How to choose the material and the method of glazing in the house porch

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09 April 2016

There is nothing more pleasant warm summer evenings!You are sitting on a summer porch and watch the colors passing day!You comfortable, quiet, and it seems like it will last forever!It is a pity that such a wonderful vacation - this advantage is only one time of the year.But such injustice can be easily remedied!All you need - is to make glazed veranda!So you can enjoy the autumn and winter landscape without leaving your own home.After all, you'll be in a room that is well protected from the wind and cold!


video story on the construction of the glassverandas ↑

Different ways glazing verandas ↑

Make room which is not heated, suitable for use at different times of the year, it is important for many reasons.For example, some want to smash a glass-covered veranda conservatory.Here you can arrange a place of rest, and e

ven to do a study.Everything will depend on the layout and design of your home or country cottage.There are different variants of the glazing of the living space.You can glaze the center part of the porch, and the walls can be made transparent on three sides.The frames for glasses can be made of many different materials.They are chosen depending on the architecture of construction and material opportunities.What attracts glazed veranda?If you use sliding aluminum construction, its function can easily be changed!Parting the frame, you get an open terrace, which, if necessary, easy to protect from hail and rain.To do this, it will need to return to the original position.

glazed veranda
So you can be "at the center" of your site

aluminum frame makes it possible to glaze veranda of any size and most bizarre.It does not interfere with light transmission and allows you to create a panoramic view.For this purpose, you can also use:

  • wooden frames;
  • sliding panels;
  • plastic frames;
  • polycarbonate;
  • frameless glazing.

latter refers to the premium and looks more modern and stylish.Therefore, solving the question of how to glaze veranda, many prefer to him.I do not think that it is fragile and brittle.It is based on the use of a thick tempered glass, which is very difficult to break.This option glazing is possible even at very large area of ​​the wall, so it we will pay special attention to.

Panoramic windows ↑

With his device implements best practices, which is based on the powerful and leaf-bearing profiles.They inserted a thick (6-12mm) tempered glass.Dimensions wings can reach up to 3 m, thereby achieving the effect of spaciousness and excellent external review.

glazed veranda
Panoramic windows has the highest review

This method - the best option for those who want to have both a glazed and an outdoor terrace.Sliding glazing can be any size and shape.Thanks to a reliable system of quality seals and opening the sash frames are held in a safe position, excluding sail system.Panoramic windows has the highest light transmittance.

Useful tips from practitioners ↑

If you spend glazing works on its own, you need to consider the following:

  • Perform pre-deployment training.This includes the development of conceptual design in the form of drawings.They will be represented by a general view of the structure, determined by its size and the material from which it is made.
  • As a basic requirement for the veranda - it is good lighting, then think carefully and pick up the glazing system.
  • to provide fresh air wing frames must be opened only inside the premises.
  • According to the rules, must be glazed veranda adjacent to the building or to the east or north side.Better if it will be opened with a view of the pond or garden.
  • As a rule, laid by the room on the ground floor, although it can be done, regardless of their location.
  • verandas should be beautifully combined with architectural shape of the entire building.Along with the beauty and practicality should take into account its cost.This question deserves special consideration.

With any method of production work on the glazing should know some of the nuances, which will be discussed further.

office on the veranda
Behind the glass can be broken and make the winter garden room

not forget about saving ↑

glaze veranda Like everyone decides for himself.Just remember that each type of glazing has its own advantages and disadvantages.What matters is that the cost of glazing favorite porch was not more than the cost of the villa.Therefore, choosing the material for this purpose, not too lazy to carefully examine the prices of all the components of the structure.

materials for verandas
form a transparent surface may be very different

cost glazing verandas will be largely determined by what you want to get a room - warm or cold.The most expensive option - is the panoramic windows and the use of wooden window frames.For the majority of developers available option of an aluminum profile and place the "golden mean" take PVC construction.In any case, in order to save their own funds it would be useful to hold a mini market analysis required materials.Since people live and rest, as a rule, within the family, do not forget to take into account when drafting the opinion of his household!Remember that the general solution always brings good fruit!Good luck!