How to bend drywall: different methods and technological details

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16 April 2016

often in interior design can be seen bent surface made of plasterboard.People who do not work with the finishing material, can not figure out how to bend the drywall so that the sheet is not broken.It turns out that manufacturers produce special arched plasterboard, which lend themselves well to a variety of strains.However, there are several ways to perform these operations on a normal path wall drywall.All methods have the same basis, but differ in the choice of instruments and devices.


Arch drywall GKLA ↑

If the project of interior design is necessary to perform arches, poluarki, as well as any other domed or wavy krivolineynyynye figure, you have to buy a special Arch drywall.The thickness of this material is 6.5 mm.Sheets easily bent, while there is a minimum bend radius as possible.For mounting arch drywall used frame of arch profiles having cutouts on the side wa

lls, which allow them to bend smoothly.

Arch drywall
Arch drywall

folding methods normal drywall ↑

1. Procurement of plasterboard on the one hand is moistened with water and a brush or roller.It was then left to rest for 5-15 minutes to ensure that the moisture absorbed in the plaster layer sheet.Makes installation moistened sheet screwing it to the metallic profiles, after drying the material becomes hard and holds the desired shape.This method is acceptable only in situations requiring a small bend, or break the sheet.

2. In order to reduce the bending radius of the sheet using a special tool - the needle roller.With the help of a sheet of honeycomb on one side, allowing the plasterboard easier to bend.Before folding the sheet and soaking with pure water at room temperature.

Needle roller
Needle roller

3. If you do not have a needle roller, the work can be done with a sharp knife.This technology is modified.Make cuts the cardboard layer on one side of the sheet at intervals of 1-5 cm. The incisions should be placed perpendicular to the bending line of the workpiece.From the frequency of cuts depends on the bending radius of drywall.If the structure is concave, the paperboard must be cut on the inside.If the sheet will bend outwards, notched front surface.In this method does not require wetting water.

Important!Perforated side should always be placed inside of the bend.

4. This method allows us to achieve a very small bending radius of the sheet.To use it, use the cutter, in the absence of which the work is carried out with a knife, but the quality is lowered.With the help of the cutter conducted a sample of gypsum, after which it should be no more than 1-3 mm.

How to bend drywall
bend the drywall with a router

Important!The frequency bands selected cutter, depends on the degree of bending of drywall.

Professional Advice ↑

In applying GKLA arched walls or partitions need to strengthen the structure.

There are two variants of such work.

1. The first rough layer is made from a conventional sheet of plasterboard, designed for walls and ceilings.It uses the above methods for its bending.Next is the installation of another layer which is made of drywall Arch.As a result, manage to get a rigid structure having a nice smooth bend.

2. All layers are made of drywall Arch.The number of layers may vary from two to four.This method allows to obtain perfectly smooth rounded surface.But it requires more material and labor costs.

Important!When installing curved structures located on the ceiling and high on the walls, arched advantageous to use drywall.Works manages to hold fast to arrive at a perfectly flat and smooth curves.

How bend drywall: a video guide ↑

As you can see, the process of folding a sheet of drywall is not very complicated.As in all the required experience, which will, based on the complexity of the design, to choose the optimal method of its manufacture.Availability of the necessary tools would facilitate the task.