Homemade air purifier - a portable battery-powered version

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09 April 2016

The air in the room can not be perfectly clean.Dusty slurry harmful toxins and can release even "harmless" furnishings.Negative List will complement the animal hair, the smell of failed courses, the smoke from the soldering operation ... The list can be replenished indefinitely, especially with the above paragraphs badly mismanaged ventilation.Means of struggle has - purification or filtration of the air mass, for that does not need to purchase an expensive device factory.Make it possible to cleaner air with his hands, thus saving a considerable sum to cover the immediate needs of the family budget.


Types and methods of cleaning ↑

reinventing the wheel is not necessary.All possible ways to remove contaminants thoroughly investigated by manufacturers of household cleaning devices.After examining their operating principle can be useful to build a personal home-m


An air purifier can do with their hands on the standard used by the industry to the principles of
air purification principle is to capture harmful components, industrial devices can also ionize the air mass composition

Cleansing the air mass in the room performed:

  • Simple mechanical filtration.Action is to arrest the large airborne particles, animal hairs.For their capture channel ventilation is equipped with a fine metal mesh.
The operating principle of the air cleaner
To the mechanical purification of air is sucked into the device fan, after filtration and saturation useful ions and moisture back into the room
  • electrostatic cleaning.It operates due to the attraction of particles with different charges.Positively charged dust captured by the negatively charged plate of the device.The electrostatic filter collects fine soot and dust, but does not capture organic pollutants and toxins.
  • Water "wash" the air.It operates by gravity negatively charged water flying in the air of harmful molecules with a positive charge.
  • absorbent cleaning.The principle of operation is based on its ability to substances such as coal, soda, essential oils, a number of herbs and spices, to absorb harmful toxic molecules pores.Adsorption reduce the content of substances with a negative "aroma", molecules of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful impurities in the air.

Let's not get carried away describing purification methods to get rid of microbes, the smallest distributors infections and microparticles.Such methods are necessary air filtration in the laboratories of research institutions in surgical operating rooms.Consider an option that is sure to find application in the home.

Homemade Air Purifier ↑

simple to produce cleaner with a carbon filter will need to stock up on:

  • miniature fan operating at a voltage of 12 V;
  • Crohn battery terminal and for her;
  • a box of plastic, the size of which will set the fan inside it;
  • charcoal filter.
How to make the air cleaner with his own hands
Master will need to buy a cell battery "Krona" at 12, the fan, the coal filtration plate, and a plastic container for housing

process of making homemade ↑

box will serve as a body.Fan is necessary for the circulation of cleaned air mass, battery required to power the cooler.So, the housing need to make holes for connecting the battery and to ensure the free flow of air to the activated carbon filter, which will stimulate the flow of the fan.

  • marker to mark up the plastic box line of future cuts for admission and discharge of purified air on the lid and the bottom to connect the feeder element in the center of the bottom edge.
Making cleaner air with his hands
On the bottom of a plastic box should be opening for the connection of the supply element
  • carefully saw through the hole of the planned lines.
Cleaner air with his hands: make housing plastic boxes
holes on the plastic box can jigsaw to saw or sharp knife
  • battery to the ventilator will be connected via a terminal.To increase the reliability of the solder contact is better.
  • Klemm we must stick to the fan, and then test the functionality to create a "hub".
  • received confirmation of the correctness of connections made, all items are installed in the housing-box.
Homemade device for cleaning the air is almost ready
All components of the future devices combine - a homemade device for cleaning the air is almost ready
  • In accordance with the dimensions of the box cut out carbon filter.It needs to be put on top of the fan.
Charcoal filters for air purification
're only cut filter and set it on top of the fan

Here and ready self-made air cleaner assembly that took the least time was not spent much money and effort.

How to make cleaner with humidifier ↑

principle similar facilities.It will only take a bulk container in which the hole will need to make only a fan and a power supply.Propylene is also necessary to bolt holes with which to fix the fan zone in the upper surface of a homemade device.The lower part of the cleaner will be filled with water.

battery can be used instead of a 12-volt power supply, allowing the device to connect to a fixed network.If the water in the cleaning tool to enrich the sea salt air in the room will also be ionized, sated useful molecules.

Driving and operation of factory device purification and humidification
scheme and operation of the factory unit of purification and humidification: supply of water in the pan must be regularly replenished, for ionization require special additives

Focusing on already embedded in the production of technical developments, it is possible to make any device himself.Super complex in makeshift devices for air purification nothing.Everything is based on competent application of laws of physics on the diligence, hard work and the ability to use tools.