How to impose the bathroom tiles: the entire scope of work are implementing their own hands

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19 April 2016

By finishing materials bathroom imposed some requirements - they must be resistant to moisture and temperature changes, undemanding care and aesthetically pleasing look.These regulations fully comply with tiles available today are many varieties with different coloring, size and texture - the choice to spend more than one hour.But the challenges do not end after the material purchased, there is a new, not less important question - how to impose a tiled bath with his hands so that the end result pleased the eye for a long time?


Choose the type of masonry ↑

to choosing the masonry is a responsible approach, especially if you want to visually expand the territory.Few people know that to increase the height of the bathroom

by using:

  • vertical stripes contrasting tiles in the corners;
  • vertical stacking of tiles;
  • vertical arrangement of the Frisians;
  • decor at eye level.

Extends room:

  • cold shades of terracotta;
  • tiles of small size;
  • diagonal laying on the floor and the horizontal - on the walls;
  • cross pattern;
  • contrasting friezes, arranged above and below the perimeter.

Laying tiles is carried out in several ways:

1. Option №1 «base» - the most common and simple.Tile is laid in rows one above the other parallel to the floor and walls.Tile joints are similar to a sheet of a school notebook in mathematics.

Basic masonry
Basic masonry "vrazbezhku" is performed on the principle of stacking bricks

This is important!
Fidelity horizontal lines checked by polygon, vertical - with the help of a plumb.

This embodiment is suitable for installation as a rectangular or square tiles.Main advantages - cost (almost complete lack of waste) and a variety of methods for decorating a bathroom.

2. Option №2 «The ligation" is a bit like a brick wall - each following a series of slightly shifted with respect to the previous one.This method is considered the fastest and best way out of the situation when the time to work is limited.In this case, a winner looks monotonous rectangular tiles.

This is important!
Made with tiles of different colors and textures is not recommended - the floor will appear uneven.

Placement "in the dressing" conducted exclusively in horizontal rows, with tiles of the same size.

3. Option №3 «Diagonal» recognized as the most time-consuming to implement, but it allows you to receive the original image, to hide the non-perpendicular walls and expand the space.

Diagonal brickwork
diagonal brickwork - a fairly complex to the untrained tiler method requires numerous performance Cutting and strict adherence to the diagonals

This is important!
tile must be calibrated, the differences in size are not allowed.Laying the first row starts with a cut on the diagonal tiles, and so will a lot of waste.

4. Option №4 «Chess" is executed in two colors, the method allows for laying tiles as the diagonal, and the "seam in seam".Unusual and interesting looks so laying on the floor.

5. Option №5 «Modular" get rid of boring alternation of identical segments.It is best to use a solid color or a contrasting tiles.Despite the fact that the masonry seems somewhat chaotic to follow the rhythm of alternation of figures it is still possible.

Modular masonry
to perform modular masonry recommended the use of different elements of the same caliber manufacturer

This is important!
from decorative elements in the selection of this option should be avoided, sinceModular masonry dynamic itself.

Laying the tiles in the bathroom: preparation ↑

first step is to prepare the field for the finish - remove the old trim and clean the surface.Laying on the available coverage is permitted only if the old flooring is firmly held.Check out this simple: you hear a hollow sound when rapping - old tiles will have to be eliminated.

Alignment - prerequisite for success ↑

Smooth surface - the key to quality results and the absence of such troubles, as, for example, dumps tiles.Plastering the walls and adding to the desired floor level will cause these parts of the bathroom in good condition - the angles between floor and walls must be equal to 90 degrees.
Do not forget to take care of the waterproofing that protects the tile from damage.Then, the surface is treated with white glue or primer, which will improve the quality of the grip walls and tiles.

Terms and markup options ↑

Layout begins with a far corner of the door.With rack check the evenness of the floor.Draw a line, and then - the second, their intersection should form an angle of 45 degrees.First fit one-piece tile, then - cut pieces.

Partitioning walls
For accurate marking of walls need to use a level

marking walls made so:

  • wall bracket is fixed (building level), which will serve as the basis for the first row;
  • for maximum accuracy in the upper right corner is set vertical level (rope, twine, plummet);
  • consider the obstacles that stand in your way.

Most of the work ↑

It's time to think about the dirt road that has to be water-resistant.It is not only firmly entrenched tile, but also eliminate the mold.

laying tile on the floor ↑

to cleansed, processed and aligned floor tiles laid to determine the best direction for the work.Most often, clutch start from the middle of the floor.

This is important!
thin strip along the wall tiles should not be.

notched trowel Apply adhesive composition, put tiles on top, align it.Skilled craftsmen put level is often not necessary, well, if you are - beginner, it is best to check each sample.Adjust the location of the help rubber mallet.Between the tiles are set to be ashamed of the crosses.

The application of adhesive
adhesive is applied to the teeth of the comb: the larger the tile, the greater must be the teeth of the comb

When applying the adhesive, remember - it is thinner than the layer, the stronger the connection.

If laying occurs without a slight shift, it is necessary to put two rows of cut tiles before the entire floor will be closed.Cutting can be kafelerezkoy or grinder.As

impose tiled bathroom walls ↑

difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror, that's him, and then have to start.Outlines its contours on the wall, add 2 mm.If possible, choose a location that both sides had on a number of tiles.In any case, the new number should start with a whole tile.Be sure to take into account the site of attachment of shelves, fixtures, sanitary equipment.

Do not forget about holes for the equipment
Do not forget about holes for the equipment

How does grouting ↑

After 24 hours, the grout should be made hydrophobic with putty, which is sold in 25 color variations.Sometimes the grout is mixed with latex additive that will extend the life of the surfacing material.After drying grout (see the time required for this, in the instructions), rinse it with water.

final outcome largely depends on the correct color grout

Grouting - completion ↑

mixture for grouting applied with a syringe construction.This is necessary to completely seal the holes, protection tiles on the fluid and the emergence of pockets of mold.

Fancy building via a syringe
Fancy via syringe construction

Done.After the tile is laid, grout and grouting dry, you can proceed to the final work - installing mirrors, shelves, hooks for towels etc.

Fix the information will help video lesson:

As you can see, nothing complicated in the tiling there.A little bit of knowledge, skill and desire to help you cope with the task perfectly.