Rockery their own hands - a piece of "rock" of the nature of the soul

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13 April 2016

rockeries Create your own hands is not only simple, but also very practical.The owners of country houses, who want to enjoy the beauty and do not like to waste time on earthworks, has long been erected in his stations rockery.This kind of flower beds do not require constant care, watering and weeding, so it has every year more and more fans.Of course, the most important argument for such a large number of fans of rock beds is its natural beauty.


place to create a rockery ↑

If you have already decided exactly what this flower bed should be in your country, first of all, you need to choose the right place for it.You must assess the relief area.Have it sudden changes in height - the most appropriate option.If the terrain is flat, do not worry, you can always manmade hill or slope.

construction of rockeries
Rockery in the garden requires constant care

creating rockeries fir

st time, you can work out in the small mini-slide and then taken for construction of a large stone flower bed.If you just want to build a high-quality composition of large, then consult with a specialist or invite a designer.In extreme cases, help to create rockeries photos that can tell a lot, and whereby ye clever ideas.

how to create rockeries
creating rockeries first time, you can work out in a little mini hill

types rockeries ↑

Rockery in the garden on the way to create can be divided into three types: classic, flat and retaining wall.

classic type is particularly suitable for mountainous and hilly terrain.On the slopes you can always put more flowers and other plants than on level ground.Also here the easiest to simulate a real mountain landscape with canyons, cliffs, rocks and scree.Creative individuals have a wonderful opportunity to bring their ideas and experiment with a variety of shrubs landing among the rocks.

flat or horizontal flower garden created on a flat garden plot.More often it are planting conifers, significantly transforming the landscape in front of the house.The main advantage of such beds is that perennials growing on it can not be seasonal temperature changes, because everything is on one level.It will help to quickly create rockeries flat circuit you sketched out on paper in advance.This will reduce the time and opportunity to prepare the right amount of stones and flowers.

scheme on leaf
not to waste time to think when you create a flower garden sketched in advance of its scheme on leaf paper

retaining wall is most often located on the edge of the area, where it begins a fence or building.This arrangement allows rockeries plant flowers in several tiers.For example, in the background - high arborvitae or other perennials in the front - short clove bushes, and between the stones - any variety of saxifrage.In general, here, too, there is room for the imagination.

Rules arrangement flower garden ↑

Before making rockeries, you should define the boundaries of the territory assigned to it and clear it of weeds and grass.After that, the site is removed from the surface layer of soil thickness of 20-25 cm. You should get a mini-pit, the bottom of which was covered with geotextile.This non-woven fabric will prevent the growth of weeds.

instead of geotextiles You can put a layer of thick cardboard, straw or any dry grass.On top of falling asleep coarse sand, about 5 cm. This is so the title of an imitation of the drainage system.Drainage is necessary in order to prevent water accumulation on the stones of the future flower beds.On the sand keeps the main ground, after which the surface should be razravnyat beds and a little compacted to further stones are not sags to the ground.

laying the ground soil
After laying the basic area should be compacted soil

primer used the one that was removed from the pit.It should be clear from the roots of weeds that can be done with a sieve.If the earth is shot down, it is possible to add to it a little peat to saturate with oxygen.Without fertilizer can do, plants for rockeries usually chosen such that perfectly grow in any environment.Next

stones stacked on a bed.The largest boulders should be installed in the center of the prepared site.Around them, placed the average copies and closer to the outer edge of the flower bed - the smallest.Laying stones depends on what kind of rockeries you create.The above example is characteristic of the classical type.If you make a horizontal flower garden, the stones are selected about one magnitude to the relief beds had no sudden changes.For the retaining wall large boulders taken place in the background, and lower - on the front.

After laying the stones, the holes backfilled between same-prepared soil.In soil planted plants, and the intervals between their stems and stones covered with a layer of crushed stone.So that no air pockets, gravel must be thoroughly compacted.

stones rockeries must be of the same origin.Try to use the material of those species, which are characteristic for your region, it will give your flower bed the most natural look.

Plants for the rock beds ↑

If you contrived mini rockeries, tall and large plants it will look unnatural.This ground cover will approach such as Sagina subulata, phlox styloid and sedum false.These flowers not only decorate the spaces between the stones, but the summer will play the role of a living mulch, giving rise accidentally got into the soil of weeds.Also very effective on small beds of stone look-superkarliki plants such as spruce, arborvitae, young and saxifrage.

greens all year round
Conifers will delight the eye with their greens year round

Flowers for rockeries usual value selected for one main criteria: they should be in harmony with the composition.One important piece of advice: create a flower bed the first time, do not try to immediately disembark exotic plants, about which you know little.They can be capricious in the new climatic conditions and to help them you can not.To start, stop your choice on proven perennial plants, such as tulips, daffodils, primroses and muscari.The easiest and safest option are marigolds that will bloom until frost.

irreplaceable in rockeries conifers, they allow a bed green year-round, which is important for many owners.This pyramid-shaped and cushion-fir, juniper, dwarf arborvitae and microbiota.

creating his own flower bed, you put soul into the stones and flowers

without groundcover also can not do.These include the cat's paw, zhivuchka, chickweed, Iberis evergreen, bloodroot, and different varieties of purslane.It is important to plant the flowers so that they blend of tones.But this is a personal master.The most important thing is that creating rockeries with their hands, you put the soul into the stones and plants.Even your bed zapestreet with rainbow colors, and the best designers in the world assert that this is not correct, as long as it pleases you and your loved ones enjoyable.

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