Replacing the water pipes in the apartment: the reasons and the choice of the priority method

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08 May 2016

Any owner sooner or later, waiting for replacement of pipes in the apartment!On the water pipe walls during operation accumulates rust and dirt, thereby narrowing the diameter of the holes and the water pressure decreases.Similar phenomena are often observed on the tubes with cold water.Most familiar to various embarrassments - whether it's barely cold water flowing from a faucet or toilet tank fill of bad.And the problem is not in the low pressure, just time to replace old pipes with new ones.


When you need to change tubes?↑

Today, replacing plumbing pipes can be carried out as a routine procedure which is carried out services that exploit the construction or building.However, most of the apartments are now privatized and this replacement shall be solely risers water and pipe sections to the shut-off tap.Wirin

g inside the apartment living my own expense.

Why did the owners make the decision to replace the pipes in the apartment?Some people just want to give the apartment pipework better appearance, while others wish to hide pipes under the finish, and some residents because of old pipes are constantly having problems with the neighbors that live on the lower floors.

Wear resistance of various types of pipes
Wear resistance of various types of pipes

water pipes in the long-term operation wear.The service life of steel products is 30 - 40 years, and now require replacement of all water pipes are installed in bathrooms are houses built in the 60 - 70s.

There are situations when you need to change the pipe before the deadline: like, usually occurs in violation of the general rules of installation of plumbing pipes.It remains urgent and preventive replacement of water pipes in prefabricated houses of mass building.

At the critical pressure drop is required to replace the pipe, as is likely in the water formed silt.Do not put off the procedure in the event that will repair the kitchen or bathroom, or when it was discovered through corrosion of the pipe.

Replacement of plumbing pipes: you need to know?↑

The apartment sometimes still have to change the water.Replacement of water pipes with their hands - not an easy class!And for this event, you need to prepare thoroughly.

replacement of sewer pipes implies the dismantling of old products and adding new pipes.The procedure is usually produced before the repair work in the apartment, then to hide the plumbing pipes in the wall and hold the finish tile or other material.The pipes can also be laid on the surface of the walls, if you plan to close their boxes, sanitary equipment or overlapping walls.

It looks like the wiring diagram of the water supply system
It looks like the wiring diagram of the water supply system

A start is with the work plan!To do this, you need to redraw the layout of the water system on which it is obligatory to specify the dimensions and problem areas - twists and turns.Then it is recommended to prepare a plan which reflects the replacement of water pipes in the apartment with the designation of new consumers or new water spreading room.

Important!Before the start of a procedure such as replacing pipes in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen should gather as much information about the methods and processes.Sometimes contradictory information, and take time to separate the wheat from the chaff!

Choice pipes to replace the ↑

selection of plumbing pipes - the question is not of less importance than the plan.There was a time when the popularity enjoyed soldering copper pipes, but the replacement of pipes in the bathroom on the copper product has not received widespread due to poor water quality and high cost of the materials themselves.

not settle down and replacing sewer pipes on metal and plastic because of frequent accidents and flooding many apartments.Metal pipes are useful for temporary water pipe or pipe-laying in tight, uncomfortable places, which together with that require constant access - compound plastic pipes need to pull about once a year.

Polypropylene pipes, threaded transitions and fittings for connections
Polypropylene pipes, threaded transitions and fittings for connections

most widely used plumbing pipes made of polypropylene.This is due to ease of installation, durability and attractive price - the manufacturers of such products to provide the material guarantee of up to 50 years warranty.In new replacement pipe is practiced exclusively in the polypropylene.Why is it better


best option plumbing pipe material - plastic.But why?The first reason is the performance properties of a plastic water pipe.These products differ in the best side of the metal by such indicators as the bandwidth.Replacement of pipes to plastic will allow to forget about clogging plumbing and endless process of corrosion!

So look plastic pipes
Plastic pipes are inert to corrosion, easy, reliable, cheap, thanks to the special fittings and fasteners are easy to install

Replacing metal pipes to plastic beneficial for other reasons.The performance of the water supply system at the same time does not suffer.But the replacement of plastic pipes require less investment.

Video: pipes made of plastic the new generation ↑

Look video of the revolutionary type of plastic used in the manufacture of pipes for water supply, fire-fighting, heating:

Here, perhaps, all the replacement of water pipes in the apartment.I would like to add more in the end, that the replacement pipes should consider all construction and technical standards, as well as the use of quality materials.Good luck in your hard work!