Pumps for sewage and pumping it, the organizing principle of the pressure system

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04 May 2016

buying land for construction of a house or building with no ready painted communications, should take into account some of the nuances of his position.Most likely, everyone agrees that the comfortable life of modern man is impossible without the creature comforts such as electricity, water supply and sewerage.Even if your home is at some distance from the nearest town, to bring electricity to it will not be difficult, with water supply and sanitation - more difficult.To solve the issue of water supply is possible by means of the well and downhole pump.It is much cheaper than pulling kilometers of water pipes.Of course, you can build on a plot of cesspool and dispense with central sewer.But such a solution would entail the need for regular call sewage truck, and that extra inconvenience and expense.An alternative could be the sump pump to drain.


pressure sewer and its device ↑

If your house is located at a reasonable distance from the nearest sewer system, but it is impossible to comply with the correct slope of the pipe or terrain does not allow to conduct large-scale earthworks, way out would be pressurizeddrain.

Driving gasket pressure sewer
gasket pressure sewer operate if it is impossible to observe the required slope of gravity

If your neighbors pumping sewage is not adjusted properly, have them build a pressure sewer together.In this case, you can split the cost.

initial stages of organization ↑

  • necessary to examine the profile of the area and select the well to connect to the backbone.
  • Choose the optimal route for the pipeline.Should be involved in the development of the local water utility professionals - engineers, VET and foreman.Otherwise, get permission to connect to a central sewer system will be more difficult.
  • to calculate the slope, type and capacity of the pump, the depth and diameter of the pipes, as well as the necessary materials and components.It is desirable to maximize the availability of natural slopes.If only a small segment of the pipeline required the forced pumping sewage, and then maybe use of gravity, then the transition certainly constructed well.

Prefabricated well ↑

The first step is to build a house next to the sump where will all fall by gravity drains. For walls and bottom of the well is required to ensure good waterproofing, or waste water can penetrate into the ground.Facing tend to produce burnt brick, rubble stone or concrete, 25-30cm thick.

the outside of the walls covered with bitumen coating or greasy clay and plaster the inside.You can also lay out well from the concrete rings, and its cement floor.

Prefabricated well and septic tank
Wiring to a septic tank and a well teams

For a more careful operation of the pump it is recommended to build a two-piece or two of the sump pit to overflow out of the pipe.The first well will drain the water out of the house, and in the second you need to install the pump.Thus, large solid fraction can not get into the pump and damage it.

Important!If you can not build a two-piece well, we recommend using the fecal pump with a chopper.

Choice pump for pumping ↑

Sewage Submersible Pump
Sewage submersible pump installed in accordance with the technological requirements

One of the most important parts of such a system is a pump for pumping sewage.From his correct choice depends on the quality of the whole system.For pumping wastewater are most commonly used, so-called, submersible sewage pumps.

Pump capacity should be listed in your project documentation.If you plan to pump your own, use the following guidelines:

  • place the pump should be protected from freezing.
  • Before installing the pump, the installation site must be cleaned of dirt and construction waste.
  • Then fasten the bottom of the well support the knee with a special quick release flange.
  • Connect to the knee penstock and guide tubes.
  • second side pipes attach to the bracket is mounted to the top of the well.

Important!The pressure pipe should be mounted without deformations and stresses and have a slightly larger diameter than the pump inlet.

  • Equip pressure line check valve and gate valve.This is necessary to protect the pump by the reverse flow of fluid.
  • raise and lower the pump should be on track with the help of a chain attached to it.When the pump reaches the supporting knee will be connected automatically.If done correctly, the connection is tight.

Important!After installation of the pump do not forget to fix the upper end of the chain, otherwise the next time you have to dive into the well.

power of modern pumps for sewerage shows clip:

sewage pumping stations ↑

For those who do not want to mess with the construction of a suction well manufacturers offer complete sewage pumping stations.The popularity of such solutions to wastewater disposal is growing every year.This is due to the fact that the station ready enough to bring and bury everything else is already done by the manufacturer.

What is SOS ↑

Sewage pumping station
Internals CND

finished pumping station outside looks like a cylinder with a flat bottom, and flange projections.The size of the container can be anything - it depends on the customer's needs.The housing is made of low density polyethylene reinforced with ribs or steel.The containers already placed submersible pumps and all necessary equipment.Any modification of the KNU, which has two sewage pump.In some cases, the second pump acts as an emergency, sometimes used when the level rises sharply withdrawn liquid, and a pump can not cope with the load.Capacity is closed tight cover that will protect you from unpleasant odor.

Specificity installation CND ↑

For installation of sewage pumping stations need to dig a hole corresponding to the depth of the height of the container and concreted its bottom.It remains only to connect the inlet and outlet pipes and the system is ready for operation.

Important!The pump station must be installed vertically.

backfill produced simultaneously filling the container with water.It is necessary to balance the external and internal load on the body.

Whichever method of sewage discharge devices you choose, machine for pumping sewage, you no longer need.