How best to make false ceilings in the bedroom: variat device and design

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16 April 2016

Have you ever wondered why there are other options for finishing the ceiling in the bedroom most preferred arrangement of the suspended structure?Most likely, the answer is a functional accessory premises.Want to see the living room festive and elegant, child - friendly and functional, and the bedroom - a cozy and unusual.In the lounge you want to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and privacy.The use of false ceiling structures opens up almost unlimited possibilities realization of design ideas of any stylistic direction, while still allowing effectively equip lighting.Let's see how can be decorated ceilings in the bedroom - a photo collection of the best examples of arrangement of the ceiling will provide the necessary clarity.


Features ceilings ↑

Structurally anyceiling consists of a bearing frame and cladding elements.The frame is

made mostly of metal galvanized profiles and facing material can be drywall, mineralovoloknistye, plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal panels.

Suspended ceiling (at the base of oil paint design)
suspended ceiling can be modular, multi-level, solid, there are lots of options with different structures and colors, often in the design using large-format photo printing

embodiment, the ceilings are so many, they can be a solid (a single plane of the drywall)and modular (panel, rack, cluster, lattice), and one multi-level, effectively combining matte and glossy surfaces, in conjunction with concealed or spot illumination allows for an interesting option in the design.In short, it is possible to realize a variety of design ideas.

ceiling bedrooms decorated in a rustic style ("country") may contain protruding beams and wood paneling.

Minimalism style of "high tech", with almost complete absence of decorative details, favorably complement the two-three-level structure of the ceiling.The emphasis on the shape and texture of parts, combined with proper lighting of the space gives the desired effect.

Подвесные потолочные конструкции в спальне стиля "кантри"
Suspended ceiling structures in the bedroom of style "country" are useful as strict geometric forms and abstract configuration

Bet on the strict geometry of the forms, in contrast to the generally recognized accentuation compatibility of color and pattern, is justified, provided a competent selection of surface texture.The ceiling can be decorated with a mirror cloth, as appropriate luster metal fittings fixtures combined with matte colored shades simple form.

Besides beautiful interior design qualities of the ceiling makes it easy to hide irregularities and defects in the base ceiling, thus no longer afraid of a crooked laid concrete floors and persistent cracks in the joints, suspension system will hide all the flaws of builders.The ceiling is easy and convenient recessed luminaire, run the wiring and other communications.

Backlit colored lights
For the organization of lighting, you can use various combinations of lamps

option arrangement of lighting in the bedroom with only one (central) source of a ceiling light is possible, but it loses much in comparison with the combination of multi-colored spotlights, or with the addition of decorative elements of the ceiling hiddenbacklit.Construction of additional lighting except for aesthetic effect and bring more functional: the original "Night Light" will set the right mood.

Design ceiling in the spacious bedroom ↑

large bedroom spacious room with high ceilings seem uncomfortable.But restrictions on arrangement of suspended structures in such a case, no!Stacked friezes, central medallion, the asymmetry of the projections or bizarre twists curly design can achieve a stunning effect in the decoration of the ceiling.

Moreover, with the help of multi-level ceiling construction can provide the necessary zoning to the desired brightness (bright lights centered near the dressing table, diffuse soft light over the bed or the uniform illumination around the perimeter of the suspended structure).

Suspended structures in the bedroom with low ceilings ↑

Construction of multi-storey structures with large differences in terms of fitting in rooms with high ceilings, because after the installation of the ceiling height drops significantly bedrooms.Be sure to take this into account when choosing the embodiment.If the original height of the room is small, try to rectify the situation by using design techniques.

Using a medium-sized moldings for low ceiling
use of medium-sized moldings for low ceiling optically create depth of space, eliminate the feeling of low ceiling

visually make the room above can be correct selection of color combinations: light blue, pearl, snow white as the main color of the ceiling in combination with a bright,contrasting color tone of the walls will give the desired effect.Suspended ceiling with mirrored panels and cope with the task.Using a medium-sized moldings (lighter tone than the space inside) will also give the visual effect of distancing the ceiling.Stucco on the ceiling or a massive chandelier also make ceiling visually below.Choosing flat-ceiling chandeliers or multiple spotlights preferable.

photo collection ceilings ↑

Among other things, significant advantage of suspended structures is the speed of installation.It eliminates the need for special training ceiling surface (removal of old plaster, surface leveling, grinding), which significantly reduces labor costs.