Standalone cottages gasification gas tank or buried in the yard

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20 April 2016

On the feasibility of gas supply arrangement you like no one else can tell the happy owners of country houses and cottages: the benefits of civilization are especially valuable when available.You can heat with wood or try to warm up the house with the help of electricity.Both are very expensive, the first and more laborious.The most economical option is the power supply has been gasification.Unfortunately, connected to the main gas supply is not always possible.The subject of careful consideration today will be a stand-alone cottages gasification of liquefied gas.Consider the advantages and disadvantages of everything as well as possible difficulties in installation and operation.


Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous gasification ↑

to work alone gas stoveequip the gas supply system, as you know, is not necessarily e

nough to connect a cylinder of liquefied gas.Autonomous gas supply needed for complex problem-solving device heating the house in winter and hot water all year round.

The general scheme of autonomous gasification system
general scheme of autonomous gasification garden demonstrates the ability to provide a fully non-volatile system

Liquefied gas can power an electric generator, and after creating a backup source of power, and even in the conditions of frequent changes of electricity will be far from superfluous!Thus, gasification cottages apart from the obvious benefits is valuable because it will help to make the house completely volatile.Among the advantages of autonomous gas supply cottages opportunity uninterrupted supply of fuel to the consumer, ease of use, environmental friendliness, and most importantly, economical.

device system of autonomous gas supply ↑

gas supply system consists of a tank (gas tank) filled with a mixture of propane-butane, valves, devices to automatically adjust the pressure of the gaseous phase of the fuel, as well as a gas pipeline connecting the tank with gas consumers.

gas tanks come in various sizes and allow you to save enough gas reserves decreased for the autonomous system houses throughout the heating season.Gasometer can be installed on the surface or buried in the ground.

Aboveground accommodation gasholder
Aboveground accommodation gasholder used in warm climates.Capacity painted white to reduce heat in the sun

When selecting the installation method, it is important to take into account particular climate.Low temperatures in winter gas impede the transition from the liquid to the gaseous fraction, which can cause it to lack for customers.Therefore, aerial installation is more often used in areas with warm climates and in areas with harsh winters underground gas tank placement expedient, soil provides the required temperature level.When surface and underground gas tank placement is important to take into account the need to protect against corrosion.Standing on the surface of the paint tank, designed for underground installation covered with special resins and anti-corrosion polymer compositions.

Underground installation method
Underground installation method is more secure, the regeneration will be occupied by a small area of ​​the infield

Possible difficulties in operation and methods to resolve them ↑

LPG, in fact, an explosive substance at elevated temperatures (eg, summer), hesignificantly expands the volume of the liquid increases, which leads to an overall increase of pressure in the tank.Capacity can develop leaks, quite simply burst from internal pressure.To avoid such a scenario is absolutely forbidden to fill the gas tank of liquefied gas by more than 85% volume.

Another difficulty likely to use self-contained gas supply systems to provide safe operation of the pipeline and all systems.Even a small leak from a pipeline can be extremely dangerous.Gas is approximately two times heavier than air, so the "flows" in the lowest portions accumulate in basements and basement rooms and then mixed with air, it forms an explosive mixture explosive.Therefore it is essential the correct arrangement of the boiler.All heaters must be above ground level.Good ventilation (natural) - another necessary condition.Be sure to regularly check the joints for leaks.The room where the consumers of gas appliances must be fitted with gas detectors .

The neck of the tank
neck tank is used to refuel and access to the pressure control device

Among the main advantages of the device autonomous gasification system is the possibility of power supply in the automatic mode, at least the control of the user, the economic feasibility and performance.The main condition of effective work is a responsible attitude to the issues of resettlement, because the gas is explosive, negligence at any stage of the installation and operation of the system is not allowed.Each installation that uses liquefied natural gas must undergo compulsory registration in Rostekhnadzor, all measures for assembly, installation, refueling must be carried out only by qualified personnel (with appropriate license).