How to make the roof of the balcony

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09 April 2016

On the question of building the roof on the balcony facing the owners of "single" balcony (arranged piecemeal with respect to the wall) and residents of the upper floors in older homes.These balconies have no roof on top of the plate, but before the roof of the top floor balcony was not provided.But if you want to fully use the balcony space, not only when it's warm, but in the cold and wet weather, and, even more so if it is planned to expand and insulation, then certainly need the roof to the balcony.For information on how to build it correctly, and will be discussed in this article.


Typesbalcony roof ↑

The roof of the balcony
Question unit roof on the balcony of the residents there last floors

to balcony roof presented a few basic requirements: its construction must be reliable and robust;it should be aesthetically pleasing, so as not to

spoil the view of the facade of the house.

In its Embodiment There are two types of roofs:

  • dependent (carried out in conjunction with the supporting structures of the house);
  • independent (attached to the outer walls of the house without pillars).

Let us consider each of the options.

Dependent roof ↑

This variant of the roof requires more material and time costs.But this method is to choose, especially if you plan to complete glazed balcony, where the uprights will be useful for the installation of double-glazed window.

Dependent roof constructions robust and can withstand heavy loads, so they can choose any roofing material.The advantage is the fact that the length and other dimensions may be dependent on any roof.In addition, it is easy and convenient to attach profiles glazing, you can insulate the various insulating materials and this makes it possible to equip a warm balcony.

Independent roof ↑

This version of the device roof balcony simpler and requires less financial investment.However, this method has some drawbacks:

  • for wide balconies roof mounted versions are obtained with great fans, and it is heavier construction, making it unreliable;
  • to cover the roofs of the independent used only lightweight materials, such as corrugated board or gofrolist;
  • inability to thoroughly insulate the balcony because it is impossible to fulfill his quality glazing.

Important!Since the roof on the balcony of the top floor will have to withstand heavy snow loads, it is not recommended to use a hinged roof option.

choice of materials for the roof balcony ↑

The most common material for the roof of the balcony include:

  • various steel plates (corrugated, laminated corrugated board, gofrolist, galvanized and others.);
  • soft roofing materials (bitumen roll roofing, shingles, Onduline);
  • polycarbonate sheets or special glazing for roofs.

most advantageous in terms of price / quality material is profiled flooring.They can cover any roof balcony.It is characterized by a good structural rigidity, so do not deform under the influence of snow and wind load, and therefore no further need to repair the roof.The only drawback - the need to hold such a noise insulation of the roof.But the problem today in the presence of a wide variety of sound-insulating material is easily solved.

The roof on the balcony
profiled sheets - the most common material for covering roofs balcony

When using soft materials for roofing eliminates the need of additional sound insulation of the roof, but the need to create a rigid frame for it.

Polycarbonate sheets are used for the roof on the balcony when the option is supposed to warm glazing.This material is 15 times lighter than glass, but when the apparent brittleness has high impact strength and resistance to UV radiation, so it is not destroyed during the operation and does not lose its transparency.Its temperature range - 45 to +80 degrees Celsius.

The roof on the balcony
roofing polycarbonate durable, resistant to UV light and does not lose the years of its transparency

most expensive roofing material - is double-glazed windows for the roof, which are made of tempered glass.They are reliable, well keep warm, do not absorb moisture, are long.New windows are not afraid of any mechanical effects because the materials used to manufacture them - are strong and reliable.Glazing of balconies with a roof with the help of double-glazed windows - the simplest option, which does not require large power costs, as glazing manufactures and installs herself manufacturer.Finally, a transparent roof on the balcony looks very impressive.

The roof of the balcony
roof of glass - the most expensive but also the most original and attractive roofing material

Building roof balcony ↑

In order to understand how to make the roof of the balcony, consider a variant of the device independent of the roof with corrugated sheet.To do this, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • pre-welded supporting farm of over 60. Their number is calculated according to the length of the balcony, considering the step between one meter;
  • profiled sheets;
  • bolts or anchors a length of 10 centimeters;
  • bars (40x40 cm) for the crates;
  • screws with gaskets;
  • sealant;
  • spreading wood preservative;
  • shears or a hacksaw for cutting metal;
  • foam;
  • cement.
The roof on the balcony
Installation independent of the roof: a framework of metal trusses attached to the wall

roof installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. prepared in advance metal girders are fixed with anchor bolts, buried them in a wall of 8 cm.
  2. Oninstallation of metal trusses made from wooden crates boards.
  3. wooden structures treated with preservative to protect against rotting.
  4. steel sheet cut to the desired size using special scissors or a hacksaw for metal.Use a grinder to cut sheets are not recommended because of their edges in this case will come quickly into disrepair.
  5. These elements profiled sheet fixed to the wooden crate with screws with gaskets.
  6. formed between the plates and the inside wall of the gap is filled with foam and the outer joint portion is embedded with cement mortar (cement and sand of 1: 3) and treated with an adhesive sealant.
  7. If you plan to make repairs glazing, the edges of the roof mount boards, which are then mounted frame.
  8. Held glazed balcony.The gap between the roof and the mounting frames injected foam and from the outside is carried out waterproofing sealant.You can also mount the glazing already finished.If
  9. balcony intended use as extra living space and it needs to warm thoroughly, then we recommend using a steel sheet membrane waterproofing.

On the underside of the roof structure insulated by any insulation material (usually mineral-wool), and a heater is then sutured to the vapor barrier film.It is best to use mineral wool with foil to avoid its spillage in the balcony.

The roof on the balcony
roof insulation - a necessary procedure at the device glazed insulated balcony

Council.We must not forget to make a tight docking insulating materials: solid - with the help of foam, roll - adhesive tape.

And more.If the balcony is made airtight, it recommended a balcony roof vent to the apartment did oxygen.This recommendation reason is often neglected.

few tips to make balkonnyyu roof solid ↑

there are some nuances that need to be taken into account to make a reliable design of the roof terrace:

  • wooden beams selected for the crates should not have knots, depressions and cracks, products must becompletely smooth;
  • need to read the instructions to the selected roofing material, to understand what it can withstand the power load and is suitable for any weather conditions in the region;
  • wooden surface to be treated anticorrosion and fireproof materials;
  • check that is securely attached to the corner of the frame to the wall, and the roof - a crate;
  • in the process of laying insulation can not prevent it from getting wet;
  • not save on the quality of the materials used.

should be remembered!The device of the roof on the balcony with his hands quite a dangerous thing, as the work is carried out at height.In this case, better to cook on the ground support structure to sew her crate and corrugated board, and then secure it by lifting the desired height.

At this point, we can assume that the installation of the roof on the balcony completed.It remains only to perform interior decoration suitable for this material - paneling, drywall or siding.Exterior finish also perform a variety of finishing materials.You just have to pay attention to characteristics such as impact resistance, strength and waterproofing the surface.