Moorish lawn with his own hands: create a flowering meadow at the cottage

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11 April 2016

Moorish lawn - is blossoming meadow, which is not only seeded green grass, and colorful flowers.These lawns have created many centuries ago in Spain and North Africa.Then the Moors and Arabs formed their own state and built palaces with magnificent parks, which combines elements of the culture of different peoples.Slavs, living in Spain, really miss the native house, so the gardens planted wild flowers to express their love for the motherland.These colorful field very quickly became popular.


When the epoch of geometrically correct flowerbeds and clipped lawns, Moorishgardens began to leave by the wayside and forgotten about them.But nowadays more and more people are discovering the beauty of motley grasses in their area.

blooming prairie
Moorish lawn - is blossoming meadow

Advantages and disadvantages of variegated garden ↑

Motley lawn, unlike monochromatic

green, wonderfully diverse.He changes his appearance about once a week and always pleasing to the eye with new buds.It is not necessary to regularly mow or cut, because all the plants on the lawn will green round summer.If some flowers dropped petals and dried up, it will be enough to go and manually collect dead stems.You can use clippers or shears.

This lawn does not need to plant every spring.Moorish grasses grow and every year sprout thicker and more beautiful.If there were bare patches in the lawn, should not be upset, it is always possible to fix the problem areas in the plant seedlings of annuals.

drawbacks for such a lawn is not a lot, and those that are not so significant as to compare them with the above advantages.Yet, if the usual green grass you can drive the ball, the flowers on the lawn Moorish not tolerate trampling.Walking through the flower garden is acceptable, you can put a bench and run and frolic and you yourself do not want to.

Moorish herbs
This lawn does not need to plant every spring, Moorish grasses grow and every year sprout thicker and more beautiful

next minus is also correct, it probably can be attributed to the recommendations on the selection of plants.So: the lawn should bloom from late May to early October, so the variety of colors should be early, late and middle seeds in one package.Otherwise, your garden will look like a field with dandelions - one week it has a beautiful light yellow heads, three days - white balls and the rest of the summer - the green monotony.In general, a properly selected seeds - is the key luxuriously blooming meadows.

Plants for the Moorish meadow
If you choose the wrong plants for the Moorish meadow, he quickly left the bud and monotonous.A clear example is the field of dandelions

Selection mixture of Moorish lawn ↑

Moorish lawn to use most of the seeds of grasses like fescue and ryegrass.In simple terms - it is fine cereals, which do not require special care, well-experienced frosts and drought.They are mixed with the seeds of various species of perennial and annual flowers.

Such mixtures sometimes contain up to forty different species of annuals.The best option would be the composition, which will include volunteer plants.These flowers are well survive the winter and spring, germinate themselves with perennials.If buying a mixture, you find that there is such a part of the plant, add them to your own.Otherwise, your garden will lose over time, some of their bright colors and will be washed out.Perennial flowering plants are usually unpretentious and low growth.They also tolerate low temperatures and other extreme conditions.

plants lawn
Maki very bright look among green grass and faded inflorescences

An interesting occupation is independent of the choice of plants for the lawn.And if you do not flowerbeds first year and have a lot of his own collected seed, it also saves money.

independently to collect grass mixture, it is necessary to consider that it should consist of 20% grasses and 80% of the colors that are not only beautifully combined with spikelets, but also enjoy yourself.Making the choice is from which, most importantly, the right combination of plants during the flowering period.Moorish lawn suitable for various bright colors.If you prefer the pale and delicate inflorescences, the contrast would still have to add.Macy's, tulips and grouse fine "dilute" the coloristic lawn.Also look beautiful daisy, marigold, forget-me, chrysanthemums, daffodils and crocuses.

Moorish lawn
collecting own seeds, you can save a lot of budget

soil preparation and care ↑

Plant a Moorish lawn with his own hands is easy.The main thing - to properly prepare the soil.To do this, dig up the site so as for a garden lawn.In too hard shot down and the land can add peat and sand.At the same time to make organic fertilizer.If the site was previously overgrown with weeds, it must be treated with herbicide continuous action such as glyphosate or raundala.

Next soil must be leveled, compacted special garden roller and sprinkle it lightly settled.It is desirable in such a way to leave the station for a few days, then loosen it a bit, and sow seeds.In the first three to four weeks to pour the next Mauritanian lawn you often, at least twice a day.It is better to set a fine spray, as large drops can dislodge seeds from the soil.

When the plants sprout, it is necessary to watch, that was not among them weeds.If a large number of them rises, it is possible to repeat the spraying of herbicides.In principle, this entire process and reduces flowering lawn care.

Lawn mowing is rare, but it must be done correctly.For example, in the first year the grass is mowed once at the end of the season.This can be done only after the annual flowers ottsvetut and dispel their seeds.In the second year you need to look at the situation.It happens that the grass comes up before flowering plants, because it has the autonomic system developed much better.In such cases, haircuts May not be avoided, so as not to drown out the grass flowers.Clipped grass should be at least 8 cm. If the lawn mower in a position to set does not work, then it is better to use a trimmer or a hand scythe.Cut vegetation should be removed from the site.

mowing the lawn
need to cut the grass before sprout flowers and after they dissipate their seeds

Generally, cutting Moorish lawn - it is a very individual matter.Only when he saw riot of herbs you can say exactly cut or not to cut.And no this problem can not solve the correct owner of the site.If you still have any doubts about the timing of mowing grass, then it is better to leave things as they are clean and the lawn once in late autumn.At least, you will not upset the balance of flowering wild plants.

Now that vyznat how to create his own Moorish lawn and some flowers for him to pick up, you can safely get to work.Let your work pleases relatives and neighbors.Creative success to you and good luck!

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