Climate control air conditioning or - how to make the right choice?

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16 April 2016

variety of technical devices for heating and cooling housing has long been firmly established in our lives.Radiators, heaters, air conditioning, heated floors, ionizers and humidifiers.Devices are many, but the buttons, including them and regulate their work even more.Partly to deal with the creation of a favorable climate can be air conditioning, but the "outlook" is small: cool summer, but winter is hardly warm.But the system "climate-control", it seems, can do everything.It is necessary to understand what better climate control or air conditioning?Consider the issue from all sides and with technical and financial.


What good is a conventional air conditioner?↑

not talk about power, efficiency and other characteristics of air conditioners - they are all different and depend on the manufacturer's equipment, its class value, choose to focus only on

those parameters which clearly will understand good if the air conditioner in terms of creating an enabling environment inhouse.

good!Especially in summer, when a board + 30 and + 35 ° C, the asphalt melts and the water in the fountains boil.It is safe to specify a comfortable life given temperature and home affairs.The optimum temperature, by the way, in such a situation on the street - 20-22 ° C.

Air conditioning in the apartment
Air - a great way to cool off in the heat of summer, but in winter it is not necessary to include heating rooms

inverter air conditioner, and this type of split systems sold today "a great success" can independently maintain the desired temperature evenin that case, if the outdoor temperature during the day varies sharply.That is human intervention, they require little, well, except that switch on and off.

addition to rooms with air conditioning can cool them and to heat, although it is unlikely he will be able to cope with this mission frosty winter.In autumn and spring still all right.

In the offseason conditioning such as "hot-cold" or, as they are called, may be reversible replace traditional oil heater.But there is a BUT!Work such a split system for heating only at positive temperatures outdoors, although some models can cope with their mission and at -5 ° C.There are, however, special thermal conditioners, designed for efficient operation at a temperature of -25-30 ° C, but it is such a pleasure not cheap.

summarize .Conditioners "able" and to cool and heat.With the first function they cope perfectly well with a second well on the puny "C grade" and that's not all.

Smart climate control system - like what?↑

The main difference from the climate control air conditioner that does not know how to think.Climate control is able and how!It combines the work of a large number of household appliances: air conditioners, ionizers, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, ventilation, radiators, underfloor heating systems.To monitor the performance of all of this technique, one will be a little remote.Here, you need a computer that can combine instruments into one.Thanks to him, you can ask a specific program that will maintain a favorable microclimate in the house, the temperature, the level of humidity and saturation of ions may vary during the day.

For example, the day when the house is unoccupied, the system will maintain the optimum temperature of +20 +22 ° C, and at night when everyone is asleep, and requires a large amount of fresh cool air, the temperature drops to very +18 ° C.

Climate control for home
climate control system copes with a lot of worries: the coolness of casts, and winter will warm, and the air will clear the

One single system along with several devices controlled:

  • the room temperature
  • humidity
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • ionization filtration, ozonation air.

For ease of operation, the maximum health benefits and energy savings work climate control system can be "put" in a certain framework or scenario.For example, you can set individual parameters for each room in the house, choosing the most suitable option for the bedrooms, kitchen, nursery, living room.You can "force" the system to choose the heat source and the level of their capacity.It can be programmed to further study and analysis of the meteorological situation.In general, options weight.

Managing climate control
management climate control can be carried out on the touch screen.You can set different parameters of temperature, humidity, the degree of ionization.

As you can see, climate control system has many advantages, which allow an unambiguous conclusion: the intelligent system is much more effective than conventional air conditioning.

As yet to make a choice - sum up ↑

us open all the cards at once: climate control air conditioning is much more expensive home.While you most likely already know.However, you are unlikely to guess about that the monetary difference, what distinguishes one from the other air conditioning and climate control.

Now more.The price climate control - is a kind of ephemeral figure, which can not find a reason.It consists of a variety of constituent elements: the conditions set by the landlord of the problem, the number of integrable system equipment, the remoteness of the devices from each other.However, approximate figures can still be called.

For example, temperature sensors cost from 200 to 500 euros per share (they, by the way, may take a few), wall panel with remote control - 500-700 euros, relay module - from 200 to 1,000 euros.Add to this the cost of all equipment: air-conditioning, ionizers, heaters, radiators, etc.Moreover, not every device can be freely integrated into the climate control system: most of the traditional devices do not have built control module, and those that have it, there are at least 30-40 thousand rubles.That's the math.

As regards air conditioners, their price ranges from 5 to 40-50 thousand rubles.In this respect, the advantage on the side of split systems!

course, the replacement of the air conditioning climate control cost is very expensive, because this amount also includes devices and their connection and installation of the system.However, the value in this case is not determined by the cost of the equipment, and the quality of life that you get after acquiring the intellectual climate control system.