How to install trim on the door: the rules, tips

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19 April 2016

Cashing doorways allows us to give an aesthetic look and put down the final touch to the repair of the premises.Installation casings on the importance of such devices on the floor or skirting the cornice on the ceiling.That is why the question of how to install the trim on the doors, is quite significant during the repair work.


Preparations beforeinstalling casings ↑

before installing casings should take care of the adjacent walls.They must be carefully aligned, smooth and positioned in one plane on both sides of the doorway.If we ignore these recommendations, after completion of the work will small gaps between the wall and the barge.Of course, with the help of the design is the ability to hide minor irregularities with a size difference of a few millimeters, but have big swings will not hide.

Features material selection ↑

When selecting products for cashing special attention should be paid to the similarity of the structure of the veneer and the door trims.Thanks to the huge variety of materials - plastics, natural wood, MDF, from which made frames, you can make the best choice without any problems.The front part is covered with varnish, lamination film, veneer or paint, it can be of various shapes, embodying the original design ideas.For each type of product has its own special nuances of the installation.

Plat of MDF for cashing doorway
veneered MDF trim harmonize with the structure of the array

When installing casings important to achieve an equal place interfacing and lack of clearances.The easiest option is the installation of products with a simple rectangular shape, or close to it.

In this situation enough to dock them at right angles.But for most frames, with the front side of the molded shape required matchmaking at an angle of 45 degrees.

Phased installation of trims on the door ↑

installation begins on the door trims with measurements.With a tape measure to be measured the distance from the dock and the hinge beam ceiling to the floor, to the result add 1 centimeter.

Removing the measurements required to install trims
scheme for measuring the angle of the sawing

work should start by the door, which you can open it on himself.Next, at 45 degrees saw off casing.You can perform this operation using conventional mechanical or miter box when certain skills, and with the help of a professional elektrotortsovochnogo machine can get the best quality cut with no chipping of small decorative facing.

Cutting casing at installation
prepared to install casing sawn

measured distance (height from the floor to the joint bar) is the beginning of the angle at which you need to saw.Drawings visualization workflow make it possible to install casings clearer.Similar actions have to do with the second frames.Of course, be sure to measure the distance again.

After preparing the side to be cashing its profits, leaving the top unlocked.Plat set at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the edge of the box.Rods with a core of soft wood nailed thin finishing nails or simple nails without head (they bite pliers).Plat MDF require additional training, consisting in pre-drilling guide blind bore.This procedure allows accurate hammer a nail, reducing the risk of damage to the casing to a minimum.

Fixing casings - video instruction ↑

visualize this process as installing trim on the doors - video instruction, which gives a general idea of ​​progress.After reviewing all the features and nuances of these repairs can be made of their own.

nuances at work cashing ↑

To make the invisible presence of the nail, use a suitable color corrector wax or acrylic sealant.If you have straight walls of the doorway to secure the casings can use liquid nails.This method avoids the presence of traces of the nails.

main difficulty during the installation of casings is to prevent the formation of cracks between the planks.To avoid errors when cutting the upper casing, upper limit of the vertical pre give birth, making her mark.This allows a complete coincidence casings.

Layout for ease of installation casings
marking casings

finished top of the need to arrive at the scene, also nailed to the end of side bars.This installation process trims the one hand is considered complete.Next, the whole procedure is repeated for the reverse side of the door frame, acquiring a finished look.

Often there are differences in their place bars engages.This situation occurs due to irregularities in the curvature of the walls or casings when they are not properly stored.Correct this slight drawback can be using fastening straps finishing nail with each other.When microannulus between architraves, to address them should use wax or acrylic sealant proofreader desired shade.

The final stage in the installation of casings
Completion of installation casings

This is interesting!By using modern technologies appeared plat telescopic design with one side lug - Slot.He is a fastener within the recess of the door frame or transoms.This model allows you to hide minor surface irregularities.

According to the designers to provide a unified style apartments should use the same frames.But unfortunately, not all doorways allow the use of casings of the same size.In this case, resorted to sawing planks.

This is important!Sawing casing more than three-quarters of its width, is not acceptable, as it will spoil the whole picture.

main requirements during the installation on the door trims are orderly during the work and care when removing samples.Compliance with these conditions will help produce high-quality cashing doorways and give the interior a finished look.