How to build a secure home gym

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13 April 2016

desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sports is very welcome, but unfortunately, for economic reasons, because of the banal shyness, or simply because of the eternal lack of time at regular attendance at the fitness center, the desire to keep fit often remainsunrealized.But you can also equip a home gym!Works on arrangement of the gym at home is not limited to the purchase of sports equipment and exercise machines, in fact, serious work on the preparation of the premises.Among other device ventilation and lighting, wall decoration and laying of flooring materials relevant characteristics.This article is for those who decided to build a gym at home with their own hands.


What is the safest gym?↑

to effectively exercise must be well ventilated, bright room, ideally spacious (at least 8m2)

.The best way for a home gym to allocate a separate room, in extreme cases, possibly equipping the sports area, separated from the living space.Zoning can be done with the help of light, different color and texture of the floor covering, or using sliding (and possibly fixed) partition.

Guidelines for the Development of lighting and ventilation ↑

Of special note is the need for mechanical ventilation arrangement, because at the time of exercise of the loads quickens the heartbeat and breathing rate.The body needs more oxygen.Sport - is also a kind of heavy physical work.The lack of lighting psychologically relaxing effect, tune into serious physical activity easier in good light, in addition, a gym at home must meet all safety requirements, among others - ensuring an adequate level of illumination at work with sport equipment.

A selection of lighting for the gym
choosing lighting, pay attention to the LED and fluorescent light sources because they emit little heat, which is important

correct wall decoration ↑

Plastic in the walls and ceiling of the gym is not necessary to apply.Plastic coatings are inexpensive, easy to clean, fast to install, you can easily replace the damaged items.But for all its practicality and plastic paneling and ceiling tiles are not suitable for the gym categorically.The point vapor resistance materials condensation on the surface of the plastic panels can stimulate the growth of mold, which is extremely undesirable.Color whitewashing, wall panels, cork or even sticky paper wallpaper - that's the best option walls of the gym to maintain optimum microclimate.

Choosing flooring ↑

choosing flooring options, sorazmerte made demands to the characteristics thereof.Sex in the gym will be subjected to heavy load may drop heavy objects.So, you should choose wear-resistant and impact-resistant, of course, non-slippery surface.Sound insulation properties are also important especially if we are talking about the device in a high-rise building gym.The most democratic option would be laying-quality wood flooring with the highest levels of safety.

installing floating by on the sound insulation substrate will provide the required level of sound insulation.If necessary, the "transformation" in the gym, for example, guest or children's replacement flooring is not required.You can also use a dense carpet, but choosing a model, study its characteristics (best suitable for the intended industrial premises).If the status of a "gym" is planned to consolidate the premises for a long time, then as a floor covering, you can use a special polyurethane coating for sports halls with a mat of rubber granulate.

to design a home gym ↑

choosing alternative design for the gym, remember, above all, the functional purpose of the premises.Choice of colors for the floor, walls and ceiling not basic - Pick up a comfortable eye combination is not particularly Sophisticated in detail.

Home gym design options
terracotta color of the walls, combined with flooring marsh color looks natural and harmonious, and saturated colors in the decoration make the large room cozier gym

According to psychologists, bright saturated colors can trigger fatigue, irritability.Lighter shade visually expands the space, shade darker able to make a comfortable spacious room.You can choose a neutral shade of color for the wall design (for example, light gray or beige), and some accessories (eg, wall digital clock) to choose a contrast rich scarlet or orange.Wall panels on the sports theme or a bright poster is sure to add a positive note to the sleek design a home gym.In the design of the windows of the room sports a laconic simplicity shutters or blinds appropriately sumptuous for curtain set.

Focus on functionality and comfort ↑

the rational use of space when placing sports equipment is especially important in the case of a corner arrangement of sports in the city a small apartment.Pool at a country house build easier (especially if there is a spacious veranda - not the best place to find).But in the first and in the second case can not do without racks for sports equipment.It will take as a clothes hanger and towels, exercise mat on the floor.

Wall mirror (preferably in full growth) - a mandatory attribute of any gym.It allows you to control your posture, proper exercises.Be sure to note the direction of light when choosing a place for a mirror.Opposite the window wall - the worst accommodation option, because you can see in the mirror is just a dark silhouette against the lighted window.In a well-lit mirror must clearly show a home gym - photos of the accommodation can be seen below.

Proper placement of mirrors in the gym
Proper placement of mirrors in the gym will allow you to view your exercise on all sides and avoid errors when performing

choice of equipment for training depends on your level of fitness and financial capabilities.To equip a home gym with their hands, choosing less expensive simulators can also be costly replacement, (this topic will be discussed later, in an article).In any case, furnished gym most important free zone simulators, avoiding placing against a wall (minimum distance - 30 cm from the wall).

Make home gym with your hands is not easy, but once properly equipped premise will be functional and comfortable place for the health and excellent physical shape for years to come.