Pavilions for pools: types, methods, devices

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14 April 2016

pavilion for the pool - it's an easy and transparent design that may have a different shape and form, making it perfectly fits in almost any interior landscape and thus does not violate the general harmony and proportion.However, the pavilion serves not only the aesthetic function, but also has quite an important practical purpose:

• Reduces heat loss.The presence of the pavilion greatly reduces energy consumption for heating swimming pools;

• Reduces water loss by evaporation;

• Prevents water pollution from the atmosphere;

• Protects against the effects of weather;

• refracts direct ultraviolet rays;

• In winter, reduces the likelihood of damage to the pool;

• Up to 50% savings in chemicals needed to maintain water quality;

• Provides security for bathing;

• Extends the swimming season to twelve months in a year.


Types pavilions for artificial reservoirs ↑

• Pavilions for pools Spas;

• Combined pavilions;

• high pavilions;

• halls of medium height;

• low Pavilions for pools.

An example of the high pavilion
example high pavilion

equipped pavilion elongated rails can move it beyond the pool.So the owners of the pavilion will always have a choice: whether to swim in the fully closed, open or half-open the pool.

When choosing the height of the pavilion need to decide exactly what is required of this protective coating.The design, which rises one meter from the surface, prevents water from entering the dust and debris.To swim in the pool will need to move the section and enjoy the clean, warm water.The low height of the roof does not block visibility.Average height allows access to the pool through a special door that is usually installed at the end portion.

Protective coatings are also equipped with a great height doors, but compared with the previous version, they allow free movement along the sides of the pool, as well as allow you to set inside the pavilion chairs, tables, chairs.

forms and types of structures ↑

Pavilion asymmetric form is steady Swimming Hall, which has a high side wall.With front sliding panels.

Pavilions for pools round spherical dome made up of a stable structure, is made of mirror stainless steel.Overlap for round the pool is made of a double-thick polycarbonate four millimeters (with a width of seven meters and eight millimeters).

Sliding pavilion for the pool as standard consists of four sections.In order to increase the number of sections is possible.To transport the sections used rolling systems with guide rails that do not require maintenance.

Arc de Triomphe pavilions are made of mirrored stainless steel.The maximum size of an intermediate step may be 1.05 meters.All shear sections have at least 3 bearing arc profiles.Roof plate has a fixed width.The length of the section depending on the length of the overlap.

Example pavilion for round pool
Pavilion for pool round type

Construction of the pavilion with his hands ↑

Construction of the pavilion rather expensive.Because many people have a desire to build a pavilion for the pool with their hands.It should take into account some of the recommendations:

Pavilion must be installed on a special basis, the width and the length of which must be five - seven centimeters more prospective dimensions erected protective structure.

Even if the pavilion is used for the manufacture of polycarbonate and aluminum profiles, the overall weight of the structure can be up to five tons.Because the thickness of the concrete base should be at least 50-60 centimeters.It is recommended to use double-reinforced concrete with a mesh size 20x20 centimeters.

build pavilions for pools with their hands should be based on the width of the base should be determined by guide rails.Usually it is not more than fifty centimeters in the pavilion from sections 5 and not more than thirty-eight centimeters during the construction of the four-section of the pavilion.

When constructing a base to consider is that not enough simply to lay paving stones or flagstones on gravel or sand.It is better to cover the concrete base tile or granite, it will prevent the concrete from moisture, but it also hides the irregularities.

Pavilion for pool built without the intervention of specialists
Pavilion for pool built without the intervention of specialists

recommended sandwiched between plastic and polycarbonate curly sheet of galvanized iron.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the reliability of sealing honeycomb polycarbonate.This is usually done with a special tape or colorless silicone sealant with anti-fungal agents.

Polycarbonate Profile fastened with screws.It is recommended to enclose under the cap screws washers stainless metals, such as galvanized iron.Size washers can be, for example 1,5h1,5 centimeters.Then attaching covered with sealant.This is done in order to avoid breakage of polycarbonate in the mounting location.

Care pavilions ↑

Care Pavilion is quite simple and does not require much effort.With the special coating of polycarbonate panels prevents the formation of spots and streaks.In winter, the construction needs to be systematic attention - it is necessary from time to time to clean off the snow from the roof of the pavilion.