How to install and connect the hood in the kitchen, depending on its design and function,

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06 May 2016

Installation hoods in the kitchen not only extend the life of the wall lockers will protect furniture, walls, cornices and curtains from sticking unpleasant mixture of fat droplets, soot and nowhere grafted dust, but, more importantly, set the unit to help clean the air of harmfulto the human body of combustion products and fumes various carcinogens.And adept in the repair works of the master and the novice, who decided to make installation of the hood in the kitchen by yourself, of course, will be useful information about the possible difficulties and intricacies of installation.Consider now more information about the different types of extracts, features of their devices, as well as learn how to install the hood in the kitchen, taking into account all safety requirements and in compliance with the sanitary standards.


Every hour in the kitchen should be done at least eightfold air exchange (according spelledsanitary standards).Cooker hoods clean the air in the kitchen by removing it or filtering.

ways to work extractors ↑

  1. Exhaust - performance of classical drawing, in which polluted air is removed from the inside out through the vent.
  2. Recirculation extraction systems purify the air of impurities, drives it through the filters and recycled.
  3. Combined extracts can act as an exhaust, and in the filtering mode.
The effectiveness of cleaning exhaust air depends on the condition of filters
cleaning efficiency air recirculation hoods depends on the condition of filters, change them should be carried out every six months

Hood, working exclusively in the filter (recirculation) mode absorbs polluted air, passes it through a charcoal and grease filter and returns back alreadypurified.

Hood this design does not take the air out of the room, and hence the connection to the ventilation shaft is not required.Installing such a device is quite simple, you need a reliable and secure it to connect to elektroseti.Uchtite this fact still in the process of repair (the place of the future installation of hoods kindly requested to hold the wiring and install a socket).

for attaching the unit to the wall is necessary, first of all, apply formatting and drill holes using a punch, then you need to score a plastic dowel and screw the screws, which subsequently hung unit.Consider the installation of hoods in the kitchen - video example will give a clear idea.

A small length of the duct is most effective
most efficient operation of the device is at least the length of the duct

Installation drawing ability to remove air from the room it requires a connection to the vent ducts.Consider the distance from the location of the exhaust vent to: long ducts not decorate the interior of the kitchen.Before you connect the hood in the kitchen, consider the appropriateness of the method the device: if the stove is located far from the vent, but close to the outer wall, then one of the options Air Discharge can be connecting duct to the hole, especially done in the main wall.Mounting drawing for the kitchen is different for each model, as many varieties of technology.

Forms extracts by the method of mounting ↑

  • suspended (they are fixed under the hinged cabinet over the stove);
  • built (they are inserted directly into the kitchen furniture over the stove);
  • wall (attached to the wall);
  • corner (provided for fastening in a corner);
  • island (for fixing to the ceiling).

basic rules installation of kitchen hoods ↑

Regardless of the type and model of the device in the kitchen hood must be carried out according to the general rules and regulations, to ensure safe and the most productive operation.First of all, make sure that the height of the hood from the electrical installation of the hob has been in the range of 70-80 cm and 80-85 cm of gas. The smaller the distance lead to excessive heat and can cause damage to the hood, and, most importantly,In this case the probability of a fire.Distance overweight reduces the efficiency of the device.To be effective for kitchen hood size it must also meet the required standards.Typically, the width of the cooking surfaces of kitchen stoves standard (50 or 60 cm).

efficiency of extraction depends on the design of the duct: to ensure unobstructed airflow, as far as possible by minimizing the length of the duct and the number of its turns.The most effective air ducts with smooth walls.Corrugated ducts can be easily bent at a right angle, but the ribbed surface creates some interference to the air outlet.If your kitchen has a gas boiler for heating water, in any case can not be connected to the exhaust duct from the flue of the column.The working range hood can cause the output of the combustion products from the speakers in the kitchen area, which is extremely dangerous for the life of the household!

Width hoods must match the width of the cooking surface
Width hoods must match the width of the cooking surface (or be slightly larger for better absorption)

select the correct output device ↑

Selection of the extraction depends on the preferences of the owner and the distance from the location of the exit vent channel up to the plate.Pay attention to the size of the diameter of the output adapter between the duct and the hood: the larger the diameter, the less energy is necessary for the efficient operation of the device.Choosing the hood, look for her performance.Do not try to buy the most powerful tool of all.

Stretching should be selected by the diameter of the exhaust duct, since the effectiveness of its work depends not so much on the power of the fan as the diameter of the duct.To understand how the cooker hood in the kitchen, by the non-diameter ventilation shaft extremely powerful exhaust fan is simple: it is obvious that the device will consume a lot of electricity at a very low efficiency.Figuratively speaking, the hood will operate at full capacity, "choking" of the effort.Push the large volume of air through a narrow channel, in any case will not succeed.Practice shows that the best performance is achieved when operating at low and medium speed fan.

As you can see, it can be installed hood for the kitchen with his hands.Be sure to observe the safety rules when connecting and think most advantageous embodiment of the device.We hope that the above information on how to make the hood in the kitchen, for you to be informative and useful.