How to make a car parking at the cottage

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09 April 2016

parking cars in the country needs every driver who loves his car.Of course, complete with all the comforts a garage where nice, but not everyone has the opportunity to build it.And leave the car somewhere on the side of the road is dangerous for many reasons.There it is dusty, the sun will burn out in the end, someone might covet on your property, which is extremely unpleasant.


You can avoid all theseproblems and get to the garden by bus, but you have to pull back the harvest for yourself.So accustomed to the comfort of people is rarely addressed.And rightly so, for this car and need.If you have a vehicle, then you need to use it for other purposes.A parking problems can always be solved, it would wish.

Budget parking ↑

car parking in the first place should be in the courtyard garden, but never beyond.There it might interfere with

the passage or tempt hooligans brand new radio.The damage can cause the car to even the neighborhood kids who decided to fool around.Therefore it is necessary to organize the entry into the courtyard, which use the gate, if any.In the absence of such check is performed through the opening between the disassembled sections of the fence.Later, when the parking place is ready, you will return to the question of the gate and take care of comfortable and fast entry.

outside the garden
parking the car must not be outside the garden

need for parking and spacious flat ground.It can be made of different materials that are used in the country.The most budget option is the usual seeded lawn.This herb grows in any soil, it must be time to cut, thus providing a convenient plane.Sometimes cottages are areas overgrown with low-growing wild plants.If you have any, consider yourself lucky - do not have to plant anything.

also a site for the machine can be filled with gravel or sand to be spread evenly.This will not only convenient, but quite nice.Especially since the natural material need not very much - in the 10-15 cm layer. The main thing that the place where it will be your car, it was sublime, which provides water discharge from the site.Even after heavy rain there should be formed puddles and mud.

Natural turf
most budget option for parking at the cottage - a natural lawn

Canopy and options for decorating the territory ↑

Any of these budget options can be issued by a fence or border, obsadit flowers and ornamental plants.But only after it made a canopy.The roof over the parking is needed not only in order to protect the car from the scorching sun and rainwater.Milo chirping birds love to throw wastes anywhere and these things are very difficult to wash off, and often leave damage to enamel.Who faced - he will understand.

canopy is simple.If your site is located outside of any structure, it is possible to install a pair of pipe supports and the resulting general construction to pull the tent.In order to fit the roof parking and other materials: you can take ondulin, film or tarpaulin.Slate is also used, but with it a bit more fuss.It must be carefully nailed special nails to the wooden slats that are pre-attached to the structure.Slate, of course, last longer, but it is easier to pull the tarp.In general, the choice of the roof depends on for how long constructed parking.When you finish building the garage of stone, it is clear that the approach and the film.Although then a parking space can be equipped with a gazebo, but you decide.

parking for cars
Every driver who loves their car settles into her garden safe place

Capital car parking ↑

More Secure parking a car in the country requires serious preparation.It is advisable to pre-make mini-project for the construction, which in the future will save your precious time.Draw a diagram of parking on a smaller scale and with all dimensions, calculate how much what materials you need, then tap costs and, if necessary, buy the instrument.

When choosing a place for parking capital think that it should be clean and dry, as has already been said.Therefore area should be smooth, without depressions, but let a little one-sided bias, and even useful.Such sites roll asphalt, pour concrete or lay tiles.Laying of a "web" requires not only professionalism, but also considerable expenses for certain tools or techniques.But you can console himself with the fact that this site will be reliable and durable.

Site arrangements
Land machine spread tile or asphalt roll

small, but very important tip.Before the asphalt is laid, make sure that the proximity of cherries do not grow.Almost all varieties of this tree have a very extensive root system that can damage the finish parking.Strength is the root, which raises the asphalt to provoke a crack therein.The same can be said about the poplar.

What should be the roof ↑

practicality and comfort of the capital is determined and robust parking roof that will protect the car from the fallen leaves from the trees, dust and snow.Therefore, to cover the issue should be treated seriously.First we need to build a strong support structure.It can be constructed from different materials.The easiest way to use a metal with him there will be no hassle and time-consuming.But the stone or brick is also suitable, especially for decoration.

worth noting that for the strength and stability of the frame under the roof need a foundation.It is not necessary to fill it to the entire site.You can make a bar graph or as it is called, dot foundation.It needs only to dig holes of the respective sizes in the places where they should be anchored support tubes.After that set the foundation elements of the framework, which will be a drag on the frame for the roof.To do this, the most commonly used metal corners or shaped tubes.To extend the life of metal, it opened weatherproof paint.

The roof overhang for
polycarbonate roof attached to the frame is easy

When the supporting frame is ready, you can begin to cover the roof.With a choice of roofing problems do not happen today because it does not need to pick up a load-bearing structure by weight, as it was done before.Today on sale there are many high-quality and lightweight materials at a good price.For example, polycarbonate or the same ondulin have a great performance, easy to install and are of high quality.The process of covering of the parking is usually no one does not cause problems, it is possible to cope alone.The main thing - to observe the order and fulfill all the requirements for installation.

Upon completion of building parking can be decorated with fresh flowers, posts and climbing plants.But the decor should be in harmony with the landscape design suburban area.

Decoration parking
Upon completion of building parking can be decorated with fresh flowers and fences

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