How to install a chandelier in the suspended ceiling: detailed instructions

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22 April 2016

stretch ceiling is interesting, first of all, an unusual texture flat surface.So smooth that even I can not believe your eyes.How you can create such a miracle, most of us have is (educational activities of the various thematic television repair in this sense, can not be overestimated).On television, a team of specialists in bright overalls smartly mounted suspended ceiling, the next frame - and now finished surface of the ceiling decorated with a chandelier ... But see how installing chandeliers in the suspended ceiling, while hearing a detailed explanation is usually not possible.Rather, the point of interest razbezhnosti companies sponsoring the telecast with the interests of viewers who want to learn how to hang a chandelier.We can not say that the explanation of the manner of "how to hang a chandelier in the suspended ceiling" are beyond the competence of the creators of such programs, a main goal remains promoting the advertised products.Let us consider the difference in the installation of suspen

ded ceiling chandelier from the traditional method used chandelier fixture to the ceiling of concrete slabs.


Choicechandeliers - a crucial moment.Stretch ceiling is, in fact, film or fabric, stretched and fastened on a special profile (it is called "baguette").By heating the film becomes more elastic and stretches.When choosing a chandelier, should pay attention to models with the safest possible location of light bulbs, to avoid heating PVC fabric.Note also the base of the chandelier: it must not have sharp edges.

example chandeliers, mounted on the hook

For installation, you must mount the fixture on the main ceiling before mounting tension.View of the fasteners depends on the model chosen chandeliers and the method of its mounting.Chandelier can be mounted on a ceiling hook on the mounting plate or cross-shaped plate.

mount chandelier hook ↑

Installation chandelier on the hook - the easiest and most reliable way of fixing him the least trouble.Chandelier installed with the bowl is removed, without bulbs.If you are lucky enough to own an apartment, the hole for the hook for mounting chandeliers and summed wiring channel plate has prudently made builders.Mounted on the hook in the concrete slab of the ceiling, with a special anchor or anchors.

Ceiling hook for mounting chandeliers

hook must be installed at the desired height (so that after installation of the chandelier decorative bowl fits snugly against the ceiling).To display hook and lead wires must be cut in the already established Stretch ceilings hole (tentative efforts to a nearby section of the hole by gluing plastic termokoltsa).It is important to carefully sizing the entire circumference.

After the glue has dried, cut the hole in the ring.This is followed by a chandelier hung on a hook, attach the leads provided and lift up constructively decorative cap that hides maloestetichny hook and the electrical connection.Further, the cap is fixed in position.

How to Hang a chandelier in the bar ↑

on the mounting plate (metal profile with studs, which puts on the base of the chandelier) set most modern chandeliers - strips included in the kit.To properly mount the chandelier of this type in the suspended ceiling, it is necessary to make a pre-special base - a piece of wood.

Preparation of the base for fixing the mounting plate

wooden bar height should be adjusted so as to lower its plane was on a level with the plane of the stretch ceiling.The bar must be securely attached to the main ceiling with dowels and screws.Dowel holes in concrete slabs made punch.After mounting tension ceiling for output wiring is cut a hole in it (gain termokoltsom holes - a prerequisite), then gently stretched over the ceiling, attach the mounting plate (check the bar in the presence of burrs).Fasten the bar to the bar with screws, holes within the limited termokoltsom.It is important to choose the size of the screws so that they stand the weight of the chandelier.Connect the connecting wires.At the base of the mounting bracket set chandeliers, combining studs bracket with holes in the base and fasten decorative nuts (also within the complete set of lamps).

Video instructions for installing chandeliers ↑

Fixing with the Phillips strap ↑

consider how to hang the chandelier from the ceiling if it is structurally stipulated mounting with cruciate straps.Normally, as the massive chandeliers mounted with a broad base of round or rectangular shape.Set Chandeliers with cross bracket also requires appropriate training and pre-installation of a special carrier platform.

cruciform mounting plate, reinforcing rings and glue

Wooden platform cut out of plywood, thickness 10-12mm, according to the size of the cross in the center of it is necessary to drill a hole for the wires.

platforms in the corners, attach metal legs made of galvanized tin, with their help, the resulting structure is attached to the main ceiling with dowels and screws.The height of the platform is determined by the length of the legs, sorazmerte its level of stretch ceiling.

wooden platform cruciate straps

After mounting tension ceiling Phillips plate is attached to the platform, fasteners made screws.Any place puncture the film needs to be strengthened PVC plastic or termokoltsom.You can make a few holes in the film (as you remember, gain) - for mounting straps and output wiring, and can make one hole - a much larger, reinforced plastic to prevent the spread of canvas ceiling.

termokoltsami Reinforced mounting holes crosswise strips and output wiring

further connected wire.To set cruciate bar attached fixture, the same method described above.With the only difference that there will be more decorative nuts.Chandelier should fit snugly to the ceiling at an angle, and pressing.

installed cruciform mounting plate for chandeliers

Working with PVC ceiling requires special care in the selection of fasteners.Think before you hang a chandelier in the drywall, make sure the design was constructed of reinforced profiles around the site of the alleged fixing.In fact, fixing was carried out through sheets of drywall to the metal profile.Film ceiling, which is spanned by the web may not be the basis of a reliable fixture, by definition, so before you hang a chandelier, the relevant training.Fixture main lamps made to the ceiling through the use of load bearing structural elements.Furthermore, the PVC film is sensitive to heat, which causes the power limit applied light.The most convenient use of energy saving lamps (LED or fluorescent), because when they work in a manner less heat.It is advisable to choose a chandelier with lampshades direction down or sideways.

We looked at how to hang a chandelier from the ceiling, made of PVC film, without going into detail on connecting power consciously, after all electrical wiring work better to trust an electrician.The principle of the connection is the same in all cases.The main thing - carefully follow the safety precautions, disconnect power to the panel.The wires should be cleaned from the insulation, followed by a special touch to connect the wires.If necessary polarity (if chandelier with LED lamps) need to determine the phase wire with the help of the indicator.Wiring is carried out in accordance with the attached diagram.Then, carefully hide the wires in a decorative cup chandeliers, light bulbs are screwed, switch plate and check the operation.

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