Polypropylene Pools - types, structure and installation, useful recommendations

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11 April 2016

Nowadays pool in the country is not rare and exotic phenomenon.This law is justified, because the time spent in the pool, has a positive effect on the tone of the body, the person relaxes and regains his strength.The rhythm of modern life is too dynamic, so a good relaxation of the people is essential.An artificial pond at the dacha - the right decision, especially since it can be purchased as a finished bowl, then set the area on their own.Pools of polypropylene - an excellent option, is high quality and prompt decision.Besides, they are very popular because of rapid manufacturing technology.


Numerous "for "in favor of polypropylene ↑

polypropylene Pools deserves attention and praise justified, as this material has a lot of quality indicators.I would like to mention the main advantage

s to get acquainted with the material:

- Polypropylene has a low steam, heat and gas permeability.During the construction phase for the equipment pool need not apply insulation materials, as low thermal conductivity helps to maintain a stable temperature in a bowl.The result - energy savings (heated water, not earth and concrete screed);

A variety of forms for the pool
Various configuration

- the ability to create pools of various configurations;

- clean water for a long time;

- Traumatic - by wetting the surface of the pool does not become slippery;

- high mechanical and impact strength, and excellent resistance to repeated bending.Polypropylene is not afraid of climate change and seasonal pools of this material can be installed outdoors;

- resistance to aggressive environments: acids, alkalis, UV rays.Polypropylene does not enter into chemical reactions, then, the choice of means for chemical cleaning and disinfection can not be afraid of the consequences of their application, the appearance of the pool will not lose;

- easy care polypropylene loses its original brightness and the color does not fade and easy to clean;

- bowl of polypropylene does not require additional finishing and wall.Ready-made design requires no tiling or film, because the inner surface has a finished appearance;

- resistance to high and low temperatures.Great advantage - in winter the water can not be drained, and the use of an outdoor swimming pool as a skating rink;

Swimming pool in winter
the winter pool of polypropylene do not need to disassemble, no need to drain the water from an artificial pond

- 100% tightness of the cup and the additional equipment (nozzles, drains, overflows, projectors);

- reasonable value for money - the price affordable, quality is excellent;

- short installation time;

Bowl of polypropylene
finished bowl of polypropylene facilitates and accelerates the process of construction of a private swimming pool

- weighty savings in construction (no cost for waterproofing, surface leveling, lining);

- durability (up to 20 years), and environmental safety.

production of polypropylene cups ↑

Technology of pools of polypropylene is to use a sheet of polypropylene, which is exposed to welding.Thus for different parts of the structure, i.e. to the walls, floor, etc.using material with varying thickness.

Sheets virtually welded "butt" and the joints are almost invisible.A measure of the strength of joints is so high that you can confidently say about the complete absence of difference between the integrity of the site and welded.Due to the high degree of structural strength of the production of polypropylene Pools actively popularize because more and more consumers are interested in them.

Extensive application area ↑

spectrum wide enough use of polypropylene (still, with such quality characteristics), are made from it:

  • private pools in the cottages;
  • swimming pools (in rest homes, nursing homes, kindergartens);
  • pools located outdoors;
  • bath, Jacuzzi, water bowl;
  • public pools;
  • various containers and tanks.

algorithm mounting pool of polypropylene ↑

Surely everyone watching foreign films and admired the elegant pools, secretly dreaming of such a "miracle" in its territory.Previously, full, beautiful and feature-rich basins were the prerogative of the rich.But today the situation has changed dramatically, and for ordinary people who do not have an impressive bank account.Now, construction of swimming pools fast, not too time-consuming and affordable.

Construction of the pool
device supply pool of polypropylene, as well as the scheme of circulation, purification and water heating

And for even greater savings of many people interested in the question of how to make a swimming pool made of polypropylene, without the help of a hired team of workers?You need to know how to install these basins, which consists of stages:

- a polypropylene pool, you must first dig a pit - it should be the size slightly larger than the bowl.In the case of near-surface proleganiya groundwater drainage is done to protect the bowl from the hydrostatic pressure;

- laying on the bottom of the pit litter of sand, gravel and crushed stone (50 cm thick).On a sand bedding is equipped with a small concrete base.Stove with fittings poured concrete mixture, and after drying is ground to eliminate roughness and irregularities.The surface of the concrete slab should not have any irregularities;

Construction of swimming pools made of polypropylene
scheme embedded in the soil pool of polypropylene

- the next stage - finished cup is mounted in a prepared trench in the concrete slab;

Important: if the pool of polypropylene will be in the room, the final assembly takes place on the construction site.

- installation of various elements of the mortgage - skimmers, bottom drains, lighting, piping on the perimeter.If all the details are already in place, we can start concreting the pool walls.One side of the tape to the concrete - polypropylene bowl, the other - the wall of the pit;

- the final stage - the establishment of the equipment and the start of operation of the pool.At all stages, if we consider the work of ordering the bowl before the first dive into the new artificial lake, it takes about 2-4 weeks.

Construction suburban pool
Construction of the pool in the home: plastic cup is set to pit

Councils for operation and arrangement ↑

Since the country can be equipped with swimming pools made of polypropylene with their hands in various sizes and irregular shapes, they can perfectly fit into the design of any holidayportion.Besides, the material may be of different colors, in spite of the fact that the most common blue.

The water in these pools you can not wash away all year for five years.Water filtration system passes through a sand filter, and that its purity is ensured for a long time.

Pool polypropylene outdoors
pool of polypropylene in the country: cheap, fast, reliable

Service pool does not take much time.Since algae can be controlled by applying cleaners.A surface of the pool should be periodically cleaned with a special brush that is designed for this purpose.This brush is attached to the telescopic tube and hose associated with the skimmer.

A wide range of additional equipment, which includes various automation devices, filtering, and a wide range of underwater lighting equipments, electrical heaters and massage jets in the pool makes the stay even more enjoyable.Modern technology is not standing still, it is necessary to use them and change your life for the better.Pool of polypropylene with their own hands - a great benefit and enjoyment of the holiday even more!