Pools for questioning - a review of options and ways to build and equip

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13 April 2016

Alas, not everyone can afford a wellness vacation at sea.As a rule, for two reasons holding back people in a desire to: lack of funds and a catastrophic shortage of time.But there is a good thing: many people have the cottage, so there is possible to arrange a resort!Pools for questioning - the only true solution for hanging sultry summer days, as close to the resort conditions.


Advantages of the pool at the cottage ↑

Private Pool in the country- an excellent option for cooling in the summer heat.It can be enough to make a splash and a morning swim.And what is fun for kids!They can play there, swim, frolic.Swimming - this is a very useful exercise for the health and well being.

Swimming pool skimmer type
skimmer pool - pond with crystal clear water

Today, modern villa is completely different from the infield of the past decades.Now residents of megacities, tired of the urban bustle, do not rush to plant on his land cucumbers, tomatoes and engage in agricultural work is very tedious.Today villa is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation and comfort, and people practice the creation of the pool in the country, as an attribute of quality entertainment.His presence - not just a question of prestige, but also a measure of comfort.

pool garden solves several problems.First of all - it's a pond for swimming and enjoying life, with the advantage of not argue is because the dip in the cool water of the sultry summer days out of competition.

Secondly, this creates a reservoir in a recreation area a special wellness climate.Also, the pool can act as a storage tank for irrigation.

Pools to give feedback received only positive (when properly installed and operating), but unless they can be negative, it's fun for the whole family and vivid emotions of life.

Choice pools: cheap or eternal?↑

How to choose a swimming pool for a summer residence among the huge variety of options?Indeed, there are plenty to choose, only, you must first determine the specific type of pool that is optimal for a particular suburban area.Before you get this body of water, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points: type of pool, the method of installation and performance.

Pool stationary type
stationary concrete bowl - a variety of large-scale and making curly

photo accompanying the article pools in the country are a good example of the diversity of solutions.Market range can fully satisfy even the most refined tastes and requirements, so every potential buyer will find a suitable option.

For example, inflatable pools are popular among people who often go to the country and among the tourists because this kind of basin is characterized by mobility and ease.Sectional design popular among owners of private residences, which can be expanded with the arrival of summer and removed after the swimming season.And if a person decides to make a purchase stationary option, then he should pay attention to this aspect: the construction of such a pool requires precise calculations and knowledge of the case.

Classification of artificial reservoirs ↑

Undoubtedly, every kind of swimming pool has its own advantages and disadvantages.Pools are classified according to the constructive species, by type and by type of overflow trim.

By Design version ↑

Inflatable pools

fastest and most profitable in terms of money kind of pools.This bag made of PVC film (in a strengthened version) reinforced with polyester mesh.This is an inflatable swimming pool edging, which, respectively, and is filled with air.

Inflatable pool view
Inflatable pool - portability and easy installation

time for installation is about an hour, and the service life depends on operating conditions (per month - 5 years).As this pool has no skimmer or filter, it needs to clean debris that will accumulate on the bottom.To no water was green, not mutnela necessary time to add chemistry, include filtration system, change the cartridge.In addition, the upper edge pool needed to pump periodically.

Collapsible pools

frame pools are also suitable for the garden, they are delivered in boxes throughout the day so it is possible to assemble the pool (not including the time to prepare the place and the bay water).Steel sheet metal is the wall of the pool, and serves as a waterproofing and finishing Chashkov bag made of PVC film.

Collapsible design
Wireframe view pool - budget solution for a country holiday

frame pools for giving seasonal type parsed according to the season and frost do not understand the options, and saving time.Plus, they are additionally equipped with a ladder, filtration system skimmer, hoses and nozzle return water.Prefabricated swimming pools are different from the previous type of aesthetic and robust design, high-quality filtration system and a greater degree of usefulness.

stationary type pools

Pools to give stationary built once, they do not understand and are not transferred to another location.Therefore, before you install a swimming pool in the country of this type should be well thought out choice of location for the construction.

Stationary pools are set on the streets and indoors, as they may have different shapes and sizes, equipped with attractions (hydro, counter, waterfall, geyser, lights).

It is a reliable option, durable pool, which meets all the demands and deserves more confidence.Of course, it is a more expensive option, but in fact for the sake of a dream is not to scrimp.

Ready bath

Ready bath pool
plastic tub to the pool - a long-term operation, easy maintenance

They are used in cases where there is a desire to build a fixed pool in a short time.This fiberglass or polypropylene tubs, which are made in the production and are supplied ready to use.

By type overflow ↑

By type of overflow pools are skimmer and overflow.Along the perimeter of the pool overflow mounted lattice occurs overflow water overboard and getting it into the storage tank.This system enlarges the size of an artificial pond, and it can be filled to the brim.

infinity pool - an artificial body of water with continuous circulation and water purification

skimmer pools filled with 14 cm lower than the edge of the bowl, the water in such a system does not spill out of the pool.Water that falls into the pool, skimmer filtered.This is a cheaper option, popular in the private sector.

Variations basins mind finishing ↑

finishing basins there is a film, polypropylene, tiled, mosaic.

PVC film - the web material presented in different color tones: blue, turquoise, white and blue;image mosaic is more expensive.This film accomplishes the function and finish, and waterproofing.The propylene

finish - a polymeric material having a high strength, good weldability and resistance to aggressive environments.Due to the excellent performance polypropylene is widely regarded as the "king of plastics."Often used in the construction of swimming pools propylene sheet blue / blue color with a glossy finish.

Mosaic - the material for lining
beautiful mosaic cladding

Decorating with mosaics (tiles) - uses a special material with a minimum percentage of water absorption.Most often, tiles off with public swimming pools, and in private possession more popular mosaic.It gives the pool an interesting aesthetic shades, modulations and glubokoizognutye form.

In addition, pools are still closed, and open.

Construction of swimming pools - economical solution ↑

How to make a pool in the country and to save money without resorting to the services of teams of specialists and using a minimum of materials?It is feasible desire, time-consuming, but still like to give pools are built with their own hands and it is quite justifiable to do.

presented in the article stationary homemade pool - an economical option equipment artificial reservoir.First, you need to dig a pit (in the chosen location for this purpose) with minimum dimensions of 4 × 4 m, depth of 1.5 m. The excavation removed the roots of plants, to when installing waterproofing they do not interfere.Bottom thoroughly compacted.

The pit under steady pool
pit under steady pool

then rummages in the center of another hole with a diameter of 40 cm, a depth of about 50 cm. It is filled with gravel, but so that the top layer of gravel was slightly below the level of compacted soil.The next step - going to sleep the entire horizontal surface of a layer of sand (20 cm).As used polyethylene waterproofing dense film.The entire surface of the pit it is laid out, and the film must protrude beyond the edge of the pool by 50 cm.

As for the drain, it is equipped with the same principle: a pipe for draining deep into the gravel, its upper opening is located above the layer of sand.It's clear that the hole in the film needs to be sealed.

Important: sealing must be made mandatory so that the water did not come out faster than normal.

with a rubber ring on the drain pipe attached a piece of nylon fabric, which will serve as a filter.The pipe itself is closed tight stopper.Given the fact that the pool is a large volume of water in its construction should consider draining soil properties.With a high density of the soil and poor care of water to drain all the water should not be.In such a situation, it can be replaced daily, and partly, for example, using water for watering plants.And to replace the water pump can be adjusted, which will pump out the water and then applied by a drain pipe.All the foundation is ready.Now you need to think about the final nuances for improving the pool.

For example, to create the illusion of the body of water, you can fill the bottom of the self-made pool clean river sand: a 10-centimeter layer will be enough.The same can be filled with sand and the edge of the pool, then there will be a feeling of relaxation on the sea beach.

very original version of skirting design of wooden planks.And for added convenience, the finished design can be equipped with a ladder for a comfortable descent into the water.

Sometimes you can hear recommendations for use as a waterproofing material clay.This, of course, economically, but ugly.Pool with such walls will be like a puddle of muddy water forever and slippery walls.This is a more suitable option for creating an artificial pond.

From this example we can understand everything the pool, the swimming pool in the country with their own hands - not a luxury but a mandatory attribute of a good holiday by the water.You do not have to go anywhere, it is enough hard work and the desire for a better life, and you can swim in the water without leaving their suburban area.

Well wishing to organize a mini-resort in the country with a set of equipment factory assembly technology pools show video.