How to choose the equipment for the gym - the organization of home fitness center

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11 April 2016

with the rules of the home fitness centers are not yet familiar to most of our countrymen.Not to personal gyms were those who huddled in small apartments.But now the trend originated on the west ingrained in our svezhevspahannoy soil.The owners of country estates solid, spacious, wonderfully planned city apartments gladly equip place for practicing carefully selected sports equipment for the gym and start working on the improvement of heavy personal physical parameters.What do I need everything for home sports center?


What should be a home gym?↑

Let's start with the fact that the concept of "home gym" is not and should not be a clear-cut criteria.The place of home workouts can become part of the bedroom sports a young man, half of the children's active younger generation and generously dedicated a whole room.

Construction of a home gym
home gym can be arranged on the balc
ony, in the attic, set aside for him a whole room or organize a small fitness club, occupying only part of the room

Gym can be equipped on the balcony, in the attic, even in the basement, although the last optionhighly undesirable.Why is that?Because training is needed for good ventilation, whereby:

  • will effectively remove the negative evaporation and the smell of sweat;
  • body of people involved in a home gym will be regularly supplied with oxygen;
  • condensation will not accumulate on the materials and finishes on the inventory, which, of course, considerably increase service life.

technically justified in priority areas with excellent natural ventilation: rooms with large windows, attic, insulated loggia.However, if a place is allocated for physical training indoors, climate system, or need a reliable air conditioning, to cope successfully with the conclusion of "waste" of the air mass and the stimulation of fresh-air exchange.Permissible installation of the fan, embedded in the hood.

Home gym should be well ventilated
Well, if the room for personal fitness center will be aired by opening windows, but if natural ventilation is not enough, need to install the air conditioner

to equip or not equip the room of video and audio equipment - personal choice of the owners, which is based only on individualpreferences.One more convenient to be studied under the guidance of coach video and broadcast courses for physical training required LCD panel to another, it does not need it.Necessity dictates the rhythm of audio devices - also the ones to decide on an individual basis.

trainers - how to make the right choice?↑

person not familiar with the types of sports systems, their purpose and design nuances, it is difficult not to get lost in the abundance assortment.Surely help helpful tips.

Landmarks and choice ↑

The natural starting point is the selection of the amount of space simulators.Based on these conditions form a complex fitness systems or choose the most appropriate training "machine", bought stationary compact or "folding" units.

There is a rule - equipment for the gym are selected on the basis of three criteria, including:

  • goal of training - build muscle mass, weight loss, maintenance of muscle tone, strengthening and improving endurance is very susceptible to stress and overload the cardiovascular system;
  • financial capacity, the size of which depends on the class and technical equipment simulators;
  • design units, blending in with the inner world of the user and the surrounding environment.

What equipment is needed, and what - no?↑

Optimally, if the private gym is equipped with the system for training of various muscle groups.But if the dimensions do not allow to choose between:

  • power units designed to increase muscle mass, which include athletic multistantsii, special benches for pumping muscles in different positions, bars, wall bars, dumbbells, etc .;
  • aerobic or cardio training machines, which include exercise bikes horizontal and vertical type, steppers, rowing machines, treadmills and so forth.

Fitness equipment for home gyms are designed for high load, mercilessly exploit them can be 2-3 hours daily withtraining regimen.

Multifunction multistantsii

Designed for a wide range of exercise, in fact, constitute an integrated unit that combines multiple strength training equipment.Decisive multiple tasks machines are suitable for study of various muscle groups by performing thrust from above, from the bench chest extension, movements such as butterfly.

Equipment for gyms: multistantsiya
Multistantsiya - power multifunction simulator designed to train various muscle groups

they can be engaged as sitting or lying down, protecting the spine from the critical load.Recent modifications multistantsy equipped with computer devices to track user state and the degree of load to adjust the operating modes.

Folding bench - budgetary choices

And most importantly - a compact!It is the right solution for limited space, they can without much difficulty and challenges every day to collect, without cluttering up unnecessary space stationary installations.Approach the bench for training of people, regardless of their physique.They have a control device allowing to change the position, change the quantitative load on the spine.In addition to the athletic dumbbell bench required may bar the corresponding wheels.

Fitness equipment for the gym: athletic bench
Athletic bench does not take up much space, the main advantage - compactness and low cost price

Run along the path of inactivity

With design her friends hardly anyone needed.All versions operate on the same principle, the latter equipped with a display and control devices with built-in programs, counts calories burned, pulse, training time, speed, indicating the distance.

bikes - plus endurance health

Vertical option takes very little space, suitable for arranging small-sized gym, horizontal can be installed in a large room.These simulators for home gym category - the most popular equipment used to organize personal "fitness clubs" in the country and in urban apartments.Depending on the model and manufacturer of the class have a different number of built-in programs.

The most popular fitness equipment for home gym
bikes - the most sought-after fitness equipment for the home, are inexpensive, take up little space

Ellipsoids - track with an exercise bike

Symbiosis bike and a small treadmill.The huge range includes models with electronic and mechanical control, with color and black-and-white display, with built-in a variety of control systems.Available in each unit position adjustment allows you to find and fix the position of the maximum joints and spine protects it from excessive load.

Rowers - is it necessary?

Besides strengthening blood vessels and heart muscle are suitable also for training the muscles of the back and build muscles in the upper body.Compact, easy to use, the most popular folding options.

We have listed the basic package, the variety of which the owners have the right to your own taste.Excellent, if the area of ​​sports facilities complement the wall bars, rope for teens.Individually fitness center, women must be the hoop and jump rope, will not prevent men punching bag, horizontal bar.