Construction of the original beds from plastic bottles

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15 April 2016

more popular worthless thing than a plastic bottle, it is difficult to find.Sales of carbonated drinks, mineral water and light in the summer of alcohol increase many times, which means that even for large structures out of plastic bottles Consumables enough.Gardeners have long appreciated the practicality of the packaging, are actively using it as a seedling pots, boxes for small items and molds for the kids play in the sandbox.But the possibility of using plastic containers do not end there.This material has a number of characteristics which allow to create not only the exclusive landscape decoration, but practical and durable construction.


advantages of this material in the garden-ogorodnoy practice are obvious:

  • plastic - a cheap and abundant material throughout;
  • thin plates are easily cut and glued together without
    the need for processing of professional equipment;
  • easily colored polyethylene;
  • plastics do not lose their shape, do not corrode, are not susceptible to damage from moisture or change of temperature;
  • plastic bottle itself can withstand the solid load, and becomes more durable water filled timber.

These qualities and gratuity plastic bottle made one of the most popular materials among fans exclusive holiday decor.

plastic on the flowerbed
plastic bottle - cheaper material, which gives huge scope for creativity

flowerbeds of whole plastic bottles ↑

The easiest way to organize the flower beds of plastic bottles - basic okantovyvanie prepared for the landing area.Etched into the ground containers not only decorate a flower bed with flowers, but also keep the land from being washed away.Plastic parts can be used in "intact", leaving them with a factory color, but they are easily and staining.Enamel or acrylic with the addition of caramel expands the horizons of imagination.The very bottom of a bottle, someone Five-designed in the form of a flower, while pouring a contrasting color looks very elegant, turning into a daisy.Created with his own hands a flower bed of the bottles will stand without deformation longer if the ground before the instillation container filled with water.Besides, if she did not stain the bottle, the sun's rays are refracted in the water, turn into sparkling sunbeams, run up along the paths from the makeshift beds.Decoration beds with plastic bottles - an interesting and exciting experience.Fencing can be both colorful and monotonous, very simple bed for flowers in form or oddly cut up, flat or tiered.

with their own hands
dug around the perimeter of the flower bed bottle - ready fences

Higher construction can be organized by the "woodpile".The height of such beds is limited only by the wishes of the grower.The original plastic "wells" can safely be planted even plants creeping roots as a margin of safety design is quite respectable.As the bonding material may be a conventional adhesive, although many masters prefer to cook monolithic structure by heating.For such work does not require even a gas burner, enough heat from a candle or soldering.

pots out of the bottle
Art cutting and heating turn a plastic bottle into a work of art

Those who decided to wipe the complex forms have to work a little more.Making beds of plastic bottles in the form of a ball or boats requires prior cutting bottoms, which will require a lot.The main difficulty is to find the most original form such a cavity.As support can take an ordinary children's ball.Prepared bottoms that can be pre-paint and countersigned in contact with the ball.After the volume is laid and dried sufficiently and blow the ball return children.The question is how to make a bed out of bottles spherical resolved.The bottom of the design is laid out with a dense film that prevents precipitation of soil and can be planted flowers.The same structure can be used as a vase large since water will keep it securely.Making a flower bed of plastic bottles can be monotonous and colorful.

lightweight and practical plastic allows you to build a variety of forms

For greater structural strength can be a kind of cement base fence, but the bed in such a case is already fixed, and to transfer it to another location will require a serious dismantling of the foundation.No fixed model less durable, but also more mobile.Such a bed of plastic bottles is easy to disassemble.Just do not rush to throw "building material".The bottles did not lose shape, it is enough to wash them clean and tidy until next spring.The winter months are enough to come up with more original design exclusive flower garden.

Planters from plastic bottles ↑

Suspended cups with green camouflage perfectly plain wall garden buildings

In addition to the garden flowerbeds vertical surfaces can be decorated with decorative pots of the same material.Plastic elementary cut the most common knife in the hands of the wizard turns into a work of art.Pinned on the ropes, or chains of small pots of various shapes - a great opportunity not only to put your favorite diverse vines and marigolds, but also to cover their nondescript wall Outbuildings.The only prerequisite structure - the presence of the hole for drainage of rainwater.This will protect the soil from rotting.The holes for the ribbons holding the cups themselves, can break through the usual punch paper.

These miniature makeshift beds of plastic bottles can make even the children, and the process will give them a lot of fun.The only danger - possibly injured by sharp-edged plastic, what children should be forewarned.However, this risk persists and planting flowers, but it is easy to prevent okantovyvaniem cut edge of the bottle with tape or duct tape.The first and still play the role of decorative rims, thanks proposed by manufacturers range of colors.

Mini beds of large plastic bottles ↑

bottle for beds
bottles of drinking water - nearly finished miniature bed

The form of plastic bottles can suggest an idea for a future composition.Someone sees in the bottoms of the flowers, someone saw the petals of tulips in the neck, someone closed cap bottles of drinking water resembles a hedgehog or a pig snout.Ideas to decorate a flower bed with plastic bottles, prompt even children.The cut side a sculpture, turning it into a hollow boat - a perfect place for planting a small flower.From plastic residues can build sails weightless.

Video: garden beds of plastic bottles with their hands ↑