Ventilation in the apartment with his hands or 4 different options to provide air circulation

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05 May 2016

«necessary as air" - we're talking about something paramount to emphasize the special status of the apparent value is vital.Saying something we say, that's just for the everyday concerns importance of fresh-air imperceptibly otdvigaetsya sidelined.The desire to improve the interior of their home finds a way to install brand new sealed glass units.Striving for rational spending motivates us as among the variety of options for the entrance doors we choose the least susceptible to temperature and humidity changes, tight to the steel box.Open a window for ventilation in the cold season, we also usually not in a hurry, trying to retain valuable heat.At first glance, nothing wrong or unusual about the above not.Here are the most common ventilation in the apartment is only on condition that the free overflow of air from all living areas, with the obligatory fresh influx.Consider now in detail the ventilation devices feature a modern apartment, find out how to achieve compliance with air to find a answer to the

main question of whether there can be arranged effective ventilation in the apartment with his hands.


consider the above as a single apartment above average volume of air is not possible (each room has its own degree of pollution, air exchange prevent the tightly closed windows and doors).It turns out in the end a very unhealthy atmosphere, under such circumstances a forced ventilation for the apartments (often used in urban high-rise buildings) is ineffective, if not dangerous.Excess heat, and even in combination with high humidity and low mobility of air favor the growth of pathogenic fungi and molds.Consider now how to be organized by the ventilation system in the apartment.

Meet the mechanism works normal ventilation ↑

Residents of urban high-rise buildings before even thought about how to make the apartment ventilation.Of course, the understanding that in any room should be a continuous exchange of air (fresh and removal of contaminated air) were present, but we all had enough understanding that the ventilation in the apartment kitchen and bathroom arranged thoughtfully: through the exhaust channels are removing exhaust air.Admission is done by infiltration of outside air through the open window or leakage of windows and doors.Indeed, while a system of natural ventilation itself completely justified.Today, the lack of effectiveness of this method (for the reasons we mentioned above) requires installation of additional devices.Forced ventilation in the apartment will be effective only if the correct equipment selection (the selection is made on the basis of calculations of air).

determines the rate of air exchange ↑

determine the number of fresh air is simple: it is enough proportioned known standards of ventilation in the apartment with an area and the amount of living space.Thus each square meter requires breathability 3 m3 / h and per adult of 30 m3 / h.Based on these standards, it is easy to calculate the air exchange for each case and draft a ventilation apartment, picking the most profitable way and the required equipment.

ventilation device in the apartment may be performed using thrust arising due to the temperature difference of indoor and outdoor air (this method is referred to as natural ventilation) or by means of the thrust exercised by mechanical means.Forced ventilation can supply, exhaust and supply and exhaust.

The principle of natural circulation of air ↑

easiest way ventilation, in which bleeding occurs natural draft through the ventilation channels, and inflow through the open windows, leaks in the windows or special intake device is called a "natural ventilation" before very widespreadtoday are often ineffective because of the lack of much-needed leaks.However, the air flow can be controlled by the supply unit, which are embedded in the wall or window.An example of such a device is a supply control valve installed on the window sash.

Supply valve window
Install supply valve does not reduce the sound-insulating properties and does not spoil the appearance of the window

Due to a reflecting visor device practically does not reduce the quality of sound-proof windows.Valve Installation takes less than 15 minutes.Similar in principle of the device can be installed in the wall near the radiators.This requires a hole in the wall with a diameter from 50 to 100 mm (depending on the valve model).The definite advantage of such models in the simplicity of the device and further service.The efficiency of the air-supply valve depends on the health of the exhaust ducts.Natural ventilation is most effective in winter, when large temperature difference, providing a natural draft.In summer, when the temperature difference is less than 15 ° C and the thrust unobtrusive.

device Forced ventilation ↑

Installation of compulsory ventilation involves the removal of exhaust air by mechanical means.To do this, use fans, built-in ventilation shaft in the bathroom and electric cooker hoods.With fans in the apartment creates a negative pressure air impelling sucked from the outside through the intake valves or open windows.In the cold season, it is desirable to provide for heating the fresh air, to this end, you can install air inlets with integrated electric heaters.When using such devices without heating them should be placed over the heater.

method of forced-air supply ↑

main feature of functioning ventilation is a forced flow of outside air (through the established air inlets) and removal of contaminated natural draft through the ventilation shafts in the bathroom and kitchen.Air handling units come in different models and configurations, but the concept device, usually all the same (fan, air filter, shut-off valve, a heater shumootrazhatel).

Apparatus for preheating the supply air
heating fresh air in the winter to prevent condensation and mold in the air inlet

In this case, installation of ventilation equipment in the apartment requires a hole in the wall of the capital (the diameter depends on the model) and connection to the power supply installation.This setup is nearly silent in operation, it gives an opportunity to provide a clean room, hot-air, regardless of season and weather conditions.To facilitate the functioning of the system in the interior doors should be undercut below 1.5-2 cm or embedded grid.

ventilation - the advantages of ↑

Under this system, the entire process is completely mechanized ventilation apartment: inflow and bleeding occur forcibly.Mechanical aeration and ventilation in the apartment - is the most convenient and modern way.Indeed, in addition to warm and clean supply air flow can also be used with heat recovery devices, which would reduce the heat loss up to 70-80%.There is a possibility of installation of such equipment in suspended ceilings or back rooms.

A device for ventilation with heat recovery
supply and exhaust heat recovery device allows you to return to the room exhaust air heat

use of air handling units with heat recovery in summer will significantly reduce the load on the air conditioning, and in winter will keep warm at home during ventilation.Thus, HVAC apartments, selected taking into account the specificities of each system working smoothly, providing a comfortable environment at low energy consumption.Installation of ventilation in the apartment could be made with their own hands, only need some diligence in learning more about the issue.