Stones for sauna: how to choose what is best to choose a pair of vigorous or mild

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19 April 2016

Lovers bath today very much.There are "newcomers" who are afraid of high temperatures and reverently look at all bannuyu paraphernalia, and there are "professionals".The last - the baths regulars who know exactly how to steam to the soul and health.We all know the benefits of saunas, but how much do we know about the importance that have the stones for a bath?


How to choose stones for bathhouse stove?↑

correct choice of stones plays a very important role, as they provide the quality and efficiency of the heat in the steam room.Thus, as long as possible to maintain the desired heat, it is recommended to choose the stone with high density.They are great store heat efficiently an

d evenly heating the air and then in the steam room.

Moreover, the stones have different homogeneous structure.This will prevent their destruction in contact with water droplets.Otherwise, the stones may simply explode and cause irreparable damage to health.Hot splinters can get into the eyes and exposed parts of the body, causing burns.

Stones for sauna
bath to recommend to choose smooth rounded stones from the equivalent coefficient of expansion in all directions

Experts recommend choosing the stones in a bath with an equal coefficient of thermal expansion in all directions.This stone should be clean.The best option will be the stones of natural minerals.

As to the form of stones for baths, for the stove is better to use smooth and rounded fractions.This shape contributes to a more efficient circulation of air between them, respectively, better heat air.Smoothness stones ensures their resistance to cracking which is particularly important.

size stones is directly proportional to the size of the container for them: the smaller the container, the smaller the diameter of the stones should be.

It is worth noting that the stones for the sauna stoves should not have any inclusions, such as the large grains of sand, rock or other mica.Their presence leads to sad consequences: stones quickly begin to crumble, crack or explode.Further threats to human health, it can lead to clogging of channels for output of the flame and smoke.

Any masonry, from time to time, require maintenance.Each stone must be cleaned and checked for occurrence of cracks and chips, and replaced if necessary.When using essential oils in the sauna stones for the stove in the bath must be regularly cleaned of sludge and re-laid in the pure form.

only right place to buy the stones will be a specialty store.In no case can not be used independently collected the stones, because they may contain a variety of harmful substances that evaporate when heated masonry and have a negative impact on health.

Stones for baths and saunas
Stones for baths and saunas increase the efficiency of heating facilities for taking bath procedures

optimum diameter of the stones for the bath ranges from 4 to 20 cm, and the most suitable can be called stones for the sauna: talkohlorit, crimson quartzite, jade and some othereach of which has a distinctive characteristic.

Talkohlorit: strengthens the immune system ↑

This stone for bath and sauna is quite dense and is characterized by good thermal conductivity.Talkohlorit stone is easy, but quite durable.He is well and is most often used for lining furnaces in the bath.

Talkohlorit for bath
Talkohlorit ensures the formation of a "soft" couple

Talkohlorit has an attractive appearance.Stones of different variety of gray shades.In addition to its beauty, talkohlorit characterized by a mass of useful properties.So heated, it releases certain enzymes that have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body and a person's immunity.

Jade: a force of nature in your bath ↑

Jadeite quite firmly holds the leading position in the ranking of stones for baths and saunas.Such popularity is due to several reasons.Firstly, this is a natural stone formed as a result of certain effects of the magma.

Jade for a bath
natural stone baths and saunas - jadeite durable, perfectly carries harsh, safe

Secondly, this rock is characterized by high strength and, accordingly, reliability and safety.The high density of jadeite allows him to easily carry not only high temperatures, but its sudden changes.

When deciding what stones are needed for a bath, the choice can safely stop on the jadeite, which is characterized by a democratic price and attractive appearance.In addition, it helps to normalize blood pressure and relieve stress.

gabbro-diabase - bath veteran ↑

special attention deserves the stone as gabbro-diabase.As its name suggests, it is intermediate between the rock directly gabbro and diabaze.It features a grainy texture, the incredible density and resistance to external influences.

Stones for sauna: gabbro-diabase
Stones for baths and saunas: gabbro-diabase

distinctive feature of this stone is the low degree of water absorption, which is of excellent quality for the bath.It contributes to the formation of the maximum amount of steam when heated stones.

find out which stones fit for a bath, you should know that the gabbro-diabase available in specialty stores only into crushed form.They differ noble and deep dark color.

The splendor of crimson quartzite ↑

Crimson quartzite - very difficult to process stone, what and hide all its pros and cons.He is incredibly tight and fire resistance, durability and reliability.This stone is ideal for baths.Because of its strength, it is difficult to process, and therefore only comes into crushed form.At the heart of this stone is quartz, which is one of the most widespread minerals known on our planet.

Beautiful stone baths
Crimson quartzite: the beauty and benefits

beautiful crimson color to complement any bath.Many believe that this is the best stones for the bath.Raspberry quartzite has no sharp chips, thanks to its fine-grained structure, and always remains fairly smooth.He has a positive effect on the circulatory system of humans and normalizes blood pressure.

Porfirit: practicality and economy ↑

Many fans baths, choosing for her stones, somehow ignoring porphyry.He is not very popular among fans of the bath, but in vain.Good heat capacity of the stone, capable of very long time to give heat and maintain the temperature, which gives him a higher place in the ranking of the stones for the bath.Its medicinal properties allow great deal with a headache, can remove any migraine.Moreover, porphyry good for the skin and the respiratory system of a person.

Porfirit - stone baths
rare visitor to the baths - porphyrite

The first heating porphyrite may issue a crash, but do not be afraid of this, all sounds disappear after a second and third heat.Before each use, it is best to thoroughly clean the stone, then the maximum pleasure from the fragrant steam coming from porphyry guaranteed.

Sure, when asked about how to choose the stones for the bath, we take into account a lot of nuances, including their price.It is worth noting that porphyrite did not disappoint, and this criterion.Its price is quite democratic, making stone available to all owners of baths and saunas.

Some features select stones ↑

worth noting that many consider sea stones perfect choice for baths.Such opinion is wrong, despite the appearance of a suitable marine rocks and their structure.Practice shows that even river stones for a bath is much more resistant to high temperatures.Marine boulders rather quickly destroyed, no different high strength.

After selecting the type of stones worth thinking about their size.It entirely depends on the type of furnace: for wood stoves is recommended to use the stones of medium size or large rocks, stacking them on top leaving the smoothest.For electric ovens enough small stones.

form stones is entirely dependent on the size of the steam room and aesthetic preferences.For laying the foundations it is possible to use chipped, cheap stones on top, of course, it is better to lay the most beautiful, pleasing to the eye.

required number of stones for the stove can be found in almost any instructions supplied with the pack with stones.In this regard, it is best to stick to those recommendations, as any deviation in the direction of more or less could badly affect the degree of warming and release steam.

If you decide stones for Russian baths collect yourself, experts recommend to do it in the field, not in the immediate vicinity of the water.The fact that the field stones have sufficiently hardened completely different atmospheric phenomena and can easily carry the highest bath temperature.

River stones
River stones may crack with a sharp temperature drop

As in the store, you should choose those stones, which have a rounded shape and smooth surface.They will last much longer than for the benefit of your bath and health.

deciding what is best for sauna stones, it must be remembered that the practicality - it's not all that is needed bath.It is equally important to follow the beauty of the room in which creation plays a significant role masonry stones.To heighten the effect of the stones can be placed in other areas of the bath, for example, in the pool or recreation room.After this bath, no doubt, will delight and eyes, body and soul.

Video: expert advice on choosing the stones ↑

Thus, the choice of stones for the bath - this is an extremely serious event, which should be approached with great responsibility.The correct choice determines the aesthetic appearance of the stones whole room steam room and their impact on human health.This is important given the fact that many go to the bath is therapeutic purposes.