing the chimney, it is important to maintain distance

excess heat that is released chimney can be used for heating steam.Enough effective solution is to install a special chimney, further removing heat from the pipe.

often increase the efficiency of the stove with a metal grid, into which is placed the stones.They envelop the chimney and heated, giving the bath even more heat.Also relevant regulator assembly burning intensity - Cagle.Fans of wet steam is to buy a pipe to the tank to form a wet steam.

Cleaning, maintenance rules ↑

Clogged chimney channel pair provokes a reduction furnace draft and even its complete cessation.It is therefore important to know how to clean a chimney in the bath!If the pipe line, is to heat the oven aspen.Experts recommend doing every last tab aspen wood.More help clean potato - starch reacts with the carbon black, and the last fade.

Brush for cleaning the chimney in the bath
Brushes for cleaning the chimney in the bath

to clean the chimney with a complex configuration, and multiple channels can use special cleaning rod, which consists of a metal cable, which is located at the end of the cleaning brush on the end.In the construction market, you can find special bricks for cleaning flue channels.

Video: installation of bath furnace chimney ↑

Thus, everyone knows that the real Russian bath brings an incredible pleasure.Many of the visitors are thinking about building steam similar institution at home.To feel the lightness after a bath, the bath should be built according to the rules, which include recommendations for the installation of vertical flue.To choose the right material for the chimney to withstand all the necessary distance and fire regulations, we can safely enjoy water treatments.