How to make a pool with their hands - photos and videos for those who want to have their own pond

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12 April 2016

For device pools on the territory of the infield there are several ways.You can buy an inflatable design and install a few days, but it is short-lived option.Also currently sell ready bowls made of fiberglass, which are installed in a prepared pit.The most convenient way to build a concrete pool with their hands, though this will take time.But this building will last for many years, if during the construction will stand all the requirements of technology works.


Construction of concrete pools ↑

1. The work begins with the identification of a suitable site for the construction

ofpool.It is necessary to take into account the depth of the water table.In areas where their level is located at a distance of 0.5-1 m from the surface of the ground, to build a stationary concrete pool is not recommended.It is undesirable to have the building next to the foundations of buildings in the territory of the site.

2. Next, determine the shape and size of future construction, while based on the fact that the more complex configuration of the pool and the larger its size, the greater the need of funds.From this viewpoint cheapest cost reservoirs having a rectangular shape.Such pools easier to build with their own hands, we just have to carefully spend markup that all parties comply with the construction design calculations.

3. The next step is to begin excavation.To speed up the excavation work better bring special equipment, unless, of course, it is possible entrance to the construction site.If there is a risk of collapse of the excavation walls, they have a slight slope toward the center.The bottom of the pit should also be sloped toward the drain hole.This will facilitate further the operation of facilities draining.

Excavation for the pool
Excavation for the pool

4. Experts recommend to arrange an additional drainage pit.To this end, in the middle is a small depression that is filled with gravel.Then, the bottom of the poured layer of sand with a thickness of 20 to 30 cm. Sand carefully compacted.After poured over the sand desyatisantimetrovyh layer of gravel, which is also in need of compaction.Do not forget to put all the necessary drain and bulk communication.

5. Next, fill the bottom with concrete, for the preparation of which take cement grade no lower than 400. Concrete solution is poured pyatisantimetrovym layer.Reinforcing mesh is laid on top, which is used for the manufacture of metal wire thickness of 6-8 mm.The grid cells have a size of about 15-20 cm. At the intersections of the grid elements are twisted soft wire.Above the grid is filled with another layer of concrete mix, the thickness of which is also equal to 5 cm. As a result, the thickness of the bottom of the pool will be 10 cm. In order to ensure uniform drying of the concrete it is moistened with water.

6. Once the concrete floor has hardened, proceed to build the formwork for casting walls.For its production need 30mm board.Do not forget to provide the location of the formwork equipment, so you do not have to drill concrete, that very undesirable.Before filling the first 15-centimeter layer of concrete bottom is moistened with water, this will ensure a tighter coupling sides and bottom.Also for this purpose, a solution prepared for the first layer was added aluminum powder.Next, the first layer of concrete reinforcing mesh installed, prepared in advance.Continue pouring layered walls.For hardening of the walls need 3-4 days.After the formwork is removed.

Formwork for concrete pools
shuttering for concrete pools

7. The inside of the concrete wall plaster and carry out work on waterproofing cold joints.

8. Carry out the installation of removable equipment.

9. Next, begin to curb the device, which can be made of brick or concrete pour.

10. Complete the construction of the pool with their hands facing work, in which the bottom wall and curb spread tiles.It uses a special adhesive compositions having water-resistant properties.Tile joints do little wider than in the decoration of the walls in the room, filling them with waterproof grout.

11. Next, install the necessary equipment, connect the water and enjoy the creation of their own hands.

assembly factory set ↑

can simplify operation by using special kits construction and installation of systems, manufacturers of manufactured equipment for swimming pools.

Basic configuration of an artificial pond ↑

  • wall materials, which are the basic elements of bathing bowl;
  • waterproofing;
  • front foil;
  • fittings;
  • inserts;
  • underwater nozzles;
  • flange assemblies;
  • skimmer;
  • filter;
  • pump;
  • ladder.
Diagram of the pool
Diagram of the pool

There is the possibility of supplementing the core set of MMA accessories.

It may be underwater lights, protective coating, the device counter-special tool is required to clean the sides and bottom of bowl.

Operational handedly assembling ↑

discussed below are three options for the pool capital sunk constructions.This wall elements which differ in weight, shape and size, easy to install on-site construction of an artificial pond.Facing the film comes in a compact roll, and its width is suitable for cutting and installation.The film has some sets "cooked" on the size of the cup and supplied in the form of a bag.Before starting work, determined from the construction site, the size and shape of the pool that determines the choice of the most suitable wall material.In his role can act:

  • blocks of polystyrene;
  • steel sheet;
  • concrete blocks.

is advisable to consult with experts to understand what work can be done by hand.Some stages of construction is better left to professionals.

construction of the pool of polystyrene blocks ↑

this building material is used even in the construction of houses, so run it from the bowl pool is not difficult.Large format blocks with impressive dimensions, combined with low weight, allows you to quickly lay out the wall.The concrete mix is ​​poured only provided for in the design of cavity blocks.Have all fastening and reinforcing elements necessary fixings facilitates installation facilities.This pool built with his own hands from the film lining looks very impressive, decorating the garden of a private house territory.The work is performed in the following sequence:

1. The marking and excavation.

2. Pouring the concrete foundation, basement.

3. Installation of blocks having pazogrebnevye attachment that simplify the construction of the walls of the pool.

4. With conventional manual hacksaw blocks are cut to size and in the process they cut holes.

5. The vacuum present in the unit, you must insert the reinforcement bars that are sure to fasten each other for subsequent pouring concrete.

6. Also to concrete walls inserted into the intended project place the pipe, with the joint between the pipe and the wall construction filled sealed self-hardening foam.

7. «Roman" staircase provides access to the pool, is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester.The design of the staircase is inserted into the prepared cavity.

8. Further begin concreting of walls, in which cavity blocks by the pump fill the finished concrete mixture.

9. Works completed laying the lining film, which line the walls and the bottom of the bathing bowl.Swimming pool filled with water.On its perimeter are placed decorative plates, emphasizing the edge of the pond.

How to make a pool of steel plate ↑

When using this building material for wall mounting allows for the construction of swimming pools with their hands round or oval.It is also possible to form cup device "eight".As the base, an artificial reservoir serves a monolithic concrete slab.You can set the design and the well-compacted soil, pre-floored him protective non-woven fabric.

Installation of the pool of steel sheet
pool Installation of steel sheet

role in molding and structural basis from the whole wide strip of sheet steel, available in rolls, which takes place just before you install directly into the pit on the site.For bonding steel belt in the ring a special steel profile.It is carried out with the help of mounting a robust and stable design of the bowl.

front foils for round pool is supplied as a ready-large "bag", which turns around and fastened around the perimeter of the bowl swim ring mounting profile.The installation of technical equipment start after the completion of tiling and filling the pool with water, which tightly presses the film to the walls and bottom of the structure.

of reservoirs made of concrete blocks ↑

1. After the excavation and the bottom of the device monolithic concrete slab to begin the installation of the walls.

2. For the construction of pool walls using the standard concrete blocks.This reinforcement is carried out every third row of masonry around the perimeter.

3. Instead uncomfortable ladders installed prefabricated stair descent with comfortable wide steps.The design of the staircase is inserted into the structure during the masonry works.

4. Further inside of the bowl, laid out from blocks, lined with an insulating material around the circumference.

5. After laying carried facing film which is unwound from a roll and individual strips are bonded cold welding.

6. The top edge of the film is hidden under a decorative border.

For a better understanding of how to build a pool with your hands, we recommend to watch the video.

pool with their hands: a video guide ↑

Benefits plastic tub ↑

Such pools baths have recently received widespread due to the fact that their construction takes much easier and faster than the erection of concrete structures.The design of the pool is in the form of the finished cup which digged into the pit prepared in advance.These baths ready made of fiberglass, ceramic and composite materials.

Dig a pit the size of the workpiece.The bottom is covered with gravel, which is well compacted.Further bowl is inserted by the lifting device into the pit.The remaining space between its walls and the walls of the pit is filled with earth.Before buying you must specify a temperature range in which the possible installation of the pool.In areas where the ground freezes strongly, pushing the variant structure.

Ready plastic pool
Ready plastic pool

The advantages of plastic pools include:

  • quick construction time;
  • perfectly smooth surface, easily maintained;
  • staircase built into the design of the bowl;
  • slower cooling water compared with concrete swimming pools;
  • perfect waterproofing;
  • long service life, reaching up to 50 years;
  • impossibility of bacterial growth on the surface of a plastic cup.

The disadvantages are:

  • high cost of transporting the finished bowl to the installation;
  • installation requires the use of a crane;
  • limited choice of models offered by the manufacturer;
  • inability to order a bowl of special projects.

problems of construction and operation of swimming pools ↑

1. Waterproofing bathing bowl is the main task to be solved in the construction of the pool.When installing prefabricated this problem is solved by using a special film is made of reinforced PVC.With the construction of concrete pools are reinsured and sometimes also use this material.However, the technology of concrete walls and bottom of it is superfluous.

2. Provision of water purity is not less important.To achieve the purity of water allows the water flow properly organized, which is cleaned filters installed.With sliding or removable coating fails to protect the water from leaves and insects.

3. Increase the duration of the season operation of the pool over the three summer months.It is achieved by setting the hot water in the pool.Also recently arranged light canopies over pools, allowing them to use within six months.

Construction of swimming pools under a canopy
Pools roofed

If you prefer the pool year-round operation of its construction should be done in the room, and the building materials used are suitable for rooms with high humidity.Requires forced dehumidification using special equipment.It is also very high for the ventilation system of the premises.

Photo compilation of individual pools ↑

Pool garden
pool villas
The choice of form pool
Choice shaped pool
Selecting the size of the pool
Select size pool

above discussed several options of how to make the pool with their hands.After reading the article, you need to calculate the costs of each method and its applicability in the region you live.By selecting the most cost-effective option, you can start the construction of an artificial pond, which will bring much joy to all family members and guests.Now the hot summer days will not be afraid, because the cool water pool was built to save from the heat.Now, to swim, do not go to a nearby lake or river, because next to the house is a pond built with his own hands.