Steam from a bar with your hands: the benefits, stages of construction

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16 April 2016

Currently, you can build a bath of different building materials offered on the market today.The main criteria influencing the choice of becoming your own preferences, financial resources and experience with a particular material.Private bath can embody your design decisions.The traditional Russian sauna is made only of wood - logs, lumber or logs, embodying all the advantages of the natural material.The simplest technique is characterized by the construction of the bath timber, which combines the natural flavor of wood and clouds of steam, allowing you to relax after working days.


Benefits boathousesof timber ↑

why many people choose to build is a bar, and not other materials?

  • First, timber is an environmentally friendly and safe material that does not contain harmful impurities;
  • Secondly, the construction of a bath from a bar with your hands does not take a lot of time and is available almost anyone with a little experience with the material and tools;
  • Third, the timber fits well into the ranks, almost does not shrink, well retain heat.
Steam from the timber can be very aesthetic
bath from a bar can be very aesthetic

It should be noted that the device of the walls of the bath timber is carried out immediately on the foundation that distinguishes this technology the erection of the construction technology of the bath timber, for which the first log is adjusted on the ground,and only then transfer them to the foundation.Another difference is the chosen material that is easy enough to calculate how much to beam in a bath.Bruce - comfortable material, which does not require the help of experts at packing, so the construction of baths from the beam can be considered cost-effective.

How to choose the construction ↑

correct location for the bath of timber is an important aspect of the initial stage of construction.Great influence on him by many factors, which include the type of soil, the topography, the presence of sewerage and water supply, the presence of the drainage system, the location of nearby buildings.The bath should be placed at the site, which has a natural slope-sided, which makes it possible to achieve a good outflow of discharged water.Naturally, by the bias should not have any facilities and buildings.

If there is a possibility to arrange a bath from a bar in the vicinity of artificial ponds, you should definitely take advantage of it.After throwing a great pleasure to swim in the cool water of the pond.

Be sure to pay attention to the future waste water baths they are not inconvenience the tenants of houses or cottages, located on adjacent sites.

choice of material, signs of marriage ↑

choosing the material of which will be built sauna from a bar with your hands, it is important to pay attention to its quality characteristics and defects.Wood should be well treated and prepared.Selected for the construction of timber should be smooth and flat, or when laying wreaths allow for the possibility of adverse issues that can move the date of construction.Only by using high-quality material can achieve good performance.

to operate the bath was a long and trouble-free, before the start of the construction work necessary to reject the bad and the damaged timber.Consider the main points to consider when choosing a high-quality material from which erected lumber baths:

  • on the surface of the rod and the ends should be no noticeable signs of decay, manifested in the form of blue;

    The appearance of signs of decay on a bar (blue)
    appearance of signs of decay on a bar (blue)
  • material shall not contain deep cracks.Bruce, having a crack to half the thickness should not be taken to the work;

    Deep cracks in the rod
    deep cracks in the rod
  • surface of the timber shall not be damaged by pests.In the presence of traces of destruction bugs (wormholes), going to the core timber, such material is subject to rejection.

    Damaged timber pests
    damaged timber pests

Undamaged sections of rejected timber to be used for the development of small items, such as window and door frames, wooden gazebo, rack, floor boards and others.

This is important!Of course, if the material has traces of rot formations or bugs, it is better not to use, not to be at risk the quality building material.

If you pay attention to the choice of tree species, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines.Lower crowns to be put out of larch, and the rest - from wood to other conifers.Larch is characterized by the preservation of its properties under the influence of a damp environment, less decay, and higher levels of water and heat insulation.

baths Construction of timber: Stages ↑

foundation for a bath from a bar ↑

When laying the foundation for a bath use columnar or banded.Each of them has its own characteristics, which have a decisive role in the choice of a particular method.In situations where the room is being built on a stony or clay soils, characterized by a sufficient depth of the ground water, we recommend the use of columnar method of laying the foundation.If the water table is close to the surface or the ground is soft then the best option would be the use of tape method.

pier foundation is laid in the traditional way.On the perimeter, corners and at the point where the internal load-bearing walls are exposed brick columns, usually in half meter intervals.In some cases, allowed to increase the gap between the support poles to two meters.When the device of the foundation in this manner for each post must be filled with concrete "cushion".

Pier foundation for a bath from a bar
pier foundation for a bath of timber - economically, quickly implemented solution

Strip foundation is characterized by the device casing, after which the surface is filled with concrete up to the level soil freezing.There should be the height of the foundation at least 50 cm above the ground that will provide protection from the effects of the lower rims of excess moisture.Start of laying wreaths log first possible after the final pour of concrete, about 2-3 weeks.

Strip foundation for a bath from a bar
option to require strip foundation walling postponed until full curing cement

Either method requires the strengthening of the foundation reinforcement, whereby increasing the strength of the whole structure and create a secure attachment for the lower crowns framework.

Continuous operation is possible only with the well-organized waterproofing baths from a bar - photo schematically illustrating the execution of the event, allowing a more complete picture.Between the plinth foundation baths and lower crown necessarily pave the waterproofing material in two layers.On the surface of the foundation is applied to the molten bitumen, and then fully veiled roofing material.The process is repeated after drying the first layer of asphalt.

Waterproofing between the logs and the foundation of the bath timber
Waterproofing between the logs and the foundation

laying the first wreath log ↑

Stage laying wreath laying begins with the device of thin wooden slats, pre-treated with antiseptic, over the entire surface of the cap base.This layer provides additional protection of the first rows of timber against moisture.The space between the slats is filled with foam insulation or mounting.At this stage carefully checked the horizontal flatness using level.

Foundation insulation
basement insulation will reduce heat loss

first row is made of thicker timber, as it has to withstand the weight of the entire structure.Most often used for laying the ring beam with a cross section of 200x200 mm, for the following rims - 150x150 mm.Laying log spend not too tight, as the material will shrink small and compact.Lower crown that is placed on the foundation, is not fixed, as the gravity of the upper series provides the necessary strength.

Brus carefully adjusted in length, after which the ends are made notching.Performing these tasks requires great precision and accuracy.Connection bars lower rim made after verification of compliance with all the required parameters, the space formed between the beam and the foundation should be filled with insulation.

Mortgage crown carcass baths compulsorily subjected antiseptic treatment, special attention is paid to the place of its fit to the foundation.

construction of floors and walls ↑

When assembling the floor should be noted that for the removal of water from the surface to do a small slope of 3-4 degrees.At this stage, on the foundation set logs, which are then fastened floorboards.

Laying insulation between crowns
Laying insulation between crowns

square log walls of the bath are added in a certain order.Crowns carefully aligned horizontally, fastened together with metal pins or wooden pins.Fasteners driven into a special discharge openings, which should correspond to the diameter of the mounting pin.

between the boards for the thermal insulation is laid insulation (eg, tow, jute, moss).The height of the wall should not be too high, as a large area will be more difficult to heat.

device door and window openings ↑

After the erection of walls and floors are ready to install door and window frames.In areas intended for windows and doors, walls when laying out timber is left small gaps.After shrinking a log house in the planned locations of the hole corresponding to the parameters of door and window frames.

Future window opening
future window opening
The opening under the door frame
crack under the door frame

final stage of construction ↑

final stage of construction of the bath timber is considered to be the preparation of log shrinkage, which lasts at least six months.After preparing the carcass is placed on the upper rims number of boards that is completely covered with slate or roofing material.After a period of time laid perform finishing work and produce the final landscaping baths.

Erection of roof structure ↑

roof for a bath is a pent or gabled.The first type is well suited for small baths, it differs a cheaper cost of production.Roofs of the second type are characterized by a complex structure, has been successfully applied to larger structures, such as for a bath from a bar with a loft.

Recent trends in the construction of baths from the beam ↑

The two-storey bathhouse from a bar
two story room of the timber: in the spacious attic can be arranged recreation room or a small gym

Recently great demand baths of timber storey, combining the functions of a traditional bath and living quarters.And finally, the inside looks like a modern room of the timber - photo interiors.

Interior finishing bath
The interior decoration of the bath is traditionally dominated by wood, perfectly in harmony with the brick oven
Benches and shelves in the interior of the bath timber
benches and shelves in the interior of the bath timber
Option of a modern interior in a bath from a bar
version of a modern interior in a bath from a bar: a pleasant environment has to take bathprocedures

Video: the process of construction of square log baths ↑