Homemade humidifier with their hands - 3 variants of manufacturing

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10 April 2016

Russian "Kulibin" - brainy people and make a humidifier with their hands for them nothing.Moreover, the principle of operation of this device is very simple.Consider the most popular options manufacturing dampening device for the house and try to give detailed instructions for each of the proposed methods.


How the humidifier works?↑

To get started is to understand how to operate a humidifier.Any such device evaporates water flooded into it, and then delivers the resulting vapor with air in the room.You can even "draw" the following picture: a basin of water and lowered it with a towel.This simple humidifier can also be used in everyday life, however, it is ineffective, as the only moisturizes the air in the immediate neighborhood.

, modern units operate somewhat differently.So, humidifiers in cold couple sprayed moisture by

using a fan and a fine grid, steam equipment used for humidification principle of the iron (heating element immersed in the water evaporates it and "pushes" the resulting vapor outside), ultrasonic transform water into water cloudusing a piezoelectric element that can produce high-frequency vibrations.

Using these simple skills can make a machine that will not give way to "store" humidifiers almost nothing, outwardly well, except it will be somewhat different.

Bottle version ↑

To produce "bottle" humidifier you need the following materials and tools:

  • battery of central heating (not walled into the wall)
  • half or two-liter plastic bottle from under the water (of course, empty)
  • a Scotch
  • lasting a long piece of cloth or rope
  • gauze length of about one meter

This homemade humidifier did not consume electricity, easy to assemble and does not leave things standing in the room, the salt deposit, as it usually happens withultrasonic devices popular today.But most importantly - it does not require any financial investments, well, perhaps just have to buy a tape, gauze and drink mineral water poltorashku.

Cheapest humidifier
Cheapest humidifier is made of a conventional bottle and a piece of gauze.Cheaper than you can imagine!

Instructions manufacturing

  1. With scissors cut through a hole in a plastic bottle length of 10-12 cm and a width of 5-7 cm. The slot should be located in the side of the future of the humidifier.
  2. Take a piece of fabric and cut away the two long strips of the same size.Bottle hung over the ribbon extending from a "bunching" pipe so that the slotted hole is at the top of
  3. For greater durability and reliability design anchoring junction bottles and ribbons tape
  4. Take the gauze and fold it several times.Should get a rectangle of 1 meter and a width of about 10 cm.
  5. One end of gauze omit the opening of the bottle, and the other wrapped around the pipe.You can even enhance the moisturizing effect by taking two pieces of gauze and erecting two wick.
  6. With the second bottle pour water into the hole and, voila, a humidifier is ready!

How to make a humectant from the old bucket and expanded clay?↑

Expanded clay - excellent material for the manufacture of a humidifier, because it may absorb moisture, and release it.

Expanded clay humidifier
Expanded clay humidifier consists of trash buckets of water, pump and cooler.Simple and effective.

You will need:

  • four bins (two smaller and two larger)
  • bucket liter twelve
  • aquarium pump
  • computer cooler 140mm
  • household hair dryer
  • plastic ties

Instructions for making

  1. Please connect together two small bins.Connect it on the rim by means of household hair dryer, but if all of a sudden it is not, then you can do with plastic fasteners.You should have a future body moisturizer, hollow inside.
  2. In the same way, and connect the two large baskets, but must be placed inside them your existing body of the small baskets.As a result, you have on hand two-layer assembly, in its form and purpose resembles a thermos of four plastic buckets.
  3. bottom of the top big baskets should be cut with a knife, or simply cut a hole in it for the filling of expanded clay.Expanded clay is necessary to take such a size that it can not "leak" through the holes of the baskets.
  4. At the bottom of the bucket is placed dvenadtsatilitrovogo aquarium pump, a tube from her carried to the top of the structure.Plastic ring with the holes located "on top" of the future of the humidifier - the moisture from these holes will drain down the back of expanded clay in the bucket.
  5. At the top of the humidifier to install a computer cooler, which will pump air into the expanded clay walls, saturated with moisture, and then through the holes in the trash will be his "kick out" outside.
Computer cooler
Computer cooler is mounted on top of the structure.It will catch up to the air moistened expanded clay

humidifier principle of operation of the waste baskets based on the "work" of expanded clay, so it's worth it to pay more attention to this "ingredient".Filter granules carefully, and before they go to sleep in the unit is required to flush the entire concrete block with warm water.

humidifier out of the bottle and cooler ↑

humidifier on the cold couple standing in store 1500-3000 rubles.But the price may fall a hundred times right before your eyes.To observe this incredible spectacle, you will need one bottle from under the water (preferably desyatilitrovaya), one computer cooler and tape.

Instructions manufacturing

  1. Cut from the top part of the bottle with the neck so that the hole to be able to install the cooler.
  2. Secure cooler bottle using adhesive tape.You can take some thick cardboard to make it a little less than the size of the slot cooler housing and all that attached to the bottle with the same adhesive tape - it would be more reliable.
  3. Turn the cooler on the network.Your humidifier is ready!However, do not expect super-powers.

These simple production versions humidifier at home certainly will be useful.Let not even in a city apartment, and in the country.The air is everywhere and always be comfortable.