Proper lighting device in the bathroom: options and methods, design methods

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18 April 2016

ability to establish yourself and your family the comfort of any room in your own home does not come immediately.And how else, after all literally just twenty years ago we started to become more or less available to a variety of devices and tools that facilitate our lives.But now our offers many new products that make the apartment or house luxurious and cozy.And repair for us is not just giving shelter freshness, there is, more often we are trying to fully update it using a variety of design techniques.For example, the lighting in the bathroom - you know that a bath can make a fairy using a variety of lighting fixtures and lamps?


Options area lighting
So you can illuminate the bathroom

be or not to be a new lighting?↑

Here you already have to decide on their own.Given that most bathrooms arranged with no natural light, you can make even a good artificial.But if you're happy with a light bulb above the door at

which the accounts and to wash and shave, and perform other procedures, then you do not need to change anything.However, many are already well aware that much more pleasant to deal with any matters (and including hygienic) in a comfortable environment.

Remember, what you do in the bathroom:

  • wash
  • take a shower (in the morning or in the evening - no matter)
  • bathe the baby - with a mountain of foam and a flotilla of toy
  • shave (and, both men and women -only different area)
  • taking a relaxing bath with foam, salt, flower petals and other pleasant additions
  • erase (or in the washing machine, or need prostirnut or zamyt that a small or urgent)
  • anoint themselves different creams
  • just wash your hands
  • may even apply make-up or caring for the nails (pure women)
  • so little any more than if the bathroom comfortable, you can find a lot of things that it's best to do it in this room
Bath with backlight
romantic surroundingsbath - candles, petals and champagne

And now the question arises - and correspond to the lighting in the bathroom for all of these important and necessary things?After all, for each of them to be the best light - bright or muted, diffused or directed, and even illuminate exactly the area of ​​the room where you currently are.

Incarnation design ideas ↑

decision has been taken - we will change the lighting, all the more so, and so do the repair.But before you get started, you should think carefully about what fixtures and where we want to place the updated bathroom.Interior designers offer many options, you just think for what options will be to the liking and to suit your bathroom.It is understood that the lighting in a small bathroom will differ significantly from the illumination spacious.However, any bathroom can be beautiful and comfortable.And if the interior of this intimate corner, you consider yourself, take care that the individual elements, including lighting fixtures, fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

Since lighting should be not only decorative, but functional, the bath is divided into several zones, for which you need different lighting.The major areas - four, and include:

  • own bathroom (shower, hot tub or a simple shower tray), where you carry out water treatment
  • washbasin with mirror
  • furniture (cabinets, tables, shelves and other)
  • household appliances, such as washing machine and dryer

course, separation of all of the zones are not suitable for every bathroom.It is unlikely that a small Khrushchev's version can cram stiralku dryer, and even lockers with bedside tables.However, if space allows, all it really convenient to place it here.

We begin to paint in more detail each zone.So, bathtub, she font.Look, the lighting in the bathroom: Photo lighting bath options.

Bath with backlight
illumination around the perimeter of the bath
Bath with backlight
LED lighting bath
Autonomous lighting bath
Bath with autonomous backlight
Bath with backlight
Built-in lights on the perimeter of the bath
Bath with backlight
original design baths with autonomous backlight
Bath with backlight
Bath backlit Japanese-style
Bath with backlight
Decorative lighting bath

As is clear from the photo, there are a couple of possibilities to make light of the emphasis on the bathroom.It often is soft lighting around the perimeter of the bath and the bright ceiling (or wall) lamp above it.For a relaxing session in the warm fragrant vodichke best will be the first option - subdued light, allowing to dive into the full depth of his pleasant sensations.

as backlight can be used and halogen bulbs planted on a small distance from each other, and light-emitting diodes (LED strip).For a more luxurious and original designs play with the color scheme of illumination, for example, do the colored lenses (cap-lamp-shades).Those who allow finance and too lazy to bother with installing a separate backlight, offered to buy a bath with built light sources.Expensive, of course, but what has been done to maintain the status of a secured person with good taste.

When more pragmatic activities (bathing children, washing, nail treatment, washing and similar occupations) is more suitable lighting brighter, allowing clearly see the object.And these lights, you can choose yourself on your taste - from chandeliers to sconces.Try to make them change direction, then one luminaire to cope with multi-zone lighting.

Another area that is present in any bathroom, in spite of its size - mirror over the sink.By the way, this zone is considered the main work.And again represent light in the bathroom - photo of different decoration and illumination mirror.

Light mirror
lighting around the mirror - fluorescent lamps
Lighting of the working area
illumination mirror and washstand
Light mirror
Mirror with integrated lighting

What is important when illuminated mirror area?There are only three items - lamps next to the mirror is adjusted so that

  • face covered uniformly, without shadow transitions
  • light is not blinding and not reflected in the mirror, creating reflections
  • light in color was the closest to a natural

According recognized designers, best meets these conditions mirror with built-in lighting (well, like masters of expensive and luxurious things).But in any case, lights must correspond to their intended use, be it fluorescent lamps, halogen bulbs framing or lamps with frosted shade.

Backlit Mirror cabinets
backlight shelves a mirror locker
Hangers with backlight
Towel with mood lighting

turn to the furniture.No matter how small the bathroom, a few shelves, hangers for towels, and even cabinet under the sink, it is still present.But is it worth to do a separate lighting for furniture, you decide for yourself.While small LEDs will illuminate not only the shelves, doors, drawers and hooks, but also help to create an original lighting, creating a fabulous, romantic and fantastic atmosphere.The photographs displayed a couple of interesting ideas in this regard.

Almost as is the case with household appliances - small svetilnichek over the washing machine will allow you to follow the steps of washing without the use of general lighting.

How to light in the bathroom ↑

next step after determining what we want to be the embodiment of plans.And how to do it properly, with all the safety standards, it is necessary to know everyone.Indeed, without this knowledge it is quite difficult even to buy the necessary materials.

Since the bathroom - a room with high humidity, and the lighting should be installed in such a way as to prevent the ingress of vapor, spray or water flow to the electrical contacts or warm glass.We do not want to arrange a short circuit or an explosion of light bulbs?Especially because in some situations we can not get rid of the cuts lampochnogo glass, but also get a pretty electric shock.

For the most specific rules arrangement of electrical equipment in the bathroom turn to our foreign colleagues electrician.So, the entire bathroom can be divided into 4 zones of the security:

  • zero - the area where the collision with the large quantities of water - in itself a bath or shower tray
  • first - perhaps getting streams of water - over the bath to a height of attachment of the soulin standards is the height of 2 meters 25 centimeters
  • second - an area where there may be splashes of water - surrounding the first zone, on both sides of 60 cm and up to the ceiling (by the standards - up to 3 meters)
  • third - the most secure zone withoutdirect contact with the water - surrounded by a second to the best of the walls and ceiling (standard argue that this zone covers the area with a radius of 2 meters 40 centimeters), apparently in Khrushchev bathrooms third zone just missing a fact

Well, the division simple andof course - the closer to the bathroom, the more protected from water should be our appliances.But on the labeling of so-called wiring accessories worth discussing in detail.Protection housing units marked the letters IP, the degree of protection specified numbers from 00 (no protection) to 68 (maximum protection).And the first number (0 to 6) indicates protection against solid particles and dust, and the second (again from 0 to 8 already) gives an idea of ​​protection from moisture.

And now we can accurately specify which labeling should be fixtures (or other appliances) in each of the security zones bathtub.

  • Zero Zone - the degree of protection of at least IPh7 voltage no more than 12 (and a transformer installed outside the zone)
  • first zone - the degree of protection of at least IPh5
  • second zone - the degree of protection of at least IPh4 (here it is already possibleinstall outlet)
  • third zone - the degree of protection at least IPh1, that is, almost any electrical

Well, lighting bathrooms are in good hands armed the knowledge of the owner.Remained little things - do it all in practice.And here the recommendations do not need to bring in the right place wiring, connect lamps, screw (or set) light bulbs, you can yourself.In a pinch, you can always consult an electrician friend that you trust.Successful repair!